A Sign from the Guides…

Photo Credit: Jessie Eastland

Photo Credit: Jessie Eastland

I want to tell you a really cool story tonight. Unfortunately, it is not my story to tell, but my sister has given me permission to pass it along to you.

 My sister and her partner had just pulled up in their car to pick up a carry out order at Chipotle. She stayed in the car, which was near a patch of grass with running sprinklers that were giving the car a shower. While she was waiting, she decided that there was something on her mind, an important decision, that just might require some special guidance. She brought the issue up to her guides and asked for some kind of sign. It was then that the sprinklers turned off next to the car. She thought, “Was that my sign?” With her eyes closed, she asked for further clarification to know if her guides were with her and listening. Suddenly, two women exited the restaurant and walked by my sister’s car, where she still had her eyes closed. The first two words that came out of one of the women’s mouths was “Spirit Guide”. Message received. 

After leaving the parking lot with their food, she immediately called to tell me the story.  

Isn’t that exciting?! My very first post on February 5, 2012 (225 posts ago), was about Spirit Guides. I’m not sure I’ve specifically brought the subject up since then, which kind of surprises me. Around the time of that first post, I was spending a lot of time trying to get to know my spirit guide (who I refer to as Merlin), learning about channeling, taking a channeling class at Ahtah Sanctuary, and reading waaaay too many books on the topic for me to handle. Right now though, I’m a bit out of practice and haven’t been meditating, working on intuition, or developing a relationship with my spirit guide. I’ve tried very hard over the years, but my sister tends to be a little more gifted in her sensitivity to these things. Her story makes me want to get reacquainted with Merlin and get validation that he hasn’t given up on guiding me.  


Do my readers have any stories or experience with getting incredibly clear or special validation from your guide(s)? 


Two books I’d recommend on the topic: 


Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System
by Sonia Choquette

Opening To Channel: How To Connect With Your Guide
by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

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23 responses to “A Sign from the Guides…

  • Gary Leigh

    I’ve got a book worth of stories, but doubt anyone would believe them lol

  • Ash

    Oh several. I’m sure I’ve shared some with you. Like the time I asked which Clair I should develop first and kept seeing “see” “saw” “seen” which was NOT what I wanted, and as I was driving home from work, I was thinking about it and thought, “I’ll probably look to the left and there will be a Lens Crafters or something. No. It was a Pearl Vision.

    Or the time I asked Bill to confirm that his name was Bill (as if a dream of him literally shaking my hand and introducing himself weren’t enough…) and I said, “In the next half hour, have one of the Bills that I work with (there were 4 of them) send me an email to confirm that is your name. 7 minutes later my boss walked over and said, “Can you send Bill an email to confirm…”

    My new(er) guide, Nathan, and I have been exploring a lot of past life stuff the last six months or so. It’s been FASCINATING. You have no idea how intertwined we are with our other lives until you start to see the patterns (and the people you share them with). It’s incredible. Reincarnation should be a blog topic for you at some point.

    • Patrick

      I made a note about reincarnation. By the way, do you think Bill or Nathan knows anything about my guide? Let’s get them hooked up… maybe messages get across better that way, and it would also make an AWESOME happy hour! 🙂

      • Ash

        I’m sure they’ve rubbed elbows here and there 🙂 A heavenly happy hour? I’m down!

        Or maybe you should just cave and come to the next Mission Intuition get together!

  • Terpette

    Synchronicity really is all around, if we just open our eyes and pay attention and let our mundane chatter slip away.

    • Patrick

      And that’s what I need to learn to do. 🙂

      • Ash

        Would have to agree with Gary. You would be just about the only person I’ve ever heard of who doesn’t have 24/7 access to your guides (if that’s what you mean by spirit elders). The description of spirit elders that you have given, I would call guardian angels – mine tend to be a tad more quiet and in the background than guides, but are also constantly present. I guess when I say “background” I literally mean behind me – always behind me. I talk to her pretty often and she responds occasionally. I kept nagging her to let me see her once and saw her as a giant angel-shaped cloud holding the sun. Wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I’ll take it 🙂

        When I feel my team doing energy work, I can typically see the “light” from her, but again, always off to the back of me.

