The Current Owner of The Conjuring House Speaks Out!

This evening I received a comment submitted by Norma Sutcliffe, the current owner of the house and farm that is depicted in the movie, The Conjuring. It is Norma’s house that is the main character and focus of Andrea Perron’s books that tell a lengthy and frightening decade-long story of hauntings. As I’ve mentioned before, the movie is not based on Andrea’s books. The Hollywood version is supposed to be based on the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren, though I can tell you that the books, as exciting and descriptive as they are, don’t seem to have much to do with the movie. With that being said, I think I’ve made it clear on this blog that I love the books and the movie, though they’re completely separate identities in my eyes.

If you follow Andrea Perron or have been a fan of the movie, or even this blog, you probably already know that since the overwhelming success of the movie, Norma’s house and land has been consistently invaded, vandalized, and trespassed upon by inconsiderate and crazy fans of the movie and the story. I first learned about this when Andrea herself posted a video pleading for people to stop violating the privacy of Norma and her husband. This was back in late July of last summer.

On one of several posts I wrote about the first two books from Andrea’s trilogy (the third has yet to be released), House of Darkness House of Light, I posted a comment updating folks about the unfortunate events going on at the house.

I suppose I should make it clear that I do not know Norma, and have no real way of verifying that this is truly her, though I can’t think of why someone would parade around using her name and sharing this information, and I’m sorry if it’s insulting to even wonder. You just never know now days. Even so, the comment submitted by “Norma Sutcliffe” was in reference to my update on the house and is below:

The video that Norma references is embedded below. It is over an hour long and I watched (although “listened to” is probably more appropriate here) every second of it. Norma includes a ton of information based on her own research and makes a lot of claims. I have no way of knowing if this is all true, but thought it was definitely worth sharing to get your thoughts, and to simply share her side of the story. No doubt about it, her and her husband have gone through hell since the movie was released. In one of her comments in the video, she says “Our home has now been mocked, made a spectacle, and stigmatized forever.”


A Brief Summary of the Video

Here’s a brief summary with some of my thoughts, if you don’t have an hour to watch the video:

The video presents her points in 6 sections.

1. Research about claims made by the Perrons
2. History and research of the Warrens
3. History of the times and interesting facts and connections from the 50s to the 80s
4. Life during the assaults
5. Life before the movie
6. Past videos made in our home

Norma Sutcliffe maintains that they’ve experienced no paranormal activity in the nearly three decades of living in the home. Perhaps Norma’s biggest beef with Hollywood and the creators or The Conjuring is that they included personal and private information, including the name of the actual town, and the Perron family name. This easily led anyone to locate their farm. She claims that no one made them aware or warned them of any of this. The movie, she claims, is complete fiction and not based on reality. According to her, Andrea Perron was more involved in the movie than she claims. Norma says that Carolyn Perron made up much of the haunted history of the home, including details of suicides and the infamous Bathsheba. Apparently Andrea Perron had mentioned publicly, and I seem to recall hearing or seeing this myself, that the production company had been providing security for the Sutcliffes and was somehow assisting with all of the chaos. Norma denies that any of this was true.

Something interesting that I learned from the video that I didn’t realize, is that SyFy’s Ghost Hunters filmed an investigation there in 2005. At least at the time of this posting, you can view that video HERE. I remember seeing this early episode several times, but because they didn’t give many specific or private details, and because this was years before The Conjuring, I had no clue that I’d actually seen “The Conjuring House” in that episode. If you watch the Ghost Hunters episode, you’ll hear Norma kind of go along with the claims of the hauntings (which conflict with her views now), and in the end, even make the statement that she lives in a “bonafide haunted house.” She addresses some of those conflicting comments and interactions in her video below.



I’d love to know your thoughts. I’m a little torn between a movie and an author that I’ve loved and followed recently, and a couple that is clearly going through hell right now. I may follow this and keep you posted. 


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34 responses to “The Current Owner of The Conjuring House Speaks Out!

  • Wednesday's Child

    Trespassers should be shot with rock salt!!! What’s wrong with people? “Durr hurr, that movie was so good I’ve got to go to the setting and act like an ass!”

  • Jewell

    Living next door to a now-vacant home that has been deteriorating for the better part of the last 35 yrs (I moved into my home as a renter in mid-1997, then bought it in mid-2003), I’m familiar with spelunkers showing up at all hours. Some just poke around, but I still hear them as my bedroom window faces that house and driveway. Some act like idiots, running, screaming -these are adults, mind you. I called the cops one night because I was awakened by a woman screaming. Scared the living daylights out of me. She screamed again as I talked with the police dispatcher & I thought a woman was being attacked. No, it was some drunken people who thought it would be fun to play in an abandoned & certainly spooky-looking home at 4am. Just last week, I came out of my house to walk my dogs late one evening, only to see a truck & van parked in front of this wreck of a home. Several people were armed with with flashlights, looking as if they were up to no good. I asked them what they were doing? No answer. I approached them & asked again, only to get a lame “We’re with the management company & heard the place had been broken into, we’re just checking it out.” I told them they’d have to do better than that & they had 5 minutes to clear out.

