Okay this post was inspired by a conversation I just had with a friend. He had an experience at work recently where he saw a full-blown apparition of a woman dressed in a period late 1800s dress. This was a shop, and so he naturally greeted the woman and asked how he could help her. She looked at him and vanished before his eyes. This isn’t something he’s comfortable with, in fact he’s terrified by it and wants nothing to do with it. Soon after this experience he heard from his supervisor who claimed to have seen the same apparition during a similar experience. 

I tried to comfort him. But sometimes it is difficult because as a paranerdal person I totally don’t get why he wasn’t totally excited! And of course, I’m extremely jealous!

Have you ever seen a full-blown apparition? Were you scared? Excited? Please share your story. And since I’ve never seen one (other than the spirit of my very first dog), please tell me where and when to show up so that I can see it too! 


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  • LeeAllenHoward

    I’ve never seen a complete apparition with my eyes, but I heard an audible voice once. I was sorting through some computer magazines, looking for an article I needed to write a proposal for a job I was trying to win. I was tossing the older magazines in the trash. When I got to one, I heard someone behind me say, “Don’t throw that one away.” Startled, I turned around, and no one was there. I looked through the magazine, and it contained an article with key information I needed. I wrote the proposal and won the job. Thanks for the link to my post, Patrick! 🙂

    • Patrick

      Very cool story, Lee! I’ve only had one experience similar to that one… I heard the voice of my dad clearly (I’m assuming in my head). He shouted my name exactly like he does when he needs to get my attention. My parents live 3 hours away and so I quickly called home. Very much alive… so I’m not sure what that was all about. Incidentally, my mom had almost the same experience… within a few hours of each other! Oh… and you’re welcome. 🙂

  • Ash

    What do you define as a “full blown apparition” anyway??? Do they have to look like a real live person standing right in front of you? I’ve only seen one that I actually mistook for a live person (I thought it was my roommate at the time) but I’ve caught bits and pieces of others, I’ve seen shadow people and I’ve seen the fuzzy energy people – do the latter count as ‘full body’ or do you actually have to be able to make out features, etc. ?

    • Patrick

      For the record, I would be impressed to see any of those things! 🙂 Give me a story of any kind of apparition.

      • Ash

        Well the most recent one was back in October. I woke up in the middle of the night b/c a candle had fallen out of the candlestick and off of a shelf into the floor – the sound woke me and I caught approximately 1/3 of a person standing next to my bed LOOKING AT ME as they were poofing away… I could see the shape of the right side of the face, the right shoulder and part of the upper torso, but it was an orange, glowy energy sort of thing.

        I’ve seen three “fuzzy energy people” over the years – all of them in my own home, wherever that was at the time. I’ve seen a shadow person once. And I’ve seen two regular, solid appearing people walking by my bathroom door (in different houses).

        Every single time I’ve ever seen anything it’s always been in my own house, wherever I was living at the time.

  • thupancic

    I saw Teodora Olivas at the Olivas Adobe before I knew who she was or what she looked like. I thought she was real for a moment, but when she disappeared, it was pretty clear I had seen a ghost. She was angry because my significant other had ‘relieved himself’ on her famous fuchsia plant. I discovered who it was I had seen on another visit to the Olivas, while I was leafing through a history book on the site. I gasped when I saw her picture. The whole thing was very, very strange but also very exciting. I believe in the last five years, I have only seen three apparitions. But who knows how many I have seen without realizing it!

  • Connie Meckes

    In the 80s i Thought one night my 4 yr old daughter and I were going to get hurt… Some man was standing in the hall outside my bedroom…. My daughter said mommy who is that? Finally I looked at him after minutes of trying to ignore , and he smiled at me and vanished… Scared the ….. Out of me ! I didn’t recognize him

    Strange stuff out there for sure…. I think the strangest was again in the 80s I had my 4 yr old daughter push on my bed at 6 am… I sat up and talked to her asking if she needed anything the normal mommy stuff etc… She never answered me, so I reached over to wake up my hubby and she turned her head watching and vanished in front of me ! I ran in her room to find her peacefully sleeping… My daughter said sounds like a doppelgänger

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