Just Checking In… Planning for a Conversation with Spirits…

Just wanted to check in this evening. Nothing too put-together or organized since a lot is on my mind. 


Image from wallpaperscraft.com

Image from wallpaperscraft.com

At the moment I’m preparing for an out-of-town paranormal investigation scheduled for this weekend. For this investigation we hope to communicate with what many believe are the spirits of a man and a friendly young girl. I hate going into an investigation without details and history, but not much is known right now. The property is around 150 years old, four levels, and lots of character. We’ll also be bundling for a frigid winter evening with no power for much of the investigation. Exciting, right? Not knowing much back story, it is interesting trying to plan for a meaningful spirit conversation. What to ask… what to ask… I also enjoy planning for and using trigger music in an investigation, but I’m not sure what decades or styles to choose. With any luck, we’ll get live requests. 

Everyone have a great weekend!


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