My Guest Appearance on The Kiwi Psychic and the Midwest Ghost

I was very honored that Debbie Black and Thomas Spychalski invited me to be their very first on-air guest for Episode Two of the brand new podcast, The Kiwi Psychic and the Midwest Ghost! I was very nervous, but excited. (Sometime I’ll have to tell you a funny behind-the-scenes story that happened while recording.) Both Debbie and Thomas have been great supporters and followers of this blog, and I thank them for giving me the opportunity. The YouTube video of the episode is below. The episode can also be downloaded HERE.


My “Show Notes”

If you’d like to listen and follow along, the links to many of the topics and stories that I discussed in the episode can be found below.


My post on How To Record EVP

Final Report from the Friedens United Church of Christ investigation. The “It’s all over me” EVP is covered in the video at the top of the page, or you can scroll down through the report and find more details and further discussion just below the first picture of the fellowship hall.

My initial post on the “Can You Help Me” EVP and the Investigation Report from that undisclosed location. Also, here is the original, unenhanced audio and the enhanced audio.

A look back on my visits from the “Rapper” (with transcripts and audio examples) –  My Rapper: Missing you, old friend…

Some spirit box examples: Belvoir Winery: Audio Highlights of Spirit Box and Flashlight Communication, and 200th Post and Fort Chaffee Prison Spirit Box Session.

For several posts about the Ouija Board, visit the Ouija Category Archives.

For a free download of Audacity, visit

All of the Belvoir Winery Posts:

Audio Highlights of Spirit Box and Flashlight Communication
The Brilliant Britt Griffith!

Ghosts can do that? The Evidence… Sort of… (Discussion of the mysterious disappearance of the video.)
Amy, Adam, Britt, and Chip!
New Friends!
The Photos
I’m Baaaaaaaaaack!
TAPS and Chip Coffey at Belvoir Winery in March!

For my cemetery photography, you can find most of the cemetery albums on my Flickr page, or visit the Cemetery Category Archives.

Adopting Graves 2013: My Thoughts and a Look Back on a New Tradition

Here’s Thomas’s very popular Amityville Ghost Boy Post 


More links for The Kiwi Psychic and the Midwest Ghost 

Facebook for Kiwi Psychic and the Midwest Ghost 
YouTube Page
Twitter: @Kiwi_Psychic
Thomas Spychalski’s Blog – News From the Spirit World
Debbie Black’s Blog – Spirits and the Paranormal (






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13 responses to “My Guest Appearance on The Kiwi Psychic and the Midwest Ghost

  • Gary Leigh

    Congratulations. Looks like a long podcast. Where about does your part start?

  • Gary Leigh

    And I get a shoutout. Nice. 🙂

  • Maria Laing

    Thank you for posting this! In the interview one of my own questions was answered by you: “Does one’s home or building have to be ‘occupied’/ haunted in order for EVP to pick up messages from spirit?” I was pleased to hear the answer is “No”.

    Congratulations for your interview. I imagine it is one of many to come.
    Maria Laing

  • Kris & Del

    I’m looking forward to listening to this – thanks for posting. I’m attending my first ‘ghost hunt’ in a couple of weeks. It’s run by an couple of guys who are paranormal investigators. Seems they open up their investigations to guests and so I booked on one with a friend. They use similar equipment to you so I wondered if there are any suggestions or advice you can pass on so I can get the best out of the night? 🙂

    • Patrick Keller

      Well those kinds of investigations for fun are usually not the same as a legitimate one. If they let lots of people in on a legitimate investigation, they’re not very serious. I’ve done one of those and while they played it up for everyone else with the oohs and the ahs of the gadgets, I spent my time taking pictures of the beautiful place. They may embellish things too, but you’ll see right through that. 🙂

      Well I would suggest carrying your own digital audio recorder for sure, so that you can take it home and do a little analysis on your own. But if there is a K2 meter, those are usually fun to carry around. Of course now days, you have to make sure everyone has their smart phones and devices turned off. A simple text or even a thought coming from a phone will resemble a ghost. Remember, it’ll light up for just about anything natural, but if you rule things out and feel you’ve really established communication, it can be a great tool!

      If you’re lucky, maybe someone will have a spirit box or try some flashlight communication!

      I hope you have lots of fun. Let us know how it goes!

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