EVP/Ouija/Spirit Box Session: “Ouija… Board”

As promised, I want to keep my readers posted on this last session. On the late afternoon of December 26th, 2012 I held another Ouija board session, once again incorporating the spirit box and recording it all on a digital audio recorder. This would be the first time I held a Ouija session on my own. Other than Meril (my four-legged son), no one was in the house. And no, his paws are not allowed on the planchette. After a very brief meditation and stating my respectful intentions, the session began and lasted about 25 minutes. 

The conversation on my end went pretty much like one of my typical EVP sessions with a few added questions specifically aimed at the topic of the Ouija. I also made sure to ask for any feedback or suggestions on how to make the communication more successful.


The results?



Once again there was no communication via the Ouija board. 

I encouraged any spirit present to also communicate through standard EVP and my audio recorder. Other than one small instance where there is an unintelligible and very soft possible response that may or may not be paranormal, no voices were captured. 

For the second half of the session I turned on the spirit box and continued to wait for a response through the Ouija board. The radio waves were very active with chatter, but at one point in the recording I can hear a possible response of “spirit”. Later, after I asked “What am I touching?” I can make out a fuzzy robot-like “Ouija… board”. A response like this (since my brain is wanting to hear “ouija board” anyway) could easily be pareidolia (matrixing), but I’m open to the possibility.

"Ouija... Board"

“Ouija… Board”

Thoughts? Opinions?

Seemed like a perfectly good excuse to share a picture of my handsome son.

Seemed like a perfectly good excuse to share a picture of my handsome son.

Oh… and I almost forgot. Toward the very end of the session while the spirit box was buzzing away, Meril growled as he stared down the steps to the lower level. It is pretty unusual for him to growl inside randomly so it caught me off guard. There were no relevant spirit box responses and there was no movement from the board. This may have been nothing, or possibly he was distracted by the spirit box itself, but I felt it was worthy of mentioning. 


Due to life and work I’ve definitely not been regularly conducting spirit communication experiments in the last several months, but when I have I’ve been disappointed, for the most part. I’m trying to keep my spirits up (no pun intended).

Until next time…


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8 responses to “EVP/Ouija/Spirit Box Session: “Ouija… Board”

  • Dar Perry-Counts

    I can definitely hear “Ouija Board.”

  • notsofancynancy

    Ouija boards scare the heck out of me. We had one when I was young and I could not sleep in the house until the thing was out of there. Do be careful but then I am sure you are!

  • Lilla

    No Ouija board could hurt anyone. Most stories are due to the fact that people adore to shake with fear and to make others shake with fear… 🙂 I could also hear the ‘oujia board’ – as if a child would have uttered it. Nice.

    • Patrick

      Thanks, Lilla! As you probably know, I’m skeptical of many spirit box responses because it is just too difficult (for me) to tell the difference between normal radio wave chatter and actual “responses”… but sometimes you get those that just stand out… as if right on cue. 🙂

  • Matt Coole

    Well, I find this very interesting. I have a first hand experience with a O-board with a friend 15 years ago. It is still very vivid in my mind, and although one needs to “see it to believe it” , please know that these do work. I even threw my board into a dumpster after 3 days because I could.t sleep with it in my apt lol!

    • Patrick

      Thanks for all of the visits today, Matt! I have no doubt at all that they work… I’m just waiting for some experiences of my own. But there is plenty of documentation and research with positive and very spiritual communication through the board. That’s why I haven’t been using it a lot. I wait till I’m in just the right place and light. I don’t have a lot of worries about it… but I try to be safe.

  • Sheryl Wright Stinchcum

    Before I became a Christian, I owned a Ouija board. It was in the house. I used it briefly once. After I became a Christian, I asked a preacher if it was wrong to have a Ouija board. He showed me DEUTERONOMY 18: 9-14, which condemns the practice of consulting spirits, etc. After that, I burned the Ouija board.

    Within a week, I saw several manifestations of evil. For example, a disembodied hand appeared in front of me.. Up to that time, I doubted the existence of demons. Not now. Ouija boards, astrology, spiritualists, etc. open the door to the occult.

    The solution is to repent, even if (as in my case) the person using the Ouija board didn’t know that is was wrong. I’ve seen the supernatural. God is the real deal. The occult is a counterfeit. Seek God, not demonic spirits.

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