    Hey, I investigate when I’m able & either invited, or have permission. No, it’s not cool to spelunk when there’s a risk of disturbing neighbors. Believe it or not, we ARE watching! Abandoned homes are magnets for mischief-makers. If you think the coast is clear & someone approaches you, be respectful & leave. Exercise common sense & realize you wouldn’t want the shoe on the other foot.

    I see above in the 1-hour video that “the strangest thing to happen” was a lightning strike. Not so strange, except for how it behaved once it entered the house. Reminds me of a lightning strike we experienced at a house we lived in back in the late 1960s into the early 1970s. The lightning hit the house, travelled thru the walls (we surmised at the time & still assume this to be true) along rebar embedded in all the walls. We lived in an area that was hot, humid, and vulnerable to termites & other wood-boring insects. Anyone who built on wood there eventually ended up with an imploded building! Anyway, the lightning initially struck a corner of my bedroom, travelled thru the walls & exploded just above & outside my bedroom door, travelled further thru the walls & shot from one side of our living room to the other, leaving perfectly round holes in its wake. My parents, who were up at the time, watching TV, witnessed the whole thing.

    How’s that for the wonder of nature & electricity? I’ll bet Tesla would have a few things to tell us about the behavior of such phenomena!

  • Gary Leigh

    Interesting entry, Patrick.

    And OMFG, people are stupid. Why do they seek out things that are dangerous to them. It’s like going into a snake pit and poking at everything.

    If you love scary stuff, you may well love my upcoming series of blog. I think, I can say, that it’s not been done before in the way it’s being done now.

    • Patrick Keller

      I’d say even sillier is the lack of concern for others. I’m sooo behind on your blog and others. 🙂 A 3 day weekend is coming.

      • Gary Leigh

        Yep, easy to do. I’ve slowed my entries down to 2 a week. People simply don’t have the time to read everything.

        I’d certainly be interested in what you think, though, you being a ghost investigator and all.

  • Randall Keller

    Fascinating, isn’t it? I tend to err on the side of the author because I know when you write something public, it becomes important to be honest so you’re not embarrassed nationally. If they can label you a liar, that is. However, with this subject matter – who knows! I agree, however, the movie and the book shouldn’t be tied together – they’re separated entities from separate creators. I guess eventually our crapometers will go off and maybe we’ll know the truth then. Until that time though, I’m just fortunate that I can be a spectator, because. I wouldn’t wanna be involved in it.

    • Patrick Keller

      I’m kind of shocked that I haven’t seen anyone else talking about this… unless I’m missing it. Surely she’s contacted other media with it all… maybe they just blew her off.

  • Gary Leigh

    Well, I listened to the whole thing (while playing Diablo III ironically lol) and I am off the opinion that if they did all that research, and it can be verified, then yes, it’s certainly unlikely that the story is true.

    I would hope that their research is independently verified. That would certainly put the matter to bed.

    It is also not the first time that people have questioned the Warren’s reputation. Personally, I doubt them, too.

    Having said all that, there really are haunted places and demonic beings do exist. As for proof, dig far enough and you’ll find it. And then your entire belief system needs to shift because you suddenly find out that things are not as you thought they were.

    Too bad there are too many fakes out there.

    • Patrick Keller

      Ya know, Gary… I’m reading a book now that is supposedly written from the case files of the Warrens. I’m SO having a hard time not poking my eyes out while reading. It is annoying me left and right and just seems like a silly book. The more I know about them, the less I’m impressed.

      • Gary Leigh

        If you’ve ever listened to the podcast ‘The Skeptic’s guide to the universe’ you’ll find that they have the same opinion of them. The hosts lived in the same town as the Warrens and wanted to go along to experience what they claimed, but were told they were not welcome.

        Not really lending much credibility to your work when you won’t open it up to a little scrutiny.

      • Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

        I’ve always thought the Warrens were hinky. I am fairly convinced THEY truly believe everything they assert, but I find it difficult to believe that ALL hauntings are demonic and evil in nature. I’ve always felt like the Warrens have had a very clear agenda when they communicate about paranormal events.

