Flies and Hauntings: “You can’t really kill what’s already dead.”

Hey folks! I’m on page 218 of the first volume of House of Darkness House of Light, the true story of the events that happened in the movie The Conjuring, written by Andrea Perron, the oldest daughter. I’ve got to be honest. I was initially intimidated by the size of these books (the third and final book is yet to come), but at this point I’m pretty sure that there’s virtually no chance of me not buying into all three volumes. I’ve been sucked into the story all weekend, and I’ve not been able to think of anything else in the last two days. It is such a good book!

Early on in their story, not long after moving in, the Perrons experienced supernatural and never-ending amounts of flies that seemed to come from nowhere. This was in the middle of a very cold and snowy winter. No amount of swatting or extermination could solve their problem. It was making them crazy, and along with other bone-chilling events, it was gradually tearing a family apart.

Most likely, when you think of flies and hauntings, you think of the famous scene from the movie The Amityville Horror from 1979. Usually when I hear someone describe flies as being a sign of a haunting, I get the instant urge to roll my eyes. You won’t find many “experts” in the paranormal who are willing to validate flies as being harbingers of things to come in a haunted location, though Lorraine Warren supposedly told Mrs. Perron that this was the case. Referring to their nasty fly situation, Warren is quoted in the book as saying “You can’t really kill what’s already dead.” In The Conjuring, James Wan apparently chose to nod to Alfred Hitchcock and use birds as a harbinger, rather than flies. It could be that birds play a role in the book as well, but I haven’t gotten there yet. I’ll admit I’m conflicted. It just seems so Hollywood to me… and like talk of “demons” (which I’m sure I’ll be discussing soon), it seems to require a certain kind of religious belief that I don’t usually buy into. But I’ve done lots of researching into this story and the Perrons recently, and unlike the questionable history of the Amityville haunting, and though I don’t know the family personally (though I’ve enjoyed recently being connected with Andrea on Facebook), I really believe their story. So here it is. I feel like I have to tell you that all of this is really making me re-think my position on evil harbinger flies.    


Thoughts? Experiences? Fly swatter recommendations?

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12 responses to “Flies and Hauntings: “You can’t really kill what’s already dead.”

  • Gary Leigh

    I don’t know about flies, but i did have this really weird experience with black beetles back in 1980. (Back when I had no clue what the hell I was doing, yet survived in spite of my own stupidity.)

    It’s a long ass story, but if you want to know about it, the link is here.


  • spiritchild1972

    I love your writing style Dotd, It makes me feel like I’m talking to a close friend.
    You never answered my question about what I should expect from this George Norrie thing and now your making me worried. Is he really bad? Is he mean to people? He isn’t like the most hated man in Britain Piers Morgan is he? Your lack of silence has me very worried. Be totally honest with me.

    • Patrick

      I think I answered this question on your blog a few days ago if I am remembering correctly. This is an interview you need to do! Oh… thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  • Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

    I assume Wan opted out of flies BECAUSE so many of us discount them after the iconic scene in Amityville.

    Above, you hint at the problem I’m having with this film. For me, I think it comes down to a basic distrust of the Warrens. It seems whatever they become involved with is immediately assumed to be demonic. I will have to do more research before I can come down on hard on that idea, but it bothers me. Why is it never a simple ghost? Why is it never a case of psychic phenomena?

    You said these folks lived in the house for 10 years (over at my blog.) I can’t get past the reality that FIVE girls moved through their adolescence in that house, one after another. That fact alone argues for a more natural cause of the paranormal events.

    Oh, hell. The truth of it is, I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about this or writing about it. (Well, I do actually, but I don’t feel I have time to do it justice when I’m working under a personal deadline for my novel.)

    I hope you continue reading and sharing – and I hope I can eventually read the Perron books too.

    • Patrick

      I bet you’re right about Wan’s decision with the flies. I also need to report that after I read further, there were a few situations with ravens as harbingers. Hopefully a book review is coming this weekend.

  • Heather Frazier Behling

    I think I’ll look into reading the books, too!

    • Patrick

      I hope you do, Heather. I’m almost done with the first book and plan to write a review soon. I’m not sure if I’ll jump right into the second one or take a break for something else.

  • Marika Gieselmann

    I have read volume 1 and am currently in the middle of volume 2 of House of Darkness, House of Light and I have to say that, like yourself, I was also intimidated by the size of the books! I initially received the first volume as a gift from my sister and to be honest I wasn’t all that interested at first as I’m not big on scary books/movies..I’m more into spiritual connections of a different kind..not the dark kind! However, I’m really glad I gave these books a chance…not only did I end up being sucked in and couldn’t put the first book down..I found that I actually came to have a sense of compassion for the spirits that were stuck in this ‘holding space’ that were unable to move on (and also for the family too!) Of course I had moments where I was really shocked and scared by what I was reading and it also challenged some of my own belief system regarding dark entities and energies etc….I very much believe in the spirit world as I have had too many personal experiences not too…but this was sometimes a little challenging in parts, simply because there were moments where I had internal conflicts. This was a good thing though as It has taught me a lot more about spiritual/energy protection not just from the energies around us that have crossed over but also from the energy we pick up every day from the humans we come into contact with too! Plus I like to have my boundaries pushed as I feel this helps me grow and sometimes let go of what no longer serves me. Andrea did a fantastic job with telling of her experience in that 10 years she lived at that house with her family. I yet have to read volume 3 and maybe my views and opinions will change again?! Who knows but for now I am really glad I have been introduced to this series of books….Andrea is a lovely lady who also has shown empathy and compassion toward these spirits and also to those who have contacted her since she started on this epic journey of telling this life changing account. I highly recommend joining her on this journey as I’m sure those of you who are a lot more braver than me will enjoy these books immensely! 🙂 P.s..Although the size of the books seems daunting at first, Andrea has written the ‘chapters’ in easy to read short segments so it really does help to get you through the book! 😉

  • Patrick

    Thank you for visiting and commenting, Marika. I completely understand what you’re saying about being challenged in some ways. I’ve always had conflicted thoughts on dark/evil/demonic entities. I will say this. I’ve read a LOT of crazy paranormal books, most of them at night before bed, sometimes by myself. I’ve never had an issue with that. This first book has kind of taken my mind to strange places and for the first time ever I’ve had to kind of alter my schedule for reading a bit. 🙂 I’m not sure what that means.

    Anyway, as I’m finishing up the first book this weekend, do you suggest jumping right into the 2nd book or should I take a break to read another one? Does it matter?

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