Bring Out the Fire…

Because I know I have several readers that are either into, or experts in the area of dreams, at some point this week I was planning on describing a dream a friend and neighbor of mine shared with me recently. Shortly after that conversation, I had an interesting and similar dream. This was all a couple of weeks ago. But last night I had a dream like I’ve never had before. Because of its strangeness (or goofiness?), and because I don’t want to forget details, I’ll push pause on the other dream post and share the latest one. I’m not even sure how to present it to you today, really. Are you sitting down?

By the way, I’m assuming the details that I am able to remember now was the end of a dream. I don’t know how it all started.

I was apparently watching a movie. The camera angle was high in the sky and panning over a setting that looked like Oregon coastline. There was a large and beautiful dinosaur… FIGURE SKATING… on what seemed to be lightly frozen waters. Like a movie where a child runs out onto a frozen pond and you cringe because you just know the ice isn’t incredibly solid, I feared for the life of this giant creature. Was it an animated film? I’m not sure. It seemed very real to me. But even though I was uncomfortable and fearing the ice would break, the dramatic 1990’s Alan Menken-like Disney pop score (bring on Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson) soared beautifully as the elegant dinosaur made large figure eights on the ice. You could see every cut created by the giant ice skates. It seemed like the ending of a movie where you expect the credits to roll any second. Still concerned for the dinosaur, I wondered if we were being fooled and the dinosaur was going to crash through the ice. But the music score was beautiful and emotional and didn’t hint at any danger. I could even hear the melody and lyrics to the chorus being repeated over and over… “Bring out the fire.”

That’s when I woke up. And like my previous posts about being so excited about realizing I had been reading in my dreams, I was so very impressed with the fact that I could still hear the melody and the lyrics. I don’t remember it at the moment, but lying in bed this morning, the melody was stuck in my head for quite a while. I’m absolutely sure it’s a melody that doesn’t exist. I’d never heard it before. And “Bring out the fire”… what’s that about?

Just before writing this post, I searched “Bring out the fire” on Google. There were tons of links to what is apparently a very popular Usher song, titled More, that includes “bring out the fire” as part of the lyrics. I listened to the song. I’d never heard it before and it didn’t seem anything like the song in my dream. Also, just minutes ago I Googled “Peabo Bryson” to make sure I was spelling the name correctly above and one of the first links was a video for a 1978 Peabo Bryson song with the title Feel the Fire. Weird.


So there you have it. Do any of you hear newly composed music with lyrics in your dreams? And do you wake up singing it? I really should have recorded myself singing it into a recorder so I’d have it, but that seemed embarrassing. 🙂

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14 responses to “Bring Out the Fire…

  • Brandie Sellers

    Weird how you found that song! I wonder what it all means??? If I come up with anything, I’ll let you know.

  • deborahjhughes

    That is certainly a very cool dream, Patrick! It must be filled with metaphor. What you need to determine is what dinosaurs represent to you. It was doing the impossible…skating on thin ice and not falling through! Very symbolic! I’ve heard music while in deep meditation but I don’t recall lyrics in dreams. It must be important…something for you to stay alert to. Maybe your answers are in the searches you are doing. Would like to know what you come up with! Thanks for sharing.

    • Patrick

      Nothing yet, Deborah… but I usually only remember dreams on the weekends. 🙂 But I like to think that reading in my dreams and hearing the music in my dreams is some kind of progress that I’m working toward. I hope, anyway. You guys are so good with this symbolism. I didn’t think of any of this stuff. 🙂

  • Marilyn Painter

    Is your fear interfering with enjoying the beauty and hearing clearly that which you perceive to be impossible but truly is possible within the infinity (figure 8) of this universe?

    Fun Dream 🙂

  • intuitiveone

    Dinosaurs are extinct. Outdated way of thinking or idea comes to mind.
    Ice skating could suggest that you need to trust yourself in your actions or proceed carefully in a relationship.
    Fire can symbolize destruction passion desire
    It may suggest that something old I’d passing and something new is entering into your life.
    Cool dream.

  • Zumapuma

    I came across your posting and thought I’d share what happened to me this morning because I’m creeped out.

    I woke from what had been a pretty cool dream of my childhood toys coming to life and being made whole (new?) again then they floated away happy. There was singing and it was pretty fun, but then there was another song and I saw a black baby doll in the original box like from the store shelf, but the clothes were worn and so was the hair. I woke up scared and crying and went and got a pen and paper and wrote down the lyrics because I assumed it was a song I was remembering and I assumed I could find it on the internet. I didn’t find it though.

    Here are the lyrics I remember:
    I had a little baby doll and it was black like me.
    I loved that little baby doll and I know that she loved me.
    (then I assume some is missing)
    They took me from my bed at night, even though I was just three.
    They tied a rope around my neck and hung me from a tree.
    The sheriff cried when he cut me down and gave me to my family.
    They laid me in a box of wood and then they buried me.
    A stranger man came and took my hand and he said to me,
    One day they’ll know what they have done and all your kind will be free.

    I’m white and the dream was set some in a house I lived in in New Orleans, late 60’s early seventies, when I was 7-15 years old. I called my Mom and she confirmed that I’d never had a black doll and she didn’t recognize the tune and certainly not the lyrics.

    Of course, dreams aren’t generally literal so I’m wondering what the meaning was here. I keep hoping though someone will recognize the lyrics and it will be just a matter of a memory come to me in a dream and not me writing crazy songs in my sleep. UGH!

  • Zumapuma

    Hi Patrick:
    Thank you for posting for me. I too am disappointed that no one posted a comment, but life moves on. Love your site!


  • sara

    Patrick, the dinosaur is you. The dream was trying to tell you that you need to stop with the fears and concerns and just live your life like the dinosaur.

  • sara

    that is why the clearest message you got was “bring out the fire”. Pretty straight forward.

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