Are you sure you want to know?

Are you a serious paranormal investigator or researcher? Maybe you’re an experiential paranormal investigator who is in it for the fun and excitement (and the guided ghost tour that comes with it). Perhaps you are the paranormal’s biggest fan and enjoy following and promoting the latest research and news. Even if you don’t fit into one of these camps, you are most likely at least curious in this moment about the paranormal. After all, you landed on a page named “The Big Séance”.  

I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people involved in the paranormal are in it because they want proof… proof of life after death… proof of alien life… proof of Sasquatch… proof of fairies (I just rolled my own eyes). Or maybe they’re just looking for answers. Is my loved one trying to contact me? Was that dream real or just sleep entertainment? Of course then there are the people who either claim they have that proof, or they just know and they don’t need anyone to tell them one way or the other. Thanks to science and hard-core skeptics, the ultimate proof and complete explanation of paranormal experiences and phenomena will probably never happen in my lifetime… or at least it probably won’t be widely accepted. 

This week I heard someone propose these questions.

What happens if we find that proof? What happens if suddenly all of our paranormal questions are answered?

What will all the paranerds in the world do then? What would one watch on SyFy or A&E? Suddenly this blog and others like it would be filled with only facts. Facts are kind of boring, wouldn’t you say? There would be no mystery… no curiosity… no excitement of the journey! And gosh, what would I do when October and Halloween comes around again? I’d have to come up with a new past time. People keep talking about this Pinterest stuff. Maybe I could start a stamp collection! (After all, one of these days people won’t know what they are!)

So I got to thinking about this quite a bit in the last few days. I’m all for finding more answers. I think the world needs them now. But I’m not sure I want ultimate proof of everything right now while I’m here on Earth. I don’t want to cross over while uneventfully and absent-mindedly walking past all those beautiful temples while catching up on the messages and status updates that I missed while on Earth on my Afterlife iPhone. (I’d hate to fall in one of those beautiful fountains.) And how insulted would my passed loved ones and pets be if they were there with banners and party hats waiting to greet me and I simply said “Catch ya later. I’m going to go take a nap” while forgetting about my life review appointment? I’m not cool with having all the answers provided to me now. That would be like cheating on the test, right? I want to be a little surprised. 



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Patrick Keller is an educator, blogger, and the host of the Big Séance Podcast, which is a place for paranerds to have an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts and hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics and mediums, and life after death. He’s the founder of the now inactive Missouri Spirit Seekers and has spent a lot of time experimenting with spirit communication tools and techniques, such as EVP. Patrick also has a passion for spending hours at a time in cemeteries and loves cemetery photography. Visit! View all posts by Patrick Keller

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  • Maria Laing

    Very good point!! I have noticed many more investigators, psychics and mediums showing up on the internet, face book, and grief groups on facebook, where I wandered after the unfortunate passing of my son.. I do not know how many of them are genuine or reliable. I have had suspicion in a couple cases. I, who am not a psychic,nor a medium, thought for a while it would be rather fun to have those abiities, and “know” things. However, I now think differently. I can hardly keep all my own thoughts and affairs in order, let alone those of the spirit world!! I’d be very selfish, wanting to hear just from my own son!!! Otherwise, especially after reading about the many travels of some mediums, and the pile of work investigators take upon themselves, I just want to be in the comfort of my home, follow your honest and dependable posts, and listen to my own thoughts, and maybe a few of my own voices….as some one put it….regarding the voices: they already know know there! I’ll stay in my own neighborhood, and let you, Patrick, and others, do the work and I’ll enjoy the suspense. If I get to the otherside first…I’ll roll up my sleeves and help out from there on my free data plan iphone and twitter!! You’ll be hearing from me from there!!!! 🙂

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