Dreaming of Flying… and Dogs?

I don’t remember dreams often, but when I do have interesting dreams, I try to share them here. And I feel like I need to point out that this week I also had my experience with the voice in my car

This is Meril ready for a trip to the tennis coart!

This is Meril ready for a trip to the tennis court!

Within the last week I’d say I’ve had two separate panicky dreams about losing our four-legged son, Meril. (I don’t mean losing as in death… but misplacing or not being able to find him.) I even have a Facebook friend who mentioned in a status that she was experiencing the same kind of dreams this week. I’m known to be very over protective with Meril and hyper sensitive about opened doors, where he is at all times, holding the leash super tight on walks, wondering if he’s okay or lonely while we’re gone, what happens while we’re gone and there’s a fire or tornado, and the worrying goes on and on… But I can’t think of anything specifically that has worried me more than usual recently in the waking hours. My only guess is that Joe was gone for most of this week and so Meril and I were on our own, which is unusual. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and videos online lately involving pets being found in the rubble of the Oklahoma tornadoes. Perhaps that’s it. Or maybe it’s more literal than that. Maybe I’m supposed to keep my eyes open. 



But my big reason for writing this dream post tonight is to tell you about my flying dream last night. It was an unusual sleeping night for me. Due to eating dinner so late after picking Joe up from the airport that night, I was waking up every hour with heart burn and unable to sleep (if this is TMI, I apologize). All of these short sessions of sleep possibly explains why I remember details vividly. I think many, if not most people, have experienced dreams of flying. I have a friend who sprouts wings when she flies. As you’ll see, my flying experiences are different. 


Soaring Over the Trees…

The details before the flying are somewhat fuzzy, but it took place in a fictional, beautiful, older, and urban neighborhood, possibly even a cutesy shopping district. In my dream I seemed to understand that it was somewhere in Kansas City, and possibly a location from a previous dream. One thing I can tell you for sure is that it was a pleasant atmosphere with people out and walking around. But the thing I remembered so vividly were the tall, mature, and green trees. I was either waiting to meet someone or I was on my way to meet them. Suddenly I jumped, and as if weightless in space, I was sort of suspended in the air. But my feet gradually fell back to the sidewalk. That’s when I think I knew I was dreaming and I remembered how this flying stuff worked. I jumped again, only this time I tried to remember how to get higher, to really soar. I worked my energy so that I was suddenly high above the trees and moving forward at a pretty quick speed… but I was gradually falling. I started bracing for a fall and was a little scared all of a sudden. As soon as I worried about falling, I fell faster. As I began falling into the trees I decided to relax and let go of the fear. As soon as that happened I shot back up above the trees and soared. It was so beautiful. I remember thinking “Okay now I remember how it works.” It was all coming back to me. I could somehow shift my energy or my weight to “steer” to wherever I wanted to go. It was very cool. And again, I’m pretty sure I knew I was dreaming. I don’t remember landing at a destination or the rest of the details of the dream. It was probably me waking up to take another walk around the house that ended it. 


So was I dreaming? Was I astral traveling? (I don’t recall seeing a cord.) Do you dream of flying? How does it work for you? 



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15 responses to “Dreaming of Flying… and Dogs?

  • Gary Leigh

    Dreams of flying are the best for me, though I only have them rarely. Sometimes I can fly, other times, I’ll just be taking long, long gliding steps, which also feel amazing.

    I honestly feel that this is a taste of what we get in our spirit form. The exhilaration, and the joy, it’s what we feel when we pass over. Little wonder people think about coming back when they die. (Unless you’re one of those fools who insist on being here because you think you can somehow change this world!)

    But you did bring to light an interesting point. Fear holds us down. Translate that to life, and I think there is a huge lesson / reminder to be had there.

    Thanks for an interesting entry.

    • Patrick

      Sorry for the late response. I don’t have them often either… but they’re memorable, and each time the ability seems to come back to me just like riding a bike. 🙂 Thanks again for the visit and the great comments, Gary. 🙂

  • Randall Keller

    I have never remembered a dream about flying. Seems strange to me, and I’ve always wondered why. I’m never chased either. Boring boring boring! But I also had a dream about Oliver after the Oklahoma thing. I assumed it was the pet stories.

    • Patrick

      What? Not a flyer? And never been chased? I’ve been chased a few times for sure. The first one was Freddy Krueger in the basement of my old house. AHH… I freak out thinking about it to this day. You have some good ones, though.

  • Michael Ziegler

    You probably remember my crazy dreams, I’m just as likely to be flying as walking in my dream. In fact, just this week I dreamed I was in Wall-Mart looking at the books as a customer, and I saw my pastor and he asked me where something was. I then proceeded to fly a few feet off the ground with him following me to the electronic department.

  • LeeAllenHoward

    I occasionally have dreams of flying, and they’re usually the same for me: with immense concentration, I’m able to rise off the ground and then begin to fly. But it feels like first learning to ride a bike. If I lose my concentration, I come back to the ground.

    • Patrick

      We should meet sometime in the same “dream” and have a race! 🙂

      • Gary Leigh

        I recall having dreams about being chased by three men on several nights in a row.

        The one night, I had had enough, and I stood my ground. One of the men promptly shot me in the chest, but the bullets did not enter, nor was there any pain.

        Next thing I knew, he does a Maxwell Smart ‘I hope I wasn’t out of line with the shot’ type expression, and bolts.

        I never had those dreams again.

      • Patrick

        Wow… those are hard core chase dreams and ready for some serious dream interpretation. 🙂 I think I recall being shot in a dream once… I think I was in a cabin in the middle of nowhere… but truly very scary. Those are similar to falling dreams for me.

      • Gary Leigh

        I don’t think I ever had a falling dream myself. Don’t want one either lol

  • mynewtruth3

    I’ve had so many flying dreams. They are so real. I always feel it’s a mental effort in the dream to hold myself up off the ground. I can only fly for a short time before I am grounded again. This conversation is inspiring to see if I can get off the ground and experience something fun. I’ll have to see what dreams may come from this interesting blog discussion.

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