Pendulums vs. the Ouija Board

Pendulums. I have honestly never put too much thought into them. I do not own one and have never used one either. This doesn’t mean I have anything against them, it’s just that I’ve never really been introduced to them or read much about them. So since I’ve never given pendulums their moment in the spotlight here at the blog, perhaps it is time for that to change.

I’ve decided to leave you with three pendulum videos that I thought differed a bit in style or technique. I’m particularly interested and curious about the “conscious movement” described in the third video, in which he suggests teaching your body to move the pendulum. In the second video, she says she’s using telepathy and can “project” onto the pendulum. Is the idea supposed to be that the answers are coming from the practitioner in an unconscious way… or from your higher self? Are there people out there who believe spirits are controlling their pendulums? Feel free to fill me in.  

I was sent down this road tonight because recently I read in Janice Carlson’s book, Soul Sensing: How to Communicate With Your Dead Loved Ones, that she prefers the pendulum over the Ouija board, because she considers it a “board game” and not an “efficient means of communication with those in the afterlife.”

What do you think? Do I have any pendulum practitioners among my readers? And would you consider the pendulum to be any different from the Ouija or other divination tools?




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6 responses to “Pendulums vs. the Ouija Board

  • thewritegirlforthejob

    Interesting..I’ve never really seen anything quite like it. It would be interesting to see someone do this in person – even though I checked out the videos. Thanks for the post.

  • Paranormalogistically

    I don’t know how I missed this post! I have never used a Ouija board but have made and used pendulums several times. Divining rods as well and my copper brass handled ones are the best. The skeptics like to blow all of these things off as Ideomotor effect but I just can’t agree 100% with that. You ever have a pendulum almost jerked out of your fingers or had a rod come around and about slap you, you tend to move beyond thinking you’re doing it all yourself.

    • Patrick Keller

      Now see there’s another one! Divining rods! I still don’t own a pair of those! You are so funny. 🙂 And I just pictured the TUMS commercial where the food slaps the people in the face. 🙂

  • Gary Leigh

    I tried to use a pendulum at one point. The really interesting thing was it gave me the answers I wanted, rather than the answers I should have got.

    I suspect that in order to get correct answers, you need to be completely detached from the end result.

    Few are, though.

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