Thanksgiving Ouija Session 2013

From our Second Annual Thanksgiving Ouija Session


Mom and I sat down for our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Ouija Session. We hit record, sat in silence for a quick prayer/meditation, and then began. 

“We would like to request assistance from angels, guides… to guide us in communicating with any spirits or entities from the light that would like to communicate with us tonight, through the Ouija board, or the recorder, or through the spirit box. We’d like to learn from the Other Side, learn about the Other Side, or to receive any messages from loved ones, or spirits who would like to help us… from the light.” 

We asked all of the typical questions for initiating spirit contact and gave plenty of time for response. We also encouraged communication through sounds, knocks, speaking, etc. Mom suggested blowing out a candle. 

“I want you to be able to communicate in the best way that you can, so if that’s not moving this planchette on the Ouija board, then you can knock, or speak, or make a noise. Can you let us know somehow that you’re here and willing to communicate?”

We kept the session light and even started up some general conversation while we were waiting. I encouraged spirit to give us suggestions or advice to make communication easier or more successful.

No activity. No responses.  

After fifteen minutes, I turned on a “new” spirit box, formerly owned by Stephen Hill, investigator and author of Something Unseen. Many of the same questions were asked again, including requests to say our names, before and after saying them aloud. 

Our spirit box session lasted approximately 17 minutes. 

After an initial review of all audio, no EVP were heard. During the spirit box session, a few possible “hello” responses could be considered, and several unimpressive quick snippet responses that didn’t last longer than one or two clicks or stations. 

We gave the Ouija board one more try for just a few minutes before once again asking for feedback and suggestions on making communication easier or more successful. 

No activity. No responses. 

“Thank you for your energy and your presence. Thank you to any spirits who were here trying to communicate with us. And thank you to our guides for protecting us and helping.”


Hope you weren’t disappointed. Better luck next time? At least we got some pretty pictures out of the session, right? For last year’s Thanksgiving session, check out A Very Ouija Thanksgiving


From our Second Annual Thanksgiving Ouija Session


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6 responses to “Thanksgiving Ouija Session 2013

  • Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

    I appreciate an honest accounting of what did (or didn’t) happen. Too often these things get sensationalized. Good try. And, yes, the pics are pretty 🙂

  • Sally Bosco

    I used to try to do Ouija with my grandmother when I was little and the pointer never moved. In later years when I did Ouija with friends I always suspected my friends of moving it. Have you ever had a successful Ouija session? Thanks for posting! Sally

  • Frugal Frights and Delights

    I’d thought about searching for my board with the recent loss of my daughter. I know she would contact me, if she could. I already think she has at least twice. When my dad died a few years ago, I think he contacted me at least once – all experiences were made without the board. I’ve only told close family members about the incidents and found out later from an aunt that over our past generations, a few of our family members have had the gift of premonition and communication beyond the physical world. I felt a little better knowing this family secret and that I just wasn’t simply losing my mind or grasping at straws.

    • Patrick Keller

      I am terribly sorry about the loss of your daughter! I think everyone has to feel just right about whatever form of communication they use… but clearly, you don’t need a board. Best wishes to you if you choose to try more communication, and thank you for your willingness to share.

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