        Now granted, a lot of people just aren’t that intuitively hooked in and may not realize that their guides and angels are always with them, and don’t always recognize the signs and synchronicities being sent their way, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Mine generally respond when asked, and many times when they aren’t asked lol

      • spiritchild1972

        Haha well then clearly your more new age than my teachings lol hahaha

      • Gary Leigh

        Well, it’s also important to remember that your belief system dictates your reality. If you believe that such things are rare, then that will be the experience you are creating for yourself.

        Every so often, something will come along and show you that there may be more than what you think.

        It’s well worth considering that what we know may not be all the information we have.

        The more you remember, the more you find there is to remember.

        Certainly, never dismiss other people’s experiences as invalid.

    • spiritchild1972

      Oh yes, it is everywhere. It happens all the time and is no coincedence. If your looking for a sign for something, or like in murder investigations using psychic ability, synchronicity is key.

      • Patrick

        Do you know how sad I am? For the last several days I go to bed thinking “Talk to your guide tomorrow, meditate briefly, come up with a sign and look for it.” And then I either forget to ask… OR I FORGET TO LOOK FOR THE SIGN! Pathetic! 🙂

      • spiritchild1972

        Don’t worry babes, you talk to them when your meant to. They know your every thought and feeling so they understand. They don’t sit waiting for you to talk to them because they like you are busy. Just say to them any time you want a sign they are there and they will give you one. Just be vigilant because it could be anything from them dropping a feather in front of you inside a house to playing a song on the radio that has special meaning from your childhood etc…. Just remember your Elder, you don’t see or have any communication with unless it’s a matter of life or death.
        Do you have any post ideas for me? I could talk to you for hours about this stuff lol

      • Gary Leigh

        Count yourself lucky. I can’t shut mine up!

      • spiritchild1972

        Really? That’s odd because your Spirit Elders are only with you during times of great life changing moments and stress. You would have to be the first person on the planet I’ve ever heard of having your Spirit Elders around 24/7. Your actual Elders, the ones in charge of your soul only show themselves when your having life or death situations in your life as they are the ones who are with you from conception to death and make sure you live your life the way it is destined to play out. You would have to be the first ever, in my 40 years of seeing the dead and that is saying something because in my culture we live with the dead in our lives every day and have done for centuries.

      • Gary Leigh

        Was a comment to Patrick discussing hearing his guides.I don’t know what you mean by spirit elders.

        However, it is fair to say that my situation is a little unique. While you have yet to meet anyone who hears their guides 24/7, I’ve yet to meet anyone who has experienced what I have, and gone through the events I did.

        That might sound pretty arrogant and presumptuous, I know, however I would feel pretty safe in saying that the events in my life are unique. 🙂

  • Patrick

    This truly has been an interesting conversation. I’m glad Gary mentioned not dismissing the experiences of other people. But really, this has always been one thing that has bugged me about the experiences and advice of psychic mediums, spiritual gurus, etc. It is such a HUGE concept, especially for most of the world that doesn’t see it like many of you do. I blogged about this at some point. It frustrates me so much when I read 4 different books about whatever spiritual concept and each author has a completely opposite idea of “spirit guides” or “reincarnation” or “what happens when you cross over”. And that’s okay. But what bugs me about it is when it is presented as fact. I wish we could all be better with explaining things like… “Well for me…” or “My guides work like this…” I think I understand what Gary is saying about how everyone creates their own reality. I think that’s probably true. Patricia Hayes discussed this in her book EXTENSION OF LIFE. She apparently channeled or had communications with Arthur Ford after his passing (she worked with him a bit before) and he explained that your crossing over experience ends up being what you always planned for it to be. You want a bridge? Got it. You want a light or a pearly gate? Got it. You want your pet fish to greet you first? No problem. That kind of thing. Is that sort of what you mean, Gary?

    Also, I don’t mean to offend anyone… or police the comments. Continue. 🙂

    • Gary Leigh

      Yes, this is pretty much how it works in the astral. What we imagine is what we create and get. (Which, I suspect, is why spirits get trapped because they are in a reality of their own making.)

      This level, the 3D level, works on the same principles. We get what we create, though it is generally at a much slower rate, and thus, also has much more substance.

      Because we need to do this in order to have the experiences we choose (hence our free will in action) everyone will have their own personal reality.

      That’s why two people with identical circumstances may have two completely different experiences.

      It’s never wise to dismiss or belittle someone because their ideas do not match yours. There is much we can learn from everyone because they potentially bring new experiences, perspectives and ideas to the table.

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