Exciting News! Beyond the Scole Experiment!

The "Scole Hole"

The “Scole Hole”

A few days ago I got some exciting news through a comment right here at The Big Séance. Grant Solomon, one of the authors of The Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death, informed me that the two mediums from the Scole Experiment were not only active again, but getting results. I was also informed that another book that follows the current experiment is in the works. How exciting is that?!

Grant suggested we all check out the following two sites (both on Facebook) to stay updated. 

The Scole Experiment

Beyond the Scole Experiment

I’ve already found a ton of things there to keep me busy for a while. 


Thank you, Mr. Solomon, for stopping by and keeping us informed! 


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16 responses to “Exciting News! Beyond the Scole Experiment!

  • brian

    Hi, I was wondering why the scole experiments claim all the apported objects ( photos exist of the many claimed apports) yet nobody in 5+ yrs thought to set up a video camera to show evidence of the apports appearing from thin air? It would have been a no brainer to set up video cameras to show this but this was never done. Is the reason because this is just one big fraud? I am an open minded skeptic so hoping someone can weigh in with an answer that challenges my skeptical mind.


    • Patrick

      Hi Brian, Sorry it took me so long to comment. I believe some of the later experiments used video cameras. I’m not aware of them having any footage of apports showing up. Their spirit team claimed they needed darkness and no working electrical and lights to work better. It’s a good question, and perhaps apports are easy to be skeptic about. All I can say is the fact that so many members of the Society for Psychical Research worked with and studied their experiments and evidence says a lot. Thanks for visiting!

  • garyrigney

    I must say that all this work is the work of the devil trying to deceive mankine. It is well know that the Bible speaks of demonic beings… They have all kinds of power to do all kinds of works that can not be explained.. It is to draw mankind to doubt the Christian teaching of the Bible.. UFO is another tool the devil uses to put doubt in mankind beliefs.. We all know there is power beyond are understanding and we must not be mislead that there is sprite that can appear and talk, it is the devil doing these things The Bible warns not to practice in these realmes, because the Bible and GOD knows they exsit You must concider this idea of thinking is possablety also, if ruled this option out then your are not being total open minded. Thanks for ready. There is life after death with GOD , and some of you the Devil. DO NOT BE MISGUIDED

    • brian

      Not everyone is a Christian. What does religion have to do with the afterlife? If there is an afterlife are you saying only Christians go there?

      • garyrigney

        That is the problem not everyone is a Christian. And do not understand what is really happen in this world And religion has everything to do with afterlife as the Bible states.. It is eveident that you have not read the Bible. The Bible is the only the oldest and most accurate book every written as science has proven it to be true 99.9 %.. No not only Christians are going to the after life but sinners also,,Only diff. is Christians will be with God and sinners will be with the devil. The Bible is not just a religion book but a book of history and the furture which has been 99.9 true till this day and time., so why not consider it.. All the wars, weater storms getting worst, and demos preforming works is all predicted in the Bible ans is all coming true.. If you have a open mind you must consider it as a possablity, You have to mind to believe anything you like. But the devil has been here from the beginng and can make you believe that there spirtes from the past talking to you from the dead the Bible warns of these deception. Have you every seen a demo possesed a person and talk thru them it happes all the time as the Bible states.. And somepeople who claim to talk to the dead is being lead by the devil and info givining to them of the past..How does a book over 2,000 years old know that this would happen …God knows all and had it written in the Bible. That is why he warned us to beware of false teaching.He knows we can be mislead to the wrong belifes of demos and spirts of the devil.There is a Higher Power then man can understand that controls everthing. I have seen UFO and I know that they are not from another world. It is the devil putting doubt in mankins mind.. You dont have to be a christian to read the Bible , It will answer all your question of life and afterlife..Of course in not a study of afterlife that man has done which is subject to mans narrow understanding of the universe but the truth of GOD the Lord on all..Take you pick ,, your afterlife location in heaven or hell depends on it.. BUT KNOW THIS, DEAD PEOPLE DO NOT TALK TO THE LIVING IT IS THE DEVILS WORK ,,,THRU MAN ..Why do you think there is a bible if there is no GOD there would not be the need of the bible and if there was no devil then why are all these demonic things happen ???? he want you sole and does not want you to beleive in the bible ,, surly you can understand that if not tell me of proof there is no God You can’t.

      • brian

        Gary, no offense but you would offend many if not most people with your drivel.

    • Patrick

      Gary, I respect your opinion… but I disagree with just about all of it. I grew up very much a part of the church and for many years worked for several of them as a professional musician. (By the way… love the music on your blog.) By the time I got out of college I decided I was tired of the dogma and the fear that religion and churches falsely create just to control masses. In many cases, I was tired of the hate being preached from the pulpit. I got to know some really nice people in churches, but a whole lot of not so nice people, too. And the Bible? Well.. there’s some good stuff in there. There’s also some really cracked out stuff in there since it was written by “sinners” years after the death of Jesus. Things were edited… taken out… added… Might as well be a People Magazine… but historical, that’s for sure… and an interesting book with some good ideas. As I’ve gotten older and learned to think for myself, and after doing a lot of research and reading on spiritual and paranormal topics, I’m far closer to God now than I’ve ever been.

    • Maria Laing

      Gary, why are you on this site at all if these are YOUR beliefs?

      • Mat

        Great blog you have on the Scole/Norfolk experiment. I hope to get similar results in Australia. Interesting that people make time to comment on something they don’t agree with! such is life

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  • Maria Laing

    As always, great work you are doing!! Keep it up!

  • Glenn

    Gary, go thump your bible somewhere else.

    The afterlife has nothing to do with religion or notions of “God’.

  • brian

    Are they just trying to make money of their books and dvds? No scientific controls were applied to these experiments so they are not evidence of anything.

  • pranaviewaustralia

    Also very hard explain a non-linear phenomenon in linear language. Always has been an issue. In a faraday cage would be interesting.

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