Ohhhh boy. This post is definitely less paranormal and more for my spiritual peeps out there. It has been a rough week. Anyone else concur with me? There seems to be some kind of funky brown aura wrapped around everything this week. I haven’t had energy, I’ve been lethargic in general, and there have been several tense or uncomfortable moments with coworkers. I haven’t liked the energy that keeps being tossed at me, but I also haven’t felt at all proud of the energy residue that I’ve been giving off lately either. 

I don’t regularly follow astrology, and I almost never understand it, but I tend to listen when someone gives a warning about turbulence ahead due to the moon or the ominous “retrograde” (whatever that is). I’ll always remember the week that I heard an astrologist discuss how people should expect a lot of technology and computer glitches for a certain time period, probably because of something lunar. And what happened that week? Lot’s of techie drama in my world.

Anyway, back to today. I had a frustrating drive home, a drive that included a discussion with myself on such topics as, “What’s with this week?”, “What’s my purpose, anyway?”, “Do people throw up invisible shields to protect themselves from me on days like this?”, “Am I a good person?”, “Will people have good things to say about me when I’m gone?”, and “Should I go get ice cream?”. After I got home and received a cheerful and much-needed greeting from our four-legged son, I opened up my favorite social media app on my phone. One of the first things I saw was a statement from medium Kristy Robinett. 

Today you might be feeling exhausted, tired, moody and some even sick/depleted. The mood is still swinging all over the place as the moon is in Taurus. If at all possible, get takeout, light a candle, watch television or read a book and call it an early night. – Kristy Robinett

I immediately commented, saying how that explained so much about my week! There were handfuls of comments from others that were basically saying the same thing. Maybe there really is something going on?


…maybe my chakras and aura need to go into the shop. Maybe I just need meditation (or medication?). I’ve been bad and haven’t done that in a long time either. Maybe this is all just some crazy intuition that I’m too dense to understand?

Anyone else experiencing this? What do you do to find your “normal” self again? Consider this an official request for assistance from all you gurus out there.



PEACE! (Please!)



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11 responses to “Turbulence…

  • Maria Laing

    I’m not a guru, and I can’t offer assistance, but I can say I’ve been having a similar experience. I thought it might be due to the fact that over the past week I have been travelling all over the map, in different time zones and sleeping, or not…as the case may have been, in various hotel beds. I have been travelling from Ohio, west and north through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and then south to Iowa on the return to Ohio, visiting my husband’s family and in Des Moines, visiting my brother who has terminal brain cancer. All in all, weather included, it has been an unusual combination of energies and experiences. I have asked many of the same questions you present….not so much about the ice cream…but donuts!!! Do you suppose we are becoming more sensitive, more aware? Or are we having uneasiness due to the doldrums of winter, and are eager for warmer weather and springtiime? If you figure it out…please let us know. I, for one, would be grateful!! Bless you and your loved ones…4 legged, too!

    • Patrick

      Don’t get me wrong, Maria… I wouldn’t turn down a donut either. 🙂 I am not a big traveler… and if I do travel there has to be plenty of down time for me to recuperate. I guess just being out of the norm would be enough to mess up your energy, not even counting the energy you pick up from those you run into.

  • Matt E

    I have felt much the same as u have this week. Lost, confused, and at times not understanding why I feel the way i do. I have had tech issues all week and am doing nothing different than I usually do. I do believe something is going and since I’m no professional or guru on this subject I cannot pretend to understand it. I can however relate to how you are feeling and definitely believe it is something just not certain what that might be!

  • Brandie Sellers

    LOL! My dear sweet Patrick…that brown aura is called “shit”. I’ve had a bad week as well. In fact, I DID order pizza the other night and had left overs of it last night. I’ve been quite moody and blah this week and havent had the best sleep either. And you ARE a good person, no question about that. And retrograde means that things wont progress. Like if you have a project you’re doing, you’ll probably get stuck and wont move ahead as quickly or at all until the retrograde is over.
    Much love!

  • Randall Keller

    The best way to get oneself back on track is to give large amounts of money to distant relatives – usually those from the east coast. More specifically, Maryland. Or… And I mean this, talking out loud (only when you’re alone) about stuff – like you’re giving a lecture and planning your speech. After you’ve talked it all out and released the spiritual venom, giving money to distant relatives gives you closure. By the way, I have “the Square” and can take plastic.

    Or… Ride it out, brudder. Good luck. 🙁

    • Patrick

      Oh no! Randy, your reply seems to be written in white font so it matches the background. Can’t seem to read it! Ah well… better luck next time. 😉

  • Ash

    I haven’t been bitchy, just tired. At least I have PMS to blame. What’s your excuse? Oh that’s right… manopause 😉

  • Patrick

    I dunno… sometimes I convince myself I might just have an accidental ovary somewhere throwing me out of whack. With my back deformity, I have enough strange little organ deformities that they’ve found over the years. I wouldn’t be surprised. 😉

  • LeeAllenHoward

    It’s been a rough and stressful week for me too. These things seem to go in cycles. I try to remember that it’s happened before, but it will pass.

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