Getting the Spiritual Story Straight…

If you’re like me, you think of yourself as a pretty spiritual person. Though I have many flaws, I am one who likes to work toward being as enlightened as possible. I’ve written many times about the “spiritual shift” that I went through around five years or so ago. Since then, along with the topics that you read about frequently on this blog, I’ve read about and tried my hand at things like channeling, meditation, astral travel, automatic writing, manifesting, etc. 

I mean no disrespect to some of the blogs I read or to spiritual leaders and authors out there, and I kind of feel funny posting this at all. But… let’s all be honest with ourselves. Do you get frustrated when you read material by psychics or spiritual leaders and realize that many of them have conflicting beliefs, stories, or statements? For example, one may say that I’ll see all of my former pets on the other side. Another says no. One says we can reincarnate as an animal. Another says no. One says when I die “the light” stays with me for a certain number of hours after my funeral. If I stay too long and miss my light then I’m doomed to be earthbound until I catch someone else’s. One says there’s a bridge in that light, but another says it’s a tunnel. And yet another says there is no light at all. When we pass, is there one big afterlife or are there different levels that we’ll be placed in according to how enlightened we are? Do we have 100% free will in this life or did we plan and script it all before we got here? And this next one drives me nuts. There is a popular book about auras and chakras out there. Well… the author no longer supports the information in the book, or even the idea that auras and chakras exist at all. 

And here is the inspiration for this post. Many wise and spiritually enlightened people refer to themselves or others as being “lightworkers”, “mystical travelers”, or “mission-life entities”. I’m not sure if these are just different names for the same thing, but there is a book that I’m reading now that tends to be aimed toward people who accept the mystical traveler role. I’m not feeling the call to accept these positions so I feel a bit guilty. Or maybe since I feel I could never live up to or fit the description of a “mystical traveler” I  just feel like I’m not a member of the club… and so why finish the book? Also, I’m confused. Do you accept these positions in life or on the other side before an incarnation? How does one know if they have been granted one of these titles? (Clearly, none of these belong to me or I wouldn’t be asking.) Is this something you choose to be? And if so, does one make this decision in life or before getting here?

Alright, I know there are too many question marks in this post, but bear with me for just a few more. There have been a few times in the last year or so where I’ve been in conversations with spiritual people, many who I respect and look up to. Sometimes I get corrected or told how something is or isn’t, even though there is clearly conflicting ideas out there. Is all of this spiritual wisdom coming from the same place and just interpreted differently? Or… is this wisdom just strong beliefs and opinions that are formed like anything else?

Even though it’s sad for me to think, my ego sometimes wonders if some of this information is just made up. 

Okay, rant over. I need to get rid of this nasty aura and meditate. 😉 




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12 responses to “Getting the Spiritual Story Straight…

  • Ash

    There are as many ideas and labels out there as there are people to come up with them. I stopped trying to categorize it all a long time ago. In the end, its all the same thing anyway. The “all that is.”

    People will make sense of it however they can, however they feel comfortable, and however their belief system allows them to. So how do you want to see it? That’s what matters.

    It’s important to remember that it’s all a journey – and we continually move down the path. We are constantly learning (rather, remembering) and you can’t be open to learning something new if you can’t first let go of the old. In that sense, sure, you might write something that you learn more about in the future and figure out that what you thought before was wrong. The hardest thing is to never make the mistake of believing you have it all figured out 🙂 But it takes a lot of courage to admit that you’ve moved forward, and not cling to what you once professed as “true.”

    Don’t put stock in the titles people give themselves. They don’t matter. Sure, we all have our reasons for being here, but those only matter to each of us on an individual level . It really doesn’t matter what anyone else wants to call it.

    As far as the life plan – is it choice or is it all planned – it’s both. There’s no limits and very few rules but the way our minds work, we’re constantly trying to put these things in boxes. But you just can’t. You can maybe make a generalization about it, but there will always be exceptions.

    Don’t overthink it. 🙂

  • Maria Laing

    Patrick, I could have written this blog and…have asked all these questions myself…guessing I just don’t belong to the “club” either!!! I can say honestly, I don’t know. It seems the more I read, the more confused I become. I’ve also learned there are a few delusional people out there….

