A Very Wintry Update

Meril says Hi.

Meril says Hi.

A. I had planned on reviewing a documentary today, but… 

I have such strange and mixed feelings about it, that I don’t know what good it would do to share them. This doesn’t mean it was bad, it only means I’m not sure how I’d share my opinions on it without possibly offending members of the paranormal community. Is it because I’m too chicken? Possibly. I think I’ll reserve the right to continue my tradition of only reviewing material on the blog that I can say wonderful things about.


2. I have really enjoyed this beautiful wintry weather, plus a few snow days, but… 

  • After a long absence from the paranormal investigation scene, the snow grounded me from my chance to join an exciting investigation in Arkansas over the weekend. I was excited to share evidence and photos with you! It really has been too long. 
  • Due to road conditions and temperatures (it won’t even reach ZERO today), I can’t get beautiful snowy photographs of any of the cemeteries I want to go to. I really wanted to hit Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis… but Joe said it’s too far and too risky… and I guess I’d have to get back in a warm car to thaw out fingers after every two shots. Tomorrow will be no better, and by the time Wednesday is here, I’ll be back to school and no chances to get to cemeteries before dark. I’m assuming snow will be gone by the weekend. My new fancy lens is supposed to arrive today, so I hope the nice UPS man saves himself the trouble and takes an extra day to get here safely. I’m sure those people who get tired of so many cemetery photos are relieved. I don’t get it. Why cemetery photos? Well why not?  

Here’s one of my latest shots… and a link to many of the other photos from my new camera on Facebook. I’m still learning about the camera and Photoshop Elements. 

Oak Grove Cemetery, St. Charles, Missouri

Oak Grove Cemetery, St. Charles, Missouri


C. I’m about a third of the way through The Uninvited: The True Story of the Union Screaming House by Steven LaChance.

It’s about a supposed haunted house not too far from me in Missouri. I wasn’t sure about this book, but I can tell you that so far it has been one of only a few books that I’ve been concerned about reading in bed right before turning the light off, leaving me to sit there in the dark imagining horrible things. I don’t need another hand grabbing me in the middle of the night! Great book so far, though. You’ll probably get a review in the future.




4. I’ve decided that tonight or tomorrow is a spectacular time to watch The Shining.

Wouldn’t you agree? Those people who prefer to watch this movie in the fall are just… well… wrong. It’s a WINTER scary movie. Am I right? Especially when my guest bedroom window looks like this! 

True Story. Actual picture.

True Story. Actual picture.



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Patrick Keller is an educator, blogger, and the host of the Big Séance Podcast, which is a place for paranerds to have an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts and hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics and mediums, and life after death. He’s the founder of the now inactive Missouri Spirit Seekers and has spent a lot of time experimenting with spirit communication tools and techniques, such as EVP. Patrick also has a passion for spending hours at a time in cemeteries and loves cemetery photography. Visit BigSeance.com! View all posts by Patrick Keller

7 responses to “A Very Wintry Update

  • Brandie Sellers

    Hi Meril!
    p.s. My brother and I laughed at the shining when he’s coming after her up the stairs and she’s doing a poor job swinging at him…Somehow it’s funny in our minds…And of course it’s a good winter movie – he freezes at the end!

    • Patrick Keller

      OMG I laugh at the same thing! She’s not the greatest actress in the world. 🙂 If you watch the making of in the special features, it appears that she wasn’t the easiest to work with either.

  • CJ

    Hey, when you ARE out there with your camera, be on the lookout for a snowy owl to shoot a pic of…apparently there are possibly thousands of them in the lower 48, as I write this. I am in California so I will not see them as far south and west as this but they ARE being sighted out where you are…

    • Patrick Keller

      I don’t know that I’ve seen any kind of owl more than maybe twice in my whole life. 🙂 But… I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Aren’t they snoozing during the day, anyway?

      • CJ

        What, you say!? You simply aren’t very tuned into the ‘living’ nature around you, if you’ve only managed to glimpse a couple in your travels! LOL! You LIVE in the heartland, if memory serves me…next time you are in the rurals, go into any old barn…look up. Or..look into the litter and old debris on the floors…I’d be willing to bet you might see strange egg-sized grayish balls…pick one up and look att it. Pull it apart. You will actually see entire skeletal and furry bits…in a compact wad called a ‘pellet’… this is the regurgitated undigestibles of an owl’s meal. They are most fascinating creatures…I have spent years observing them, photographing them too. They are beautiful. The snowy owls are active in daytime. They NORMALLY do not wander down into the lower 48…this is a cyclical irregularity and biologists are amazed by the huge numbers there are seeing this year. SEE MY POLAR VORTEX post …there is a pic there of a pair of snowies.

      • Patrick Keller

        On Facebook I just saw a cute news photo of a snowy owl staring into a skylight of someone’s bathroom. Thought about your comment. 🙂

      • Morguie

        I hope you plan to check into the next old abandoned outbuilding or barn, too! Or under any old tree…

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