3 Card Tarot Spread for BigSeance.com’s 400th Post!

3-card tarot spread for BigSeance.coms 400th post!


Inspired by recent conversations that I’ve had with psychics Carole J. Obley and Angela Thomas, I decided to dust off my Tarot cards and try something different for my 400th post here at The Big Séance. I am certainly not a Tarot reader, and I haven’t had the cards out in over a year, but I feel like I was led to get them out and incorporate them into this post. In fact, I was led out of bed at 1am to do it.

Here’s how it works. If you’re not familiar with the Tarot, a 3 card spread is one of many spreads that readers use. Many of them involve more than 3 cards, and some of them are quite complicated. There are even different ways to do a 3 card spread. My intention was to see what the cards had to say about the past (card on the left), present (card in the center), and the future (card on the right) of BigSeance.com and the Big Séance Podcast.

After a very quick meditation and sending my question (Big Séance’s past, present, and future) out to the universe, I shuffled and pulled my 3 cards. I’m not going to lie, I was a little concerned with the second and third cards. I know, I know, I know… I’m not supposed to see the violent image of the tower and the naturally scary image of the Devil and immediately think I’m in trouble. But I immediately thought, Whoa. Was this a mistake? Is The Big Séance screwed? Should I just re-draw and no one needs to know? Is this something bad? Well I reached out to Angela Thomas, who works with the Tarot regularly and even has a new book coming out on the topic, and she was quick to remind me that there are both positive and negative things associated with these cards. And so I have decided to bravely share the cards that I pulled and continue on with the idea of this 400th post!


Angela Thomas reads and interprets my 3 cards!


Psychic, Angela Thomas

Angela, who is actually the next guest on an upcoming episode of the podcast, was kind enough to give me a thorough reading, based on the three cards that I pulled above. First of all, I was immediately relieved to find that the reading seemed overwhelmingly positive, considering the imagery on the cards (which, once again, can symbolize positive or negative). With that being said, I have decided not to include this reading here, partly because some of it is personal, partly because I’m still processing some of it, and also because there may be some exciting things happening in the future, and I wouldn’t want to share that now. One thing I can tell you is that I was floored with several major hits and validations in the reading already. I want to thank Angela for sharing her time and gift for me. Stay tuned for more on Angela, but you can find her at AngelaThomas.org.


How would YOU read these cards? 

What are your thoughts? How would you read these cards? Are you an experienced Tarot reader? Maybe you’re just learning and trying it out? It doesn’t matter. This could be a very interesting discussion. Clearly I’d prefer that these cards were interpreted positively, but I want this to be an honest exercise with honest feedback and readings. 


Ready GO!


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4 responses to “3 Card Tarot Spread for BigSeance.com’s 400th Post!

  • LeeAllenHoward

    Here’s my reading of the cards for BigSeance, Patrick.

    QUEEN OF PENTACLES – Past – In the past year or so, you really got down to the basics and started growing BigSeance in a big way. You’ve been very resourceful in expanding your services with great photos and awesome podcasts, and you’ve always been welcoming to the people who follow and comment on your posts. You’ve come a long way, and your reliability and trustworthiness of posting regularly has paid off. Like the Queen, you’ve been warmhearted and approachable, and these are good things.

    THE TOWER – Present – While this card looks unsettling on the surface, it can represent sudden change, a disruption in plans, or simply being surprised in some way. It can also represent a dramatic release, letting go of something. Is there something you’ve been thinking of changing at BigSeance, perhaps heading in a new direction? Realize that it may mean taking a step back to take a step forward. Whatever it is, it will be revealed to you shortly with a burst of insight or sudden flash of understanding.

    THE DEBBIL! – Future – This card is not as ominous as it may appear. Have you been uncertain about your direction? Advice for the future is not to be obsessed with the surface success of BigSeance, being caught up with appearances or numbers. If you do change directions as the Tower suggests, don’t lose hope if you feel that you’re starting back at square one in some sense. Keep the faith. Focus on the spiritual aspects of your work. The coming year may be a good time to raise your sights, look for the truth, believe the best, and re-vision a higher path for yourself and BigSeance.

  • Ashley

    I’ve never personally had a tarot reading done (but I’d love to!) always been super curious about them though. Good luck as you continue to find out what this reading means for your blog, Patrick. Very interesting! 🙂

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