In My Opinion: Because a Long Island medium said so!


Photo Attribution: John Stephen Dwyer, CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Photo Attribution: John Stephen Dwyer, CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Just a few days ago, I shared a post from one of my favorite blogs on Twitter. If you follow my tweets, you’ll know I share things frequently as I read articles that resonate with me. It will not be a surprise to know that the topic of the post I shared had to do with making yourself available for souls who want to communicate. Not long after my tweet, I received a series of incredibly negative responses that reprimanded me for the share, and assumed I was ignorant of any paranormal or psychic research. Because it continued to go downhill without a chance for me to fairly stand up for myself or explain, I ended up using the block feature for the very first time. Because of the block, I do not have access to those tweets, otherwise I would have quoted the whole conversation in this post. 

The Twitter user that I blocked seemed to be a psychic or medium of some kind… or at least wanted to be one really badly, and to my knowledge, I’ve never been in contact with her before that moment. Have you noticed there are about eleventy-thousand (on average) psychics on Twitter now? Don’t get me wrong. I love psychics. I love reading about and learning from psychics. But there are a ton of wannabe psychics that clearly have not earned the title, just deciding this week that they’re psychic after watching a few episodes of Long Island Medium (which she actually referenced in her argument). And I’m not dogging wannabe psychics. I’m not even insulting Theresa Caputo. I think she’s got a great show and seems to be the real deal. I’d love to be psychic and continue to read and learn about channeling and intuition. But in this paranormal craze, just like the zillions of ghost hunter teams that pop up every day, perhaps it is just a little too easy to start a Twitter profile and call yourself a psychic medium. 

Psychic lady tagged another supposed psychic to a few of her responses to me and requested help in educating me and setting me straight. Among several other things, I was told that I was irresponsibly sharing information that was dangerous, not recommended, etc. You know, the same old textbook responses. Ghosts are bad. Spirit communication is dangerous. You’ll pull something out you can’t put back in. You have no idea how to deal with a spirit. Only demons come through a Ouija board. Only a psychic can help. Have you heard of smudging? You need to do some research or read a book (one of my “favorite” comments.)

Most of this was before I even had a chance to respond. I felt like I was in the scene from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (my favorite movie) where Romy tries to enlighten Heather Moony… who is a smoker.

Romy: Heather, um, has anyone ever told you that smoking can kill you?

Heather: No. No one. Thank you.

Clearly, know-it-all psychic lady has not followed my blog and doesn’t know much about me… and she doesn’t know that we share some of the same opinions… though she probably just isn’t interested. I’m exaggerating and paraphrasing, of course, but psychic lady continued on. If you “dabble” and play games with spirit for fun, it’ll getcha! Well Theresa Caputo says _______. You see, the thing that absolutely sends me over the edge is when someone tells me their opinion of something spiritual or metaphysical as if it is fact. Even if you think it is fact, don’t correct me. I could point to many different books by different psychics and gurus that give multiple and sometimes incredibly different answers to the same mystical question (which is something ELSE that drives me batty!) 

In just a few responses, I tried to explain that I was well aware of the usual concerns and dangers and was not an idiot, though I appreciated her concern (I lied.) I told her that I read many books, including many by psychic mediums. I shared my belief that just because some spirits may be trouble or negative, doesn’t mean that we should avoid all spirit contact. Her responses continued, including a promise to never follow me or take my advice.  This random person, whose profile summary simply reads “a psychic medium”, was missing some of the “love and light” that is so very common these days among people who share her title. She needed a little bit of that… and I may or may not have shared that concern with her. For her, it was more like “hate and dark”.     

What I didn’t get a chance to share with psychic lady is this: If only YOU are hearing or seeing it, if your guide passed along a message meant for you, or if a parapsychologist or scientist can’t prove it, then you are free to tell me your belief or your opinion based on your amazing experience, but do not talk down to me as if you know all of life’s secrets and have nothing better to do than tweet about it with the TV remote in your hand. Gosh I hope I’ve never come across that way in my own writing and blogging. You’d tell me, right? 


So this has clearly been me venting, but it is also a general concern that I’ve had recently. Too many people are saying “this is how it is”. Too many “experts” are going out of their way to correct others, saying things like “No. You’re wrong. That’s not how it works on the other side. It goes like this.” Really?  


Okay vent officially over. Thoughts on this? Talk about an almost Halloween DOWNER! 🙂 I’ll check in with everyone on November 1st to see if everyone is recuperating from sugar highs (or in our case, drying out from the 80% chance of rain we’re expecting for trick or treaters.) 


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27 responses to “In My Opinion: Because a Long Island medium said so!

  • Gary Leigh

    I’m a wannabe psychic.

