Investigation Report of a Private Residence in St. Peters, Missouri…

This report has been completed for months but I’ve just now gotten to where I could get the online version done. I learned so much from this investigation. This was my first experience investigating with friend and medium Marilyn Painter. In fact, she invited me onto this case. It was definitely an interesting evening. Thanks, Marilyn!

Click HERE to get to the report. Or you can visit and click on “Investigation Reports & Evidence” from the menu on the left.


Friend and medium Marilyn Painter during the 8/10/12 investigation.


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3 responses to “Investigation Report of a Private Residence in St. Peters, Missouri…

  • Marilyn Painter

    Fantastic report Patrick. This investigation was definitely an experience. It was amazing working with you.

    As a medium, during this investigation I was mostly “hearing” spirit through the use of clairaudience, telepathy, and saw through clairvoyance. Trying to hear spirit through the devices was difficult.

    Mediums calibrate/tune their instrument (physical body and energy) to a high frequency and then are able to perceive spirit communication clearer though a variety of inputs such as visuals, audio, and sensory.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if a device was developed that could also be calibrated to perceive like a medium perceives and possibly project a visual on a screen as a medium sees it clairvoyantly?

    I think I saw on the television series, “House” the doctors using a device that was hooked up to a patient’s brain and images of what the patient was dreaming were projected onto a screen. I wonder if this device exists? Wouldn’t that be amazing to use something like this on a medium in an investigation like this and during readings for clients!

    • Patrick

      I think this was a learning experience for both of us! And actually, this was one of the first times I’d ever used the spirit box outside of some joint investigations with JPRS. I’ve learned a lot about it since then. It takes a lot of practice to be able to tell what to listen to and what to ignore. During analysis I found that you guys were hearing so many things that I only heard later. You all apparently have a great ear for it.

      And about this device that you are picturing… maybe a nice techie person will read this and invent it for us! 🙂

    • Patrick

      But yeah… most equipment used in the paranormal have a lot of flaws… but I think it’s only a matter of time before things change and we have clear two-way communication. I hope I get to see it in my time here on Earth.

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