A Very Ouija Thanksgiving…

From our first Ouija session…

So I’ve been hinting for a few months now that I’d be doing some research and some experiments with the Ouija board soon. After reading Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s Ouija Gone Wild and then learning about some pretty amazing Ouija sessions on the Consciousness Travels blog, I realized (and I’m just hoping I’m right) that Hollywood has turned the Ouija into something it is not. Well I’ve had the board for several weeks and have just been waiting for the right day… the right moment to start my next exciting spirit communication journey. 

While going back home and visiting for Thanksgiving, I thought it might be a good time to try it out if the right moment came along. My family makes up most of my MOSS team. They’re used to investigating and participating in my experiments. But most importantly, they know how serious I am and how important this research is to me. So on Thanksgiving night at around midnight, after all of the festivities winded down, I set up for my first Ouija session. 

You can see my setup in the picture above, but in addition I recorded the session with a digital audio recorder, I had a Mel Meter (measures ambient temperature and electromagnetic field) and a spirit box on hand. For those who may not know, a spirit box (sometimes called a “ghost box”) is simply a radio that has been modified to sweep through all of the radio stations on either the AM or FM band at a quick pace. Using a device like this for spirit communication purposes involves a somewhat controversial technique called “radio sweep”, which along with EVP fits under the umbrella of “ITC” (Instrumental Trans-Communication). The spirit box was only used toward the end of the session.

Three of us were involved in the session, but only two of us were at the board at a time while the third monitored the surroundings. We began with our own personal quiet time for meditation. I then stated our intentions and respectfully invited any non-negative spirit to join us for the purposes of learning about the other side and spirit communication in general. (I decided to avoid the popular  “from the light” statement because sometimes I feel this can kill an experiment right off the bat.) I was open and honest about this being our first Ouija session and invited anyone present to give advice or help us with our technique. We asked several times if anyone was present with us and then waited. We received no answers through the board, however, there were multiple instances where the light fixture overhead (set to be very dim) flickered. It is not exactly unusual for lights to flicker in my parents’ house, but not usually this many times in such a short period. Also, my mother has never noticed the flickering with this particular dining room overhead light fixture. Several of the flickers seemed to happen within seconds of each question, especially the “Is there anyone with us?” questions. We noted the flickering and moved on with other various questions and received no answers. That’s when we turned on the spirit box. 

I’ve used my spirit box in a few paranormal investigations, and although I continue to be openly skeptical about how people use or interpret it, I feel there is a good chance I’ve had some legitimate spirit communication through the device in those situations. In my experiments at home I haven’t had the same experience. This may have been the case with our Thanksgiving Ouija session. After asking for anyone present to introduce themselves, we heard a pretty significant response that sounded like “Bubba”. Other than that moment, I don’t feel like we had any significant or paranormal responses through the spirit box. 

Regarding the Mel Meter, no unusual EMF or temperature readings were noted. 

Were we disappointed? Sure. I was completely prepared to type out the transcript for you in this post. But paranormal investigators get used to things being quiet and boring for most of the time. And sometimes, paranormal or not, the simple light flickers are pretty exciting. I still intend to analyze the audio eventually, and perhaps we captured an entity who preferred to communicate that way instead. If this is the case, you’ll hear about it.  

I’d love to get feedback or suggestions from some of my readers who are experienced in this form of spirit communication. Just so you know, my future Ouija sessions are likely to be conducted by myself. I’m not sure when the next one will be, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

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9 responses to “A Very Ouija Thanksgiving…

  • Maria Laing

    Great work and good reporting! I, too, think the flickers were significant….of…something, someone…? I eagerly await further reports!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Patrick

      Thanks, Maria! I always look forward to your comments. 🙂 I’m definitely going to make sure my mom takes note of whether the flickers happen anymore or in the near future.

  • Bill T

    Personally, I don’t like Ouija boards. I believe they have the ability to open a portal to something or someone we don’t understand and if need be, control. It think it can be very intriguing and risky at the same time. Just my .02. Good luck.

  • Randall Keller

    Good luck and fingers crossed.

  • Kris & Del

    I was really excited to hear that you’d decided to go ahead with your own Ouij experiments. It’s definitely worth persevering – the first time we tried it (several years ago) we got nothing. Now it’s a regular fixture in our spiritual explorations and development. We’ve never had any ‘energy’ try to cause us harm or control us in anyway. We have amazing, loving, wise guides coming through that only have our best interests at heart (we can tell this by the nature of their communications). We love our Ouija (and channelling) communications and would recommend it to anyone who wants to connect with either their higher selves, or their guides. Thanks, Patrick for being such a pioneer for all things paranormal! 🙂

  • Matt Coole

    Patrick have you had any more sessions?

    • Patrick

      I have unfortunately only had two sessions, but as I said in a reply a few minutes ago, I have been very careful to make sure it’s just the right moment and the right atmosphere and timing before I get it out. I’ve also been busy getting caught up with investigations and such. One of these days I’ll get to another one… and I’ll keep everyone posted.

  • Marius de Jess

    Dear Patrick Keller, thanks for a very interesting website.

    I like to propose to you to do a serious systematic investigation on the messages and phenomena connected with the Ouija board and also the spirit box.

    You collect all messages, and phenomena i.e., perceptible events like humans’ behavioral actions and physical occurrences like planchette flying off the table, you get the idea, and arrange them so that people can see whatever rhyme or reason be in them, some patterns, from which we can derive some regularities to them.

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