15 Ways to Celebrate National Podcast Day! What Is It? When Is It?

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National Podcast Day is September 30th, this year! What is it? How should you celebrate it? What can you do to promote it? Should you go ahead and order a turkey or relish tray? Absolutely! Get the invitations ready! Plan now to avoid the rush!

Need ideas of ways to celebrate?

  1. National Podcast Day Social Media Profile Picture Replacement Big Seance Podcast

    For your social media profile picture!

    Listen to a podcast!

  2. Produce a podcast!
  3. Share a podcast!
  4. Change your profile picture to the National Podcast Day logo!
  5. Introduce the world of podcasts to someone who isn’t addicted yet!
  6. Give feedback or call in to your favorite podcast!
  7. Write a song about podcasting!
  8. Write poetry about podcasting!
  9. Teach your dog or cat to podcast!
  10. Call Anderson Cooper at CNN and tell them to promote podcasting!
  11. Does your friend have a headache? Offer them a podcast!
  12. Visit your local cemetery and share a podcast with friends.
  13. Rent a billboard on the nearest interstate highway for 1 month. Promote your favorite podcast on that billboard.
  14. Do you have rotten kids who are grounded? Find a really boring podcast…
  15. Call your neighbors, order a turkey and a relish tray, and have a dinner party while listening to a podcast!


Need other realistic ways to celebrate? Visit NationalPodcastDay.com!


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