  • JR

    Okay, this is my second attempt to post something so hopefully it goes through. My opinion is that it seems rather odd to me that the owner of the house was on a “paranormal” show before claiming it was haunted but now is backpedaling to say it is in fact, not haunted. Now, possibly she was excited about adding some mystery to the place and went along with it and maybe down the line got a sense of a guilty conscience and is trying to fix it? Too little, too late because now she has lost all credibility with the reader or viewer (even if in fact now she is telling the truth) — On the part of Hollywood, we all know (and trust me I know this from my own experience with information being used from my book) that film companies and Hollywood in general will take what they want and sensationalize it, (ex; Amityville Horror). I take all these stories with a grain of salt and hardly ever believe them. Why? Because 9 times out of 10 it is made up. Yes, I said it. And trust me, I have had “supernatural” experiences my entire life, but most of the time there is a logical explanation for things. Could there be something at that house? Probably. But I doubt it terrorized people. The fact that they used information that didn’t even happen at the house tells me that no one is credible as a source of historical relevance in this home’s history. Sadly though, most people are not like me and will not go the extra mile to research the history thoroughly and see it for what it is. Not to say there aren’t haunted houses, because trust me, there are and my parents owned one that actually did terrorize them…the difference is, most people who go through it are not open to talk about it because of the trauma it causes. I know that with my job as a historian I have seen first hand how people try to take the history of a place and make it worse than it is. Good example, Preston Castle. I wrote a book about the history there. And yes, a lot of terrible things occurred there, but I just don’t believe there is anything there terrorizing people. You really don’t get a bad feeling there at all. It is an empty shell of a place now. Some people have claimed they have had supernatural experiences there but they are minor, nothing substantial. If there is something there it isn’t like what you see in the movies. Yet, all these tv shows continue to flock there to perpetuate that it is so haunted even going so far as to make up stories for tv shows that are not even true. Not only is that a disrespect to the property but to the real people who lived or died there as well. To me fact is better than any sort of sensationalized fiction. Although Hollywood would disagree because they only see $$ in the equation, I see honoring the dead more important. —

    • Gary Leigh

      Hi, JR and so nicely said. I have to agree with you 100%.

      Reminds of something that was said recently. Humans claim ownership of land like they created it and completely disregard that others may believe they have a claim. Hence, you have the hauntings that terrorize people.

      What’s the solution? I really don’t know. We’ve created a culture where we seem to think that we actually own the land, rather than being custodians and working in synch with it.

      Until we change our thinking, such a situation may never be resolved.

    • Patrick Keller

      Yeah I have a hard time criticizing these things sometimes… because I’m a product of the great paranormal craze, and obviously I’m interested in most of it. I love the “haunted” locations, even when they’re not. But I am certainly a responsible and respectful paranormal fan and citizen.

  • Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

    The link you have to the Ghost Hunters show has been taken down. It looks like it went to a video titled “SEASON: 2 EPISODE: 7 – SPRINGFIELD, MA: TANGUAY HOME AND SUTCLIFFE HOUSE”

    Just for reference, that is the correct title, and the piece about The Conjuring house is the second half of the episode, under the name Suttcliffe House. It begins at 20:20.

    I think that youtube videos come and go, but if you search on the the title as I wrote it above, SOME site will have access to it at any given time.

  • The Conjuring: facts & the fallout, one year later. | Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

    […] Patrick Keller, of The Big Seance, has been doing some in-depth study of this haunting. He is reading a series of books written by a Perron daughter, Andrea, and has had some interaction with Norma Sutcliffe at his blog. Read what he knows at  his post: The Current Owner of The Conjuring House Speaks Out! […]

