Calling All Dream Interpreters. Ready Go!

Me jogging (not swimming) through the water in a long, single lane lap pool in my very nice yard (of a very nice home). I was jogging back and forth from the deep to the shallow end. 

A group of neighborhood kids playing in the yard around me.

One girl continues to be mean, causing trouble and starting fights. 

I scold the mean girl, tell her to “peace out” and “leave the property”.

The girl leaves (after making a dramatic exit).

The rest of the kids cheer and then continue playing again.

I continue jogging through the water, where I find an obnoxious, clunky, yet decorative, brown, plastic, helmet-looking “thinking cap” contraption in the water.

Stop laughing at me. No seriously.

It is so hard to explain or describe it, but I see it in my head perfectly. 

Think –> 

Complete with wires and parts that would have to be included for such a cap.

Except more like (excuse my lame sketch)… 

 …and in the shape of a plus or cross.

And all surfaces covered in a decorative brown plastic design, similar to this.  

Stop making fun of me!

In my head, I knew that this hat/contraption had some kind of fame or significance to it. In the dream, a memory came back to me of some famous female (that I knew?) saying “This is the hat that I wore in blah blah…” as if it were a costume or prop from some old Hollywood film from the 40s or 50s.

I remember thinking I should use it for a project or something. 


Okay ready GO! I’ll also except referrals for therapists and psychiatrists. 


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8 responses to “Calling All Dream Interpreters. Ready Go!

  • Rebecca (Kossakowski) Douglas

    You gotta love dreams.. they’re epic when having them, mysteriously slippery when trying to recall them, & make you feel like a weirdo trying to explain them. None the less.. dreams are super awesome windows into our subconscious, where some believe Spirit ( or God ) resides and speaks to us.
    Images in dreams represent and can mean different things to different people, but there are some archetypes that generally represent the same things across the board. Water being one.. Water generally represents your emotions, and emotional state. A person’s natural activity in water is swimming, the fact that you were walking is something to pay attention to. Perhaps you are “going against the flow”, or being faced with an emotionally strenuous activity which you are determined to continue / complete.
    A house / building / usually represents yourself – while inside a house, like a room. represents inside yourself.. aspects of your personality, mental status.. So the fact that you were outside a “very nice home” represents that you have a positive self view. Also the yard.. you are happy and feel positively with the things you immediately surround yourself with.

    Aspects of ourselves when examined independently, can appear primitive, childish, & naive.. it’s not until they are all added together that they make a complete “adult version” of ourselves. I think this is what the children are representing – a the little aspects of your personality. All the things that “make you you” are, for the most part, working (and playing) harmoniously. The parts that are no longer needed, and ones that are showing negative aspects (the bully kid) you are choosing to ask to leave the party, so to speak. (The children could also serve as a kind of instruction, letting you know that when you perceive any ‘bully’ aspects of yourself that is not resonating with your goals and the positive path you’re on, you need to allow those aspects to “peace out” and discard them as to continue successfully)
    Thus far, I would say this dream is a very positive one, and is definitely an affirming sign that you are on a very positive, successful, and generally good personal path. (your subconscious is giving you a pat on the back for a job well done!)

    Now when it comes to the think cap part, that’s a little bit more tricky. Anyone can tell you how they would interpret this, but I think the way you should go is interpreting that part yourself. Only you know exactly how the hat was, how it felt, and how it made you feel. I think it is definitely some kind of metaphor for creativeness. The cross or plus symbol holds some significant value as well. I believe though this is something you will need to think, meditate, pray,(whatever your style) about.

    I hope I was some kind of help. And good luck (not that you need it, superstar, lol) on your creative endeavor that you will be undertaking.

    Becca Douglas

  • scoobyclue

    My thought is that you are working towards something – something that requires no distractions, no bullshit and concentration. I think kicking the little girl out shows that you want peace for everyone – not just yourself.

    • Patrick Keller

      One thing I didn’t mention in my description of the dream, is that it felt so very good to kick the mean girl out of the yard, and as soon as she was gone, I felt guilty for having that feeling. I would relate it to a situation at school years ago where a student cursed me out and walked out of the room… and before the door shut I shouted “Holla back!” It got a big laugh out of the rest of the class and defused the situation for the rest of us… but I felt bad pretty much immediately. 🙂

  • Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

    I am not weighing in on the meaning – not an area of expertise for me. (Though I do enjoy reading well-told versions of other people’s dreams, like this one.) I really just clicked in to read what others wrote. I love both answers you’ve received so far.

  • Patrick Keller

    Thanks for weighing in, everybody. It was fascinating to see what people got from it, both here and on Facebook. It seems people are fascinated by who this famous woman may have been… I have my idea on who it may have been now after the fact… but it’s kind of embarrassing and nerdy. 🙂

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