    Most people are, I think. 🙂

    • Patrick Keller

      I’m raising my hand, too. 🙂

    • davidalmeida23

      That’s funny! Sometimes I hear myself saying . . . I wannabe more insightful like Gary Leigh! 🙂

      I hear you Patrick. I have trouble with “I don’t understand this stuff. It could be dangerous. So let’s avoid that subject.” That’s called fear. Honestly, fear is the real danger. Fear is what’s holding us back in our growth as spiritual beings. It’s time for us have the courage to admit that there are things we do not understand about the universe. I’d would much rather be informed about nature of the so-called “bad psychic stuff”, than hide under the covers, and hope it goes away. Just my two bits . . . .

  • frugalfrightsanddelights

    Your rant had me laughing…sorry. I have seen stalkers of all kinds haunting my friends trying to give them their “advice”. I guess I’d be ranting if one were tracking me down too. It’s too bad so many have to suffer for their marketing strategy.

  • spiritchild1972

    DOTD!!!!!! NOW you know why I rant lol Now you can see why I am always having a go on my blog. My post Why Is Everyone Suddenly Psychic is about this very thing. I was born with my gift from a looooooooooooooooong line of psychics in my family. I have spent 40 years mastering my ability in a way no one else has. I asked Spirit the questions and learned from their answers, I paid attention and put everything I learned into every day life. I’ve been predicting things for people since I was 6 years old and doing readings for my teachers at Primary School. But now apparently you can pay £160 and learn to be like me in 3 short months don’t ya know? It drives me batty that if you have a couple of dreams or have some feelings, it suddenly means your able to guide people in their lives. Getting paid to guide and assist people in their lives and grief isn’t anything you can take lightly. Yet so many people read a few books, buy some Angel Tarot Cards and charge hundreds of dollars for the privilege. I watch the Long Island Medium and think she is okay but she charges $400 per half an hour which I think is disgusting. John Edwards is $800. If our charging that amount you should be getting every single person you have ever lost coming through and giving you the lottery numbers, not ‘Who died that was like a Mother figure? she is showing me her standing in a kitchen cooking’. I mean come on…….Very leading questions. Plus I just recently found out to book an appointment with Theresa you have to tell her who it is your wanting to contact and a bit of their story so you’ve done half the work there. You even have to tell her if your a skeptic. This is information on her own website and as an Intuitive Clairvoyant I find that a bit shocking and tells me she doesn’t have much of a natural ability. As my husband says ‘You see the hits but never the misses on these shows’. I’m $60 per reading and I’ve give the client my undivided attention for as long as they need it. Regardless of the country they are in. Theresa and John, charge up to $500 just for travel with some clients. Does that sound like Spiritually Enlightened people who do this job to help the grieving? These people who push themselves onto people, and have idiotic preconceived ideas of what it is to be a gifted person have about as much gift as a sausage and aren’t doing what they are doing to help the masses which is what we with gifts are expected to do and if they were truly psychic Dodt, they would know you were a Paranormal Investigator with many years experience and of a higher intelligence than most lol Your always going to get those sorts of misguided fools but eventually they are removed. Spirit don’t let them get away with behaving like that for too long. Look at Most Haunted. But at least you know how I feel now lol Woohoo lol I’m not the only Rebel of the Paranormal world now boyo lol You can be in my club. Members, us lol

  • Paranormalogistically

    I simply would not have responded to any negative commentary, that would have taken the wind out of their childish crap. Anyone who follows you and your blog know you are intelligent and open minded and don’t need educated by some wanna be psychic drama queen. Keep on doing what you are doing and don’t let these idiots get to you. Oh yeah…and read a book and do some research while you’re at it lol 😉 …some people could stand to do a little research before attacking others.

    • Patrick Keller

      I totally would have ignored it, had she not started tagging people in her responses requesting help, like I was an idiot. So… I included them in the responses so they’d know not to bother (or that was my intention).

  • Wednesday's Child

    Aggressive online “experts” can be so frustrating, namely the ones who you didn’t ask for advice!

  • deborahjhughes

    Don’t sweat it, Patrick! Some people think their opinion is the only one that matters! When it comes to the spirit world…who is right and who is wrong? Fact is, everyone is right. YOUR opinion about the spirit world is the right one for YOU! I get people on my blog whose comments would absolutely terrify someone who has expressed a worry. They say stuff like: “You have an evil demon after you! Sell the house!” (that sort of thing). Whereas I say, “Hmm, sounds like you have a pesky entity! Give it some blessings the next time you notice it around and send it on it’s way!” So, anyway, I delete the comments that would spread terror. I’m not about scaring people and as you said, it’s not ALL evil. We can make anything evil…anything. My gosh, there are people out there who make God out to be evil! So, you follow your own gut instinct about things and when people attack it…send them some blessings (because they obviously need it!) and keep on keeping on! Blessings!!

