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  • Renae Rude - The Paranormalist

    You’re going to be responsible for an awfully long reading list for me, arent’ you?

  • Patrick

    Dear readers,

    I have been getting word that fans of The Conjuring have been making poor decisions regarding visiting the real life farmhouse that I’ve blogged about recently. Please read the message below from Andrea Perron, real life eldest Perron daughter and author of the trilogy mentioned in my post below. She sent this out this evening.

    Please pray for my friends at the farm. They don’t deserve what is happening there, nor does anyone else in the neighborhood. Do unto others as though you are the others. No one would want such unsolicited scrutiny unleashed upon their private residence. Please pass the word for me on their behalf. They should be left alone in peace. Thank you ~ Andrea

    • ricolaroberta

      I concur, Andrea. What a rude, thoughtless thing to do. Encroaching on other people’s privacy is just an unforgivable deed. Put yourself in the owner’s place. Would you like people lurking behind your trees, hiding in the various places on the property and not only invading their space and privacy, but possibly scaring the beJesus out of them. I don’t know what the laws are in RI, but I know that in some places trespassing on someone’s land or home invasion, gives the owners the right to shoot the intruder. I would certainly hope nothing like this would happen, but this is the kind of thing that DOES push people into doing things they would not normally do. Find some common courtesy people! What is your problem!? Makes me so mad!

  • Kristen

    Are there any actual pictures of the events your family went through? Are they in the book?

    • Patrick

      Kristen, I thought I replied to you. I apparently did not and I apologize. I am not the author of the book trilogy. I’ve only been posting about it as I research it and read the books. To partly answer your question, there are several photos in the book. To my knowledge, none of them claim to be a photo of paranormal events.

      Thanks for visiting the blog!

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  • Norma Sutcliffe.

    People are still coming. I have a youtube video disproving claims and speaking about the devastation we face because of the movie. “The Conjuring the Perron story the current owner speaks out”. Also found on History vs Hollywood. Several months of research with a journalist to find her mother created the myths about murder, suicide etc. listening to many interviews found other false statements. Our discovery of facts may help in questioning the entire story. I have more information.

    • Patrick Keller

      Norma, I’ve been following much of the craziness that you have been going through. I’m so sorry to hear that it is still happening. I did watch your video, and I plan on mentioning it in a new post this evening to present your side. I sincerely hope things change and soon. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  • catherin

    me encantaria adquirir el libro como podria hacerlo ??
    donde lo compraron ?

    i want to buy the book
    i live in bogota

  • Keith Johnson

    Hi there. I was one of the original investigators at the Harrisville farmhouse, prior to us calling the Warrens in.They offered to assist us with the Perron case.

    • Patrick Keller

      Hi again, Keith! I’m glad you contacted me and stopped by. When the right episode gets put together, I definitely want to contact you. Things are crazy now with the real job and a to-do list. 🙂 I would love to hear your story though.

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