  • Jill

    I have listened to the video and am in utter shock, I mean I really put nothing in when it came to the movie, Bc movies barely ever follow the books they are made after, I mean some do but most just use the same names of characters and then they do their own story, movies need to write from now on “inspired by true story” instead of “based on true story” Bc there is a major difference between the two. But anyways, the movie did cause me to buy Andrea’s books, which I truly enjoyed reading although some of the things mentioned I thought were skeptical, did put much stock in them but all in all I had a desire to believe the tales. Afterwards I watched Andreas video titled, “the farmhouse” where she interviews Norma, and Norma states that they have had some experiences but never as intense as the ones the perrons went through. And what I found interesting is she states she has a scientific mind and always believed theres a reasoned answer for everything however she states the few things she did experience she could not find a rational explanation, so now this is where I’m confused, Bc in this video she takes back everyThing she said in the video with Andrea, she also shows evidence proving all the Bathsheba allegations were in fact false, also that no one ever committed suicide on property, and that the Kenyon’s never ever believed house was haunted and his statement to roger about lights was probably so u could find ur way to bathroom. It’s just this video makes me so so sad, Bc I have had a lot of friends pass in my life, and a very unusual amount, 10 ppl since 2008 have died in their 20’s out of that 10 5 were really really
    Close to me, and the other 5 were u know ppl I grew up with but never was super close, still their death had an impact on me. And when I lost my closest and longest friend it caused me to have this desire in the paranormal society, in a way I feel as though I was searching for proof of ghosts Bc I just so wanted to believe that proving ghost exists guarantees that I will be reunited with my loved ones….. Especially zoë. So in writing this i must ask what was Andreas response to Norma’s video, also why is norma now taking back everything she said in Andrea interview? Is this out of spite in hopes to get ppl to stop coming, and if so then is she lying? As an Andrea Perron fan u can see why Norma’s video is so troublesome Bc it just takes away that strong belief I had in her. So again I wanna know what was Andreas response, why is norma taking back everything she claimed, and what is true and what’s not true? So plz if u read this plz plz write me back Bc this truly has been so upsetting. Although I will say the horror Norma and her family are going thru is so unfair and I hope she does sue the studio for giving out the town name of where he house is and for using the Arnold farm name. Obviously any one who is fan on conjuring has a small interest in going to the house however I would never and I mean never ever would go there especially without permission but even now I wouldn’t even bother to ask to go there Bc all the ppl who have gone have ruined any desire of mine to go Bc now I feel just asking Norma would b offensive to her, those ppl have ruined it for the ones who would of asked to go in a respectful way. And I do believe the studio should step up and protect Norma’s family or at least Andrea should step up and pay for security Bc she brought this on them…..

  • TJ

    It’s hard to know which side to be on in this case, Norma’s or the Perron’s. I believe both have valid arguments. I do believe in the paranormal, unlike Norma who is very cynical about it, and I am a big fan of the Warren’s who she tries to discredit. However, I feel for her and their situation. I can imagine it has been hell with all the disrespectful people showing up at all hours and ruining what was once (according to her) a peaceful home. I listened to almost the entire youtube that Norma put out and you can sense not just anger but bitterness, which is really unfortunate. Bitterness not just for the production company of the movie and those who continuously disregard her privacy and property lines, but toward the Perron’s, specifically Andrea Perron who I believe she was friendly with up until recently. Just a shame because I really enjoyed the movie and the true story from which it is based. I have recently purchased Andrea’s book and look forward to reading it. I just wish people weren’t so stupid and disrespectful and would leave those poor people alone! (referring to Norma and her family).

  • Erika

    I would just like to say while yes….people should not trespass! I feel that Norma Sutcliffe is saying the people who lived before her at not telling the truth…that Ed and Loranne Warren did not fell like something was there. So while you are living happily in your home a movie was mad to make a point and Yes people should respect your privacy but…….please have some respect to those who are saying that something did happen……that the research they did had some relavence! Tired of hearing that everyone is wrong for telling there story! It’s the same with amittyville there is no longer any activity but something did happen before the recent tenants lived there! Thank you rant over

  • Traci F

    I don’t get from the Perron family that they are lying. Andrea has been talking about the occurences in that house for years now publicly and I feel like she’s being honest, and you can tell she’s remembering events instead of making them up. She speaks with conviction, not like someone who is faking it for money, fame, or attention. Her information has not wavered either. If she were lying, seems like the stories she tells would be a little different every time. I don’t know these people and can’t say for sure but I do like to study people’s body language and I can usually tell if someone is lying. Norma Sutcliffe, however, has contradicted herself a few too many times, although I truly do feel for her situation.

  • Ann

    I find it odd that the owners said on Ghost Hunters that the house was haunted, and said some paranormal things happened in an interview, and now she is taking it all back, calling everyone a liar. Sounds to me like they are angry that a movie was made about the home they live in, and no one paid them, so they want to discredit everyone. That is probably why they are suing. As famous as the house is now, they could sell it for much more than it is probably worth.

  • Rob strong

    I think Norma Sutcliffe done an extraordinary job investigating this story, her words are genuine and honest, the video also shows documents, newspaper clippings and comments from people concerning the case, she has without a doubt proved the entire story is a total fabrication, echoed by many others who have taken the time to spend some time researching the story rather than believing that which is fed to them as truth..

  • Kel Kel

    Hmm well I just watched a video of Norma talking to Andrea inside the house- this was before the movie. They were talking about Andrea’s book and the experiences they have both had inside the house so because of this I am going to assume Norma did in fact have paranormal experiences in this house as did her husband. She said things happened and I believe her.

    I believe she is now denying these things happened because people are harassing her and her husband at home and I can’t say that I blame her.

    It’s a shame the location was made known to the public, the house’s location should never have been made public and the people that are running over there trespassing must have mental issues.

    It was a movie, that means that most of it was exaggerated and embellished. People need to leave the current owners alone. It’s sad that this has ended Andrea and Norma’s friendship.

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