  • Randall Keller

    Sometimes people speak authoritatively simply because its difficult to constantly be mentioning that we’re fallible. Sometimes they believe they’re right so strongly that its almost blasphemy not to insist on the absolute correctness of their position. In todays world, i don’t know how one asserts his or her opinion. Every other time you open your mouth, someone tells you you’re wrong, which of course doesn’t apply to them – ever.

    But in the long run, I’ve always believed you find your own answers through your own experience, and if you have inadequate experience, you make sure you get it. I just think there’s a small voice inside each of us that one day just tells us what is right. And we probably need to listen to that voice more often than we do. But that doesn’t mean our answers are, or ever could be, universal. We are individuals, and this is how we know it, by determining life answers and truths as we find them – when that small voice alerts us, if you will.

    I think we all have different spiritual homes. But we expect all truths to be singular truths, and truths that must sync with every circumstance and person. It might be that all things are possible, and that we determine this possibility through our own devices. Whether you take the bridge or the tunnel means less than whether or not you cross over. And one man’s understanding of spirituality may be restrictive, while someone else’s is all- encompassing, but who can determine what’s truly correct in such things.

    Follow what you learn to be true, I say. Believe what you are able to believe in. And always accept that it’s a process, and that hopefully, one day, you will transcend what you were the day before.

    Or not… 🙂

    • Ash

      “I just think there’s a small voice inside each of us that one day just tells us what is right.”

      lol sometimes that voice is much louder and tells you to figure it out for yourself… at least mine did. “Why are you worried about what everyone else says? Figure it out for yourself. Find what is true to you.”

      I suppose that is the point, isn’t it?

  • Patrick

    Wow… this was a real whiny (sp?) blog post, huh? 🙂 I think it came across a little more melodramatic than I meant for it to be… oh who am I kidding? I AM melodramatic. 🙂 Thank you for the responses. They did make me think. And if middle school children didn’t fry my brain today I’d have a much better response. But I want to make sure and throw this out there. Maria! This is why we get along so well. 🙂

  • Paranormalogistically

    I don’t think any of us will ever know what the truth is “or our personal truth anyway” until we pass out of this physical existence into whatever or wherever is waiting for us. It could be the same for all living things or it could be different for every person and every life form. All opinions are nothing more than speculation. We will all know soon enough so there is no need to over-think it or rush the inevitable… Although I suppose these very questions are why we do this research…that unquenchable need to know the unknowable. My instinct tells me our present mind set in the physical realm…our brains, wouldn’t be able to handle knowing it all.

  • Lilla

    Patrick, this post raises a real question that is a pain to me as well. Thank God, I have already found some of the answers, thus, my world view is somewhat in harmony. But you have every right to pose these questions to any psychic or spiritual person you meet – and you might get different answers from each of them. I guess, this is none other than the versatility of the world: that is, there are certain levels of knowledge – which also applies to the spiritual realm.
    There are different levels there, and human souls can come from any of those levels. There is knowledge apt for beginners who have already stepped on the spiritual path. There is knowledge available for the highest level of heavens – and those human souls who come from those will teach you something else, maybe, something more complicated and more simple at the same time. We, human souls carry both the admixture and the unique – which makes all of us special in different ways.

  • Kris & Del

    Oh, Patrick, a man after my own heart! I suppose the only thing we can be certain of is that no-one knows anything for certain 🙂 That’s where I get frustrated, when people say that ‘this is the right way’, ‘this is how it is’, etc. rather than, ‘this is what I believe, take it or leave it’. It’s exciting exploring it all though, especially nowadays when there’s such easy access to other people’s thoughts, beliefs and practices. 🙂

    • Patrick

      Wow. Do you think I waited long enough to reply? 🙂 Your comment has got me realizing I need to be conscious of making sure I use “this is what I believe” more often. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  • Martha

    I do not know if it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing problems with your site.
    It appears like some of the written text on your posts are running
    off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and
    let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This might be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had
    this happen before. Many thanks

    • Patrick Keller

      Is it still doing it, Martha? I haven’t heard this from anyone else yet. It seems fine on my browsers and from my phone as well. Keep me posted. What web browser are you using? Thanks for keeping me posted.

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