    • Patrick Keller

      Thank you, Deborah. This is reminding me of your sometimes frustrating feedback of your books. I need to just learn and grow from this. Truly, it was several days ago so I’ve gotten over it. But i’m sure it’s not the last experience of its kind.

  • notsofancynancy

    People can be so mean. I still love you no matter what you post. lol

  • Randall Keller

    Well said! And for the record, I wanna be a psychic about as much as I wanna fall off the moon.

  • Maria Laing

    Sorry that I have been remiss lately and not commenting, even not reading every single blog as had been my custom. My brother’s recent passing and even a detour from Iowa, where he lived, to O’Fallon…(yes, and I did not have the time to meet you!!!, but did spend a day and a half with the nuns at the former motherhouse at 204 N. Main St. where I lived several years as a nun)….have been my focus these past weeks. I have been and continue to be on your team, Patrick!! I agree with your rant and your every right to ignore such people as those who pretend to KNOW what YOU SHOULD do and be at all times! I can say from personal experience being a grieving mother since 2009, that the grief support sites are often visited by those wannabe mediums, and who are raking in the money from mothers who want more than anything to communicate with their children who have left before them. There are some who are sincere and able, but many are not. They are opportunists, at best. So, I am still on your team, and continue to respect your honesty and support your curiosity and eagerness in reading and learning and then sharing with those of us who have learned a lot from you . Continue on, and as others have said above…ignore the rest. I am not psychic, either, but I do know an honest and capable person when I “see” one, or in this case, this being a blog…”read” one….chuckle…and that was not “reading” as in the sort medium’s do!! LOL

    • Patrick Keller

      I am so very sorry to hear about the loss in your family, Maria. It warms my heart to know you were able to get back to O’Fallon to your former home. That must have been wonderful. Or was it weird? We’ve missed your comments. I’m glad to have you back, even if it’s just every so often. 🙂

  • NetherRealm

    I used to know someone who posted crazy comments like the one you cited. She claimed to have had an overnight epiphany, and experienced everything paranormal ever recorded in less than a decade.
    My observation on these types of know-it-all “psychic mediums” is they thrive on fear and control. They want a type of Stockholm Syndrome relationship where they make those without abilities dependent on them.
    When anyone tells you that you can’t make a move without their permission, or being there…run far away, or block them!
    As you know, a good teacher encourages independent thought and experimentation. No one ever learns by not trying.
    It’s more evil to deny people independence, and fill their heads with lies.
    I only get on a person’s case if they act like they can drive a Formula 1 car without safety skills and gear, except it’s in the paranormal realm. You’re responsible for yourself, and are conscientious of others.
    I enjoy your blog, and those of others you share. Being inspired is a beautiful thing.

  • NetherRealm

    Block anyone who claims to be psychic medium, and insists on creating a Stockholm Syndrome relationship. That’s what I call it. Telling a person they do everything wrong, and only with their help will you be safe are the ranting of a mentally unbalanced person. I used to know someone like that: The overnight, know-it-all “psychic medium/demonologist/alien abduction survivor” <- I wish I was making this up. It was her way, or no way. I also couldn't keep up with her lies, and multiple online personas. She also couldn't keep up with the real psychics at a location one night, so she suddenly fell ill and had to leave. She also called a higher level spirit bad and dangerous. A spirit the rest of us knew as a helpful spirit guide. <- My new litmus test: those who call the good ones evil are, truly, the dangerous ones.
    My words of caution are don't go out onto the paranormal football field without a helmet.
    Honesty is what gets you spirit communication. Being honest with yourself, and your goals, get you closer to the brass ring.
    This woman is very negative, and hateful. Block those who do nothing but spew venom. They are the real source of negative energy.
    Keep sharing and enlightening others! Your heart is in the right place.

    • Patrick Keller

      I love that I get to communicate and hear stories from fascinating readers and bloggers like you all. You and David both needed to be in my ear when I was initially responding. Can I just send all of my blogs to you for approval or edits before I publish them? 🙂

      • NetherRealm

        I need to stay on top of my own writings, but I’m always open to helping the truly open-minded. Sometimes I hold back on writing about certain experiences, like what I wrote in the comment. It feels good to post cautionary tales based on our real experiences.

  • Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

    I’m so sorry this happened. In the social media world, it’s SO easy for a passing stranger to jump in and make one doubt the work one is doing. Of course, anyone who reads your blog regularly knows who you are and what you stand for. Let this one go. If any of us become as successful / popular as we’d kinda like to be, we are also going to have big, red targets on us. We’ll have to thicken our skins.

    • Patrick Keller

      You know what? I think you speak the truth. In some ways I’ve gained a thicker skin (and a little wisdom, I think) in the last few years and care less and less about what people think of me. But it’s obviously still something I struggle with. As I said above, I should take this lesson and learn from it. By now though, I’m really over it, though I know it’s not the last I’ll see of it.

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