Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium

I’m not exactly sure why I find books by mediums so fascinating. Actually, that’s not true. I admire mediums… and as someone who is obsessed with learning about spirit communication and the afterlife, I’m envious of their ability to reach out to the Other Side, often helping souls, both living and deceased, at the same time. Sometimes when I read a string of books that are so serious or about paranormal research or something heavy, I just end up needing to put whatever I’m reading down. I end up breaking my rule, which is to never start a new book when there’s one that still needs to be finished. And it’s like a breath of fresh air. Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium by Kristy Robinett was my most recent breath of fresh air. 

About five months ago I discussed Kristy Robinett here on the blog after hearing her interview on a podcast. I found that just listening to her was a comforting experience. She is so very genuine, she has a beautiful personality, and she has some fascinating stories. Her book was teased in the interview at that time, but I had to wait months since it was released only a few weeks ago. It was well worth the wait.

From the back of the book: 

At the age of three, Kristy Robinett predicted her grandmother’s death. When she was eight, the spirit of her deceased grandfather helped her escape from a would-be kidnapper. This captivating, powerful memoir is filled with unforgettable scenes: spot-on predictions, countless spirit visits at home and school, menacing paranormal activity, and Kristy’s first meeting with two spirit guides who became her constant allies. Born into a strict religious family, Kristy believed she was cursed and hid her  psychic abilities for many years. Over time, she learned to use her talent to do good in the world, and now she has decided to share her incredible story. Follow Kristy’s emotional journey through a difficult childhood, stormy marriages, conflict with faith, job loss, and illness—and the  hard-won lessons that opened her heart to true love and acceptance of her unique gift.

My emotions took a few turns while following Kristy’s journey, and I think most readers can relate to many of the struggles. Throughout the first half of the book, I found myself frustrated that not only was she often not treated kindly, but not accepted for who she was and the reluctant gift that she was given. I think that’s why for a long time she couldn’t find herself. But it’s easy to cheer her on. Haven’t we all had those “what am I SUPPOSED TO BE when I grow up” moments? I’m 35 and I’m still having them. I think we all want to land on the right track. Some of us don’t know we’re on the wrong track, and some of us know but we’re not entirely sure what train to hop and where it’s going… and how to pay for the ticket… and what will be waiting for us when we get to that mysterious destination, anyway? Well I found myself smiling and truly happy for her as she took a giant risk and bravely jumped onto the right track for the rest of her journey… and because she’s so young, there’s a lot of track left, with plenty of stories yet to tell. Okay, enough trains. But seriously, I look forward to reading about the next part of the journey.

Yes, the book is about the medium author herself, but if you’re wanting the stories of spirit communication in her readings, of helping to solve cold cases, of the conversations with spirit guides, don’t worry. If you’re looking for validation from the various messages she gets, it’s here. Those beautiful moments, the heartfelt stories, the changed lives… those gems can be found throughout as well.

I truly loved it! Thanks for being brave enough to share you life with us, Kristy!

If you haven’t heard or seen Kristy Robinett, I wanted to give you the chance to see and hear her below. The first is video of a recent radio show appearance that I enjoyed. Below that is Kristy’s appearance from this last October on the Ricki Lake Show. Kristy has several other videos online. For more info, visit




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9 responses to “Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium

  • spiritchild1972

    Dotd, surely by reading all this stuff you are opening up your own gifts? Have you found in any way at all, your own gifts being enhanced? Be honest because I refuse to believe nothing has changed in your from your very first book to the last one.
    For me as a kid who could see the dead it was the Doris Stokes series that answered a lot of questions for me.

    • Patrick

      Hmmm… Well I certainly try all areas of spirit communication… and perhaps I overthink things. I don’t get a lot of EVP lately, and my spirit box and Ouija experiments give me ZERO results. 🙂 I’ve tried meeting my spirit guide several times, learning to channel, I’ve tried a few times to get into a routine of meditation, but I tend to get busy and have excuses or I don’t have the patience. 🙂 Go ahead and scold me. My medium friend Marilyn would say I just need to get my analytical mind out of the way. 😉

      • spiritchild1972

        No, your friend is right. We have the left brain and right brain frequency. You have to learn to shut the left brain down, that is what gives you the second thoughts and talks you out of things and suggests stopping to try other things in the middle of doing something. It talks constantly. I just used to literally tell mine to shut up and it would work lol you then get to a point where you only use your right brain. Hence why I say in my blog I haven’t had stress in my life for years even though I’ve been through stressful siuations. Because I use my right brain more than I ever use my left. Alpha and Delta frequencies are what we with gifts use. The thing I will tell you off for is using the Ouija Board. Patrick… should know better than that. Ouija boards are like eating a chocolate cheese cake, your inviting trouble in and it is hard to get rid of it once it’s there.

  • Heather

    Hi Patrick, I also love books written by mediums. If you ever are in the hunt for another good read, I would recommend “Spirited” by Rebecca Rosen. She is a medium in Denver. I went to her and she is utterly amazing! I know she has a new book coming out in August and I will be first in line to purchase!

  • Ash

    I wish you were with me and Teresa up at Internal Spirit Center (new place up in north O’Fallon) a couple of weeks ago. There was a lady there that was a medium and MAN DID SHE HAVE SOME STORIES! I was like, “YOU need your own TV show!” I wish I had caught her name, she was awesome.

  • NetherRealm

    I self published the life of a medium on Amazon. I found it therapeutic since 95% is my own life with names changed.
    When you live the analytical life, you don’t have time to be introspective of why you want something, and changing your life. My career has been a gift and a curse. Let your mind go, and the answers will start coming in.
    I get approached because being a medium is the one thing no one can take away from me. I’ve never feared going into the light with a spirit, and that’s what makes me a spirit magnet. I also trust my guides implicitly. There are a few I don’t know by name, but trust is more important than identity. When you know you are the messenger, the ferryman, and the counselor, the rest comes easy. <<< These are tips by the way.

  • Patrick

    Thank you, Cornelia. I really do love having so many smart people as blog friends. 🙂

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