Deathbed Visions…

Carla Wills-Brandon

Carla Wills-Brandon

Today I listened to an interview of the author, Carla Wills-Brandon, regarding her expertise in the area of deathbed or departing visions. This is when the dying begin seeing or communicating with spirits, entities, or passed loved ones that the living can’t see (in most cases). These very real visions have been known to comfort the dying, and in some cases it is an invitation for them to go ahead and cross over. This specific topic doesn’t always hold my attention, but I thought the author was fascinating. What makes her more interesting is that she is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is the author of twelve books, but several of them are related to deathbed visions and/or the afterlife. She had great energy and seemed to really know her stuff. I could have listened to her speak all day and I plan on grabbing at least one of her books. You can find more information about Carla in the related article below. 

I’m curious… do my readers have any experiences with deathbed visions? Did the dying feel reassured or comforted by the visit? Were you aware of just who was joining or assisting them? I feel we can probably learn a lot from them. Some believe they are merely hallucinations. What are your thoughts? 

I’d love to share an experience, if I had one… Please share yours! 🙂 


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14 responses to “Deathbed Visions…

  • Randall Keller

    One of the more fascinating subjects, actually. I have heard Ms. Wills-Brandon before (altho I can’t remember exactly which blog talk radio show it was), and I agree that she was enjoyable and carried the show well. I have no experiences to report, but every one I hear about seems so genuine that I’m convinced the experience must be real. My own experiments with CEV have me ready to believe that spirits are quite capable of directly communicating visually in a personal way – these deathbed reports seem the perfect avenue for it. It’s times like this when I wish reading were easier for me. I may have to look for an union version of some of her books. Can’t wait to hear your review!

  • Randall Keller

    I meant to say “audio version” not “union version.” Sigh…

  • Sally Kirchoff

    Hello Carla… This is a very interesting subject. I noticed my passing grandma, who seemed to come to a real peaceful place before “letting go.” It seemed that she woke up slightly with a light on her face. Suddenly, she slowly looked over to the corner of the room, lifted up her arms towards that corner, and slightly smiled. Just at that moment, she was gone. She had a look of relief on her face as her spirit left the room. She never remarried and was very much in love with her husband. If I was to surmise, I believe him coming for her. I do have other afterlife stories, but they really do not purtain to what can transpire on the dying bed.

    • Patrick

      An amazing story, Sally. As a person who hasn’t experienced a lot of death, I find this information fascinating. By the way, I’m starting her latest book this evening! Thank you for stopping by.

  • Sally Kirchoff

    I meant “I believe he was coming for her.” Double SIGH!! 🙂

  • Ash

    Timely subject. I was just reading “Fringe-ology” and the first chapter discusses Elizabeth Kubler Ross and some of her stories of death bed visions that she accumulated somewhat by accident while studying the dying.

    I’ve yet to have my own tale to tell, though my grandfather is in the hospital as we speak. Perhaps when he goes, we’ll see.

  • Maria Laing

    I was with my grandfather when he passed, but he appeared unconscious and I did not discern spirit, his nor others. I am reminded of the account of the passing of Steve Jobs,”Oh WOW,….” he exclaimed, maybe three times…. I have no difficulty imagining it being real because I have seen the manifestion, in full bodily form, of my adult son after he passed. It was a remarkable gift because when he passed over, his body was never found….he was lost to the sea. The appearance of him was a confirmation for me…and I fully expect that, if he is in the “neighborhood”, and not off on some further great adventure he was known for, that he shall be there to greet me when I leave this body behind. Thank you for this post. I look forward to knowing more about her.

  • LeeAllenHoward

    I don’t have any personal stories to share, but I have read of some. Many relate that departed loved ones come to greet and escort them after they pass on. Now I’m off to Amazon to add something to my wish list…!

  • Patty Ballance

    You may not remember when great grandma died, but Timmy and I sat with her for days and were aware of all her visits !!! She had at least 10 that I csm remember and we started to write them down. Her main visitor was her Aunt Marie your great great great aunt !! She would follow her all over the room with her eyes and when she would stat to leave she would call out to her aunt Marie, aunt Marie .
    So I know that lioved ones come for you and it was sad to see her struggle, but felt good that she was seeing loved family members. It is something I’ll neger forget.
    Bill had nothing like this, just quiet and peaceful so I don’t know why some and not others.

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