Do You Have a Plan for Afterlife Communication?

So this weekend, among other random things, I’ve worked on getting caught up in reading my Association TransCommunication News Journals. Reading one makes you realize just how many different kinds of ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) research is happening all over the world. It also makes me realize that just like education, technology, and communication, spirit communication techniques are constantly changing. Like a doctor or a brain surgeon, any person studying spirit communication needs to stay informed on the latest news and techniques. Besides things like mediumship and standard EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recording, people all over the world are getting spirit communication results through the use of radios, telephones, video, photography, voice mail, ouija boards, scrying through things like water and crystals, Morse code, and even dimes being dropped around the house. What is even more interesting is that more and more people are reporting having afterlife communication through things like Skype, e-mail, and text messages. It makes sense when you think about it. Some of us can’t pry our iPhones out of our hands on most days. So as more people who rely on these devices leave the physical, it makes sense that this would be a logical way for them to make contact. Think about it. Even though I get set in my ways, it really makes plain old EVP sound like old news, doesn’t it?  I have so much to learn still…

So, I’m curious. Lately I’ve heard from many people with stories of crossed over loved ones making contact or communicating from the other side. How many of you have an agreement with your loved ones on if and how you’ll make contact after you die? This is sometimes called After Death Communication (ADC). Anyone who knows me knows that I’m going to make contact however I can. I’ll be trying everything! Facebook, cell phones, lights, dishes, garage doors, toasters, pinching butts, etc. But… I’m going to place emphases on items that are on or near night stands.

What about you?



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7 responses to “Do You Have a Plan for Afterlife Communication?

  • Marilyn Painter

    I’m going to teach my children telepathy/mediumship, so we can always stay in communication; in physical and spirit. Its quick and effective, well once they get proficient at it 😉 Telepathy is much like mediumship- communication sent via energy frequency with your sensory inputs as translators/receivers of the communication.

  • Patrick

    How lucky to be a member of your family! 🙂 Or… people could check out your classes!

  • Randall Keller

    I have an agreement with my sister to try and communicate somehow. We, as you might suspect, are planning on pushing that old-fashioned, out-dated EVP avenue, but I plan on keeping my eyes open as well – all three of them. Problem is, of course, identifying her accurately, but wht one believes is not always what one is willing to champion in public, so… I actually believe I’ve heard from her already. I hope she keeps trying though. Nice entry, Patrick.

  • Paranormalogistically

    I don’t have a particular plan but I do intend to try everything I can to communicate. I agree that night stand objects are a great place to focus.

  • LeeAllenHoward

    I don’t have an agreement with anyone yet, but I like your pinching butts idea… 😉

  • Dayna

    My Sister Diane and I had an agreement ….. whoever was to leave this world first was to “contact” the other with a code word ……
    Diane passed away a day before my birthday 1994, and I have yet to experience anything from her
    And what is a little strange, I can’t remember my dreams since she passed.
    I was a vivid dreamer and always recalled my dreams !
    So I wonder why there has been no contact and why I have no memory of my dreams since then ??
    I was raised as a spiritualist and many members of my family were mediums and clairvoyants
    My Aunt Rae, who passed in 1996, was a spiritualist minister, and held high respect through the spiritualist churches …… I was hoping maybe I would hear something from her also, but nothing.
    all of of my immediate family has passed now and I am still hoping for contact
    If anyone has any insight into this, I welcome all replies

    Thank you for forming this page, as it has helped me and many others

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