When an Investigation Erupts with Excitement…

My father taking a break for some silliness during the investigation.

This evening I was going through some old investigation evidence when I came upon some clips that made me start thinking about those exciting moments in an investigation. Those moments when a boring night erupts with excitement! Those moments when a personal experience is burned in your memory. Some of these experiences with our team have included being touched, getting that charged feeling where every hair on your arms and neck stand up. Or when something in the air just changes… gets thicker. You know, sometimes the excitement doesn’t necessarily have to involve anything paranormal at all. 

I thought I would share a few audio clips from one of our more memorable investigations. This will give you an idea of just how quickly things can start moving and shaking all at once. You have to be prepared, you have to be on your toes, and you have to avoid that “Dude. Run!” moment. This investigation remains undisclosed, but I can tell you that it is a large facility that was built in the 1940s. Most of the paranormal claims and reports from this location are believed to be connected with the documented suicide of a young man in the 1970s.

After a rather long setup, our investigation started at 10:07pm. Our evening was starting out pretty quiet with no excitement, other than some general nervousness about visiting the tucked away and rarely visited dark and uncomfortable location of the suicide. Well that experience (at least the first visit for the evening) came and went with nothing too eventful happening. Then after reorganizing teams and splitting up again, the building suddenly exploded with noises and activity at around 11:30pm. 

Unfortunately, because of the undisclosed status, I cannot include video or photos from this experience. For this same reason, in the audio clips below I’ve inserted a tone to indicate where I had to edit or remove portions of the clip for whatever reason.

Here are segments from the final investigation report. 

Right before we began this part of our investigation, it is like the building exploded with noises from the furnace and pipes. Each location of the building had its own unique sounds and bangs. The loudest of the bangs seemed to be coming from the basement.

[Norman, Cassie, Bailey, and a guest investigator were on their way to the basement for this portion of the investigation]

Making their way down the stairs to the ____ there are incredibly loud bangs coming from the boiler room area & pipes that are heard all over the building. Walking around the corner, Norman sees movement of the boiler room door. He also sees the padlock that was attached to the door swinging slightly. Norman slams the boiler room door and thinks that it is one of the sounds they are hearing. Even though it is a heavy door, it swings smoothly once you get it moving. No one saw it move on its own again. It is not a door that latches. It is a metal door that has to be padlocked shut. It is not clear if there was some kind of draft or suction coming from the boiler room with all of the other banging noises. There was no draft that could be felt, but there was an extreme temperature difference on both sides of the door. It was very hot and muggy in the boiler room. [It is the entrance to this boiler room where during another visit Cassie experienced being touched.]

Investigators later realize that some of the loudest bangs seem to be coming from up in the ceiling outside of the boiler room and ____.

[Only one of the bangs in the below clip is caused by investigators as they experiment with shutting the boiler room door.]

Audio Clip 1

At the same time this is going on, Amy (a guest investigator for the evening) and I are on the main floor talking to Bailey and handing off some equipment before she heads downstairs. We then head down the main floor hallway for the ____. You can hear the noises from the main level and see just how very on edge the noises made everyone. [This was all in complete darkness, by the way.]

Audio Clip 2

As you heard at the end of the above audio clip, Amy decided she couldn’t go on with this part of the investigation. Both of us were a little on edge. There was just so much going on all of a sudden… and we didn’t quite know exactly what it all was yet. We ended up grabbing an additional investigator and entered the location successfully. 


Paranormal or not, I wish every investigation had some of these moments. 



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