Ouija: A New Movie Coming In October!


There’s a new movie about the famous talking board that is due to be released in October! If you’re like me, you’re surprised that you didn’t even know this was a thing. And unless you had a date at a movie theater this last weekend, it’s likely you haven’t seen the trailer, since it hasn’t been released online.

Appropriately named, Ouija was directed by Stiles White and stars Olivia Cooke (who is fantastic in Bates Motel), Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Bianca A. Santos, Douglas Smith (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters), Matthew Settle (Gossip Girl), Vivis Colombettie (Paranormal Activity 2, Patch Adams), and Robyn Lively (The Karate Kid, Part III, Teen Witch), according to IMDb.


From our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Ouija Session.

From our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Ouija Session.


Hasbro, the owner and manufacturer of the board, has been working since 2008 to get this movie produced, according to Wikipedia. Remember that if you see the film. The Wikipedia page also describes it as a “low-budget film” and mentions that it only started production seven months ago. Currently, the film’s website seems to be… well, a little under construction, and you won’t find much more on their certified Facebook page, either, other than the lovely banner I’ve included above. That, of course, could change by the time you see this.  

I happened to catch the trailer before watching the painfully sad The Fault In Our Stars on Saturday. It did look spooky and exciting. But where’s the trailer online? According to ShockTillYouDrop.com, this is “an unusual move these days”. In this trending social media age, it seems very bizarre to me that they haven’t already made it available for tweens (and nerds like me) all over the country to “like” and “share”. Clearly, the trailer exists. When it is released, I’ll do my best to embed it right below this paragraph. 

UPDATE! The trailer is here and embedded below! Also, check out my most recent post on the film HERE

I’m not going to lie, I’m very excited about this movie (duh!), but I have mixed feelings. Most likely, this will once again make “experts” out of people who will say it’s an evil tool. And how will they know? Because they saw this movie, or because they used a Ouija board “one night at a party when I was a kid.” As I’ve mentioned several times recently, over the past two years I’ve experimented off and on with the Ouija board under several different conditions, and it’s so very exciting to stare at a piece of cardboard and a chunk of plastic that does nothing.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Will I see you at the theater?  


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8 responses to “Ouija: A New Movie Coming In October!

  • Kris & Del

    Hi Patrick, as a seasoned and confident user of Ouija, I share your concern that the movie might just create more fear around using one as a serious form of communication with those who have passed, and as in my experience, higher energies. Still, I’ll watch the film when it reaches this side of the pond and do my best to suspend my disbelief (in the Ouija as a conduit to evil spirits out to possess and wreak havoc amongst the unsuspecting) and try to enjoy all the scary stuff I love so much.

    Ps – the ‘Ghost Hunt’ I’m attending on Friday is, from what I gather from their website, a serious attempt to contact and experience the energies of those that have passed and may still be hanging around the pub. their site is at http://paranormal-experiences.com Check it out if you have the time / inclination and see what you think… 🙂

  • scoobyclue

    So here is my ouja boards are evil story … When I was a little girl, I sent a joke in to the Bozo show, they read it on air and I won a prize. 6 weeks later a gift arrives, i open it in front of the family, it’s a Parker Brother Ouja board, before I even opened it My great grand ma, who lived with it snatched it from my greedy little hands, told me they only attract weak bad spirits. And I should never ever touch one… and I never have.

    For what it’s worth, I also don’t eat the end of the banana because my Dad told me it would give you polio, and I’ve never drank coffee because my Mom said I was too young once. I do what I’m told … 🙂

  • Gary Leigh

    Think they’ll ever produce a movie like this without sensationalizing it, but at the same time, ignoring all the facts? (I’d watch it!)

  • Morguie

    I sure hope it doesn’t usher in a revival of devil worshipping or satanic cults. I really hope it goes largely unnoticed and does less than expected in box office attendance. The world today seems so undisciplined and trend-crazy. Personally, I played with the board at parties as a kid (lol!) and kids who wanted to spook other kids always manipulated the game…never saw any real “things” happen under honest, normal use.

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