Telephone Calls from the Dead…

Have you received a phone call from the dead? Have you heard stories from someone else who has? If you did, was there an actual conversation? When did you realize you were speaking to a dead person? Was it before or after the conversation? Was anyone else there to witness it? Were you asleep when the phone rang? Can you say for sure that you actually heard the phone ring? Can the phone company trace or provide a record of the call? And maybe you missed the call. Was there a voice mail? Did the phone call serve as some kind of warning of an emergency? Did the experience fall on the anniversary of a specific event? Just think of the research that would be involved with documenting and proving (or not) that this phenomena is real and exists. Just like EVP and other forms of spirit communication, it is next to impossible to plan and analyze these phone calls in laboratory conditions. But don’t worry. Callum “Cal” Cooper (currently pursuing doctoral research in psychology and parapsychology at the University of Northampton in the UK) did all of the work for you. But there’s more work to do and something tells me he’s not done. 

From the back of the book and the author’s website:

There are potentially hundreds of people who have experienced bizarre events of Telephone Calls from the Dead, and much like ghosts, and any other parapsychological phenomena, they appear to be highly common. Once all explanations have been considered, psychological and physical, are we genuinely faced with the reality of contact with the dead and evidence for survival?

This question has been asked before, and was investigated back in 1979, in a book entitled Phone Calls from the Dead, written by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless. For many years, this subject has remained dormant, until now. 

Author, Cal Cooper
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I really enjoyed reading and learning about the past research that Cooper covers in the book. Several times I’ve passed up the opportunity to read the book by Rogo and Bayless. But since Cooper takes over where Rogo and Bayless left off, I really feel like I got two books in one. Like many of my books, this will be one that I will stick on the shelf and probably refer to often.

If you’ve heard Cal speak, you know he has some interesting things to say. As I’ve mentioned before, he seems young, hip, and handsome, and I can’t help but wonder and get excited for what he’ll bring to the future of parapsychology.

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7 responses to “Telephone Calls from the Dead…

  • Maria Laing

    This is great! I will be getting this book for sure! Thanks for the review and very good line of questions covered. I do know one woman who got an actual call from her deceased son. It was not a text. She said it was without a doubt the voice of her son! Since I have no reason to doubt her sincerity, I can only say “Awesome” !!!! The possibilities are endless!!! Thanks!!! Bless you!

  • dervish

    hi patrick, your post aroused my interest in Cal Cooper’s work. However, none of the links on his website homepage actually open. i know you can’t do much about it but wondered how you accessed the information on his site. Will surely be picking up that book. Enjoy your blog as well. Thanks for all the interesting information here…

    • Patrick

      Thanks for the compliments! Regarding Cal’s site, I’m noticing that there are a few links on his “parapsy” and “publications” tabs that don’t seem to function. Otherwise, I haven’t had a problem getting around on his site. I can access the book, photos, links, etc. Maybe it was a temporary problem? Thanks for visiting!

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  • Matt Coole

    Very interesting! I actually hav a cell phone story also. It wasn’t a call, but a text. I actually saved the text for months. I was afraid to delete it, but eventually did. Let me know if you would ever like to hear the story. It happened in 2009.

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