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  • Deborah J. Hughes (@DeborahJHughes)

    Although the movie got pretty intense toward the end…I preferred the first part of it. The spooky stuff rather than the demon possession stuff really made the movie interesting. Obviously Hollywood went over-the-top on this story for quite a bit of that stuff did not really happen. I guess Hollywood can get away with it because they say “based” on a true story though most of it is all quite fictional. Unfortunately, movies like this terrify people when it comes to the paranormal and I don’t feel it gives our dead a fair rap! Most of the spirits haunting us are simply looking to make a connection with loved ones, looking for closure or are confused and scared about their circumstances. I wish a movie would come out that is more realistic but I guess that isn’t sensational enough for the go-for-the-throat excitement movies like The Conjuring can generate.

    The book is best in this situation for it is based in fact…at least as best as they remember it or have interpreted it. Although I thought the prose often sounded like a literary piece (and I am just not into that kind of writing), I enjoyed the parts that just focused on the haunting itself. The story jumped around a little too much and confused me quite a bit but the parts describing the actual haunting was … well, quite haunting!

  • Patrick

    You know what, Deborah? I totally concur about the movie. I’ve never been huge on possession or exorcism. Still don’t know if I believe much of it, when it comes to “true stories”, anyway. Even though I think all of that stuff was filmed very well and very scary. But everything before that was very cool and I loved it.

    I guess I would also have to agree with your opinion of the book jumping around a little too much and the writing style… for my understanding, anyway.

    Thanks for visiting, Deborah!

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