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Old School Locker…


I just wanted to show you the early Christmas present I bought myself. This is an old locker from a middle school near my hometown. It probably dates back to the 1950s, but I can’t say that for sure. Although memories are fuzzy, it looks just like the lockers I used when I was in middle school. And actually, at first I thought maybe that’s where it came from since that’s where I found it. But I fell in love with it, anyway. The beautiful old building where I made five years of awkward tween memories no longer exists, but its history has been kind of a fascination of mine for several years now. The upper floor of the building still had the original lockers from the 1920s. I actually wish this locker were older, but apparently antique lockers are pretty hard to find.

You might ask, why in the world would you want an old beaten up locker? Well… a few reasons. I’m a middle school teacher and so “going to school” has been my life from that first day of kindergarten. I’m considering taking it with me to find some creative use for it there. I’m sure my kids will love it. They’ll also be jealous since their lockers now are less than half of this size. You might also recall that I have a cool but nerdy collection of school yearbooks from my hometown. If I find just a few more I’ll have the 1920s pretty much covered, but one of them dates back to 1910.  Anyway, my first thought was that this locker would be a cool place to store those yearbooks. It doesn’t exactly go with any of our decor here, so I suppose I’ll have to think about it. I don’t actually have it in my possession yet. A big thanks goes to my Dad for picking it up today since I’m three hours away. And thanks to the nice people at Missouri River Antique Company in Lexington, Missouri. 

This locker definitely has a story. How many students since the 50s called this metal box home? Talk about major energy. I wonder if anyone will come looking for locker 130? Oh dear… that’ll be a whole other blog post. 🙂 

Getting the Spiritual Story Straight…

If you’re like me, you think of yourself as a pretty spiritual person. Though I have many flaws, I am one who likes to work toward being as enlightened as possible. I’ve written many times about the “spiritual shift” that I went through around five years or so ago. Since then, along with the topics that you read about frequently on this blog, I’ve read about and tried my hand at things like channeling, meditation, astral travel, automatic writing, manifesting, etc. 

I mean no disrespect to some of the blogs I read or to spiritual leaders and authors out there, and I kind of feel funny posting this at all. But… let’s all be honest with ourselves. Do you get frustrated when you read material by psychics or spiritual leaders and realize that many of them have conflicting beliefs, stories, or statements? For example, one may say that I’ll see all of my former pets on the other side. Another says no. One says we can reincarnate as an animal. Another says no. One says when I die “the light” stays with me for a certain number of hours after my funeral. If I stay too long and miss my light then I’m doomed to be earthbound until I catch someone else’s. One says there’s a bridge in that light, but another says it’s a tunnel. And yet another says there is no light at all. When we pass, is there one big afterlife or are there different levels that we’ll be placed in according to how enlightened we are? Do we have 100% free will in this life or did we plan and script it all before we got here? And this next one drives me nuts. There is a popular book about auras and chakras out there. Well… the author no longer supports the information in the book, or even the idea that auras and chakras exist at all. 

And here is the inspiration for this post. Many wise and spiritually enlightened people refer to themselves or others as being “lightworkers”, “mystical travelers”, or “mission-life entities”. I’m not sure if these are just different names for the same thing, but there is a book that I’m reading now that tends to be aimed toward people who accept the mystical traveler role. I’m not feeling the call to accept these positions so I feel a bit guilty. Or maybe since I feel I could never live up to or fit the description of a “mystical traveler” I  just feel like I’m not a member of the club… and so why finish the book? Also, I’m confused. Do you accept these positions in life or on the other side before an incarnation? How does one know if they have been granted one of these titles? (Clearly, none of these belong to me or I wouldn’t be asking.) Is this something you choose to be? And if so, does one make this decision in life or before getting here?

Alright, I know there are too many question marks in this post, but bear with me for just a few more. There have been a few times in the last year or so where I’ve been in conversations with spiritual people, many who I respect and look up to. Sometimes I get corrected or told how something is or isn’t, even though there is clearly conflicting ideas out there. Is all of this spiritual wisdom coming from the same place and just interpreted differently? Or… is this wisdom just strong beliefs and opinions that are formed like anything else?

Even though it’s sad for me to think, my ego sometimes wonders if some of this information is just made up. 

Okay, rant over. I need to get rid of this nasty aura and meditate. 😉 




A Very Ouija Thanksgiving…

From our first Ouija session…

So I’ve been hinting for a few months now that I’d be doing some research and some experiments with the Ouija board soon. After reading Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s Ouija Gone Wild and then learning about some pretty amazing Ouija sessions on the Consciousness Travels blog, I realized (and I’m just hoping I’m right) that Hollywood has turned the Ouija into something it is not. Well I’ve had the board for several weeks and have just been waiting for the right day… the right moment to start my next exciting spirit communication journey. 

While going back home and visiting for Thanksgiving, I thought it might be a good time to try it out if the right moment came along. My family makes up most of my MOSS team. They’re used to investigating and participating in my experiments. But most importantly, they know how serious I am and how important this research is to me. So on Thanksgiving night at around midnight, after all of the festivities winded down, I set up for my first Ouija session. 

You can see my setup in the picture above, but in addition I recorded the session with a digital audio recorder, I had a Mel Meter (measures ambient temperature and electromagnetic field) and a spirit box on hand. For those who may not know, a spirit box (sometimes called a “ghost box”) is simply a radio that has been modified to sweep through all of the radio stations on either the AM or FM band at a quick pace. Using a device like this for spirit communication purposes involves a somewhat controversial technique called “radio sweep”, which along with EVP fits under the umbrella of “ITC” (Instrumental Trans-Communication). The spirit box was only used toward the end of the session.

Three of us were involved in the session, but only two of us were at the board at a time while the third monitored the surroundings. We began with our own personal quiet time for meditation. I then stated our intentions and respectfully invited any non-negative spirit to join us for the purposes of learning about the other side and spirit communication in general. (I decided to avoid the popular  “from the light” statement because sometimes I feel this can kill an experiment right off the bat.) I was open and honest about this being our first Ouija session and invited anyone present to give advice or help us with our technique. We asked several times if anyone was present with us and then waited. We received no answers through the board, however, there were multiple instances where the light fixture overhead (set to be very dim) flickered. It is not exactly unusual for lights to flicker in my parents’ house, but not usually this many times in such a short period. Also, my mother has never noticed the flickering with this particular dining room overhead light fixture. Several of the flickers seemed to happen within seconds of each question, especially the “Is there anyone with us?” questions. We noted the flickering and moved on with other various questions and received no answers. That’s when we turned on the spirit box. 

I’ve used my spirit box in a few paranormal investigations, and although I continue to be openly skeptical about how people use or interpret it, I feel there is a good chance I’ve had some legitimate spirit communication through the device in those situations. In my experiments at home I haven’t had the same experience. This may have been the case with our Thanksgiving Ouija session. After asking for anyone present to introduce themselves, we heard a pretty significant response that sounded like “Bubba”. Other than that moment, I don’t feel like we had any significant or paranormal responses through the spirit box. 

Regarding the Mel Meter, no unusual EMF or temperature readings were noted. 

Were we disappointed? Sure. I was completely prepared to type out the transcript for you in this post. But paranormal investigators get used to things being quiet and boring for most of the time. And sometimes, paranormal or not, the simple light flickers are pretty exciting. I still intend to analyze the audio eventually, and perhaps we captured an entity who preferred to communicate that way instead. If this is the case, you’ll hear about it.  

I’d love to get feedback or suggestions from some of my readers who are experienced in this form of spirit communication. Just so you know, my future Ouija sessions are likely to be conducted by myself. I’m not sure when the next one will be, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks for stopping by.




Telephone Calls from the Dead…

Have you received a phone call from the dead? Have you heard stories from someone else who has? If you did, was there an actual conversation? When did you realize you were speaking to a dead person? Was it before or after the conversation? Was anyone else there to witness it? Were you asleep when the phone rang? Can you say for sure that you actually heard the phone ring? Can the phone company trace or provide a record of the call? And maybe you missed the call. Was there a voice mail? Did the phone call serve as some kind of warning of an emergency? Did the experience fall on the anniversary of a specific event? Just think of the research that would be involved with documenting and proving (or not) that this phenomena is real and exists. Just like EVP and other forms of spirit communication, it is next to impossible to plan and analyze these phone calls in laboratory conditions. But don’t worry. Callum “Cal” Cooper (currently pursuing doctoral research in psychology and parapsychology at the University of Northampton in the UK) did all of the work for you. But there’s more work to do and something tells me he’s not done. 

From the back of the book and the author’s website:

There are potentially hundreds of people who have experienced bizarre events of Telephone Calls from the Dead, and much like ghosts, and any other parapsychological phenomena, they appear to be highly common. Once all explanations have been considered, psychological and physical, are we genuinely faced with the reality of contact with the dead and evidence for survival?

This question has been asked before, and was investigated back in 1979, in a book entitled Phone Calls from the Dead, written by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless. For many years, this subject has remained dormant, until now. 

Author, Cal Cooper
Photo from

I really enjoyed reading and learning about the past research that Cooper covers in the book. Several times I’ve passed up the opportunity to read the book by Rogo and Bayless. But since Cooper takes over where Rogo and Bayless left off, I really feel like I got two books in one. Like many of my books, this will be one that I will stick on the shelf and probably refer to often.

If you’ve heard Cal speak, you know he has some interesting things to say. As I’ve mentioned before, he seems young, hip, and handsome, and I can’t help but wonder and get excited for what he’ll bring to the future of parapsychology.

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Over 50 EVP Samples…

I just wanted to take a few moments to share a page that anyone interested in EVP (electronic voice phenomena) needs to visit. Author and EVP Researcher, Randall Keller (who I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently), has an amazing collection of EVP, and fortunately he has shared over 50 samples with us on his site. Check out his banner below and click on “EVP Samples”.  Then contact him or join the Facebook group (I hang out there frequently) and tell him what you think. Just tell him Patrick sent you and said “Peace”. 🙂


Some Harsh Words for EVP Research…

The following is a portion of a letter from John L. Randall that was sent to Callum E. Cooper and included in his recent book, Telephone Calls from the Dead. This portion actually has more to do with EVP than phone calls from spirits, but it jumped out at me and I flagged it. John L. Randall (who passed away in 2011 not long after writing this) was a biologist and a member of the UK’s Society of Psychical Research. In this letter, Randall was critiquing anomalous phone calls in general. 

“I must confess that I am ninety-eight per cent sceptical when it comes to anything in the field of EVP. I read Raudive’s book when it first came out… I didn’t bother to keep it for my collection. None of his ‘voices’ conveyed anything approaching extended conversation. It struck me that if you are prepared to ransack all the languages of the world you are bound to find a few isolated words which will match up to any random noise on your tape-recorder. By choosing the right language you can even make the ‘voices’ say whatever you want them to say. A noise such as ‘mer’ for example, could be English (a female horse) or French (mother or sea). In playing this game you have plenty of scope for innovation!”


I’ve been finding that I am more critical of EVP than many, but OUCH! Tell us how you really feel! 🙂 



Click HERE for my review of this book. 








Some of my favorite shots…

How about something different tonight. One of my favorite things to do while trying to stay sane during the hours and hours of reviewing investigations is to save video stills of everyone at work. Here are some of my favorites!


Probably my favorite “in action” shot. This is from Fort Chaffee Prison in the maximum security building.

Our bird friend that made our abandoned farmhouse investigation very interesting.

Looks like I’m posing and just being a nerd. However, this is actually a still from a camcorder at the very moment I was ducking to avoid our bird friend who was attempting to go through the doorway at the same time as me and my father. 

This one is also from the abandoned farmhouse. I cannot believe I crawled down into that dark basement.

This is me investigating with Dar and her team (JPRS) at Fort Chaffee Prison.

Dar shares my obsession with capturing lots of cool looking video stills. This is a good one of her from my camcorder while she was conducting a spirit box session at Fort Chaffee Prison.

Medium Marilyn Painter at work in our joint investigation of a private residence.

My mom Linda and my sister Cassie at work during one of our undisclosed investigations.

I absolutely love this shot! This is Cassie and Bailey on one of our very first investigations. Friedens United Church of Christ in Saint Charles, Missouri.

A cool video still of Bailey investigating a private residence.

My father, Norman, during our investigation of an undisclosed museum.

This is Casey during her first investigation with MOSS.

Our team heading upstairs during our investigation of an undisclosed museum.

Another great shot of Casey.

Investigation of a private residence.

Investigation of a private residence.

A peak into command central at a private residence.

Not a video still, but a great memory. During our stay at the Stanley Hotel we were lucky enough to see snow when we woke up one morning.



Carthage Opera House and the Sound of Music…

On the eve the election, it’s very fitting that I present to you….  um… some highlights from an investigation? Sure. Sounds good. 🙂

On Saturday August 4th, I was once again invited by Joplin Paranormal Research Society (JPRS) to be apart of a joint investigation of the Carthage Opera House (or Burlingame and Chaffee Opera House) in Carthage, Missouri. My friends at JHPS were invited as well. It was a very hot night and I remember it well. I have only recently begun reviewing my audio and video, but JPRS is way ahead of me and they’ve found some pretty amazing evidence. Dar has put together some of this evidence in a great video. It makes me really excited to get deep into my review.

For my previous post on Carthage Opera House and a few pictures, click here.

I have to tell you, the video footage of the lightning through the windows is totally mine! 🙂 So you’ll probably see it again when I put my own video together.


Here’s another much longer video that includes some evidence from Spirit Box sessions (Ghost Box). Dar is the Ghost Box master… 



When an Investigation Erupts with Excitement…

My father taking a break for some silliness during the investigation.

This evening I was going through some old investigation evidence when I came upon some clips that made me start thinking about those exciting moments in an investigation. Those moments when a boring night erupts with excitement! Those moments when a personal experience is burned in your memory. Some of these experiences with our team have included being touched, getting that charged feeling where every hair on your arms and neck stand up. Or when something in the air just changes… gets thicker. You know, sometimes the excitement doesn’t necessarily have to involve anything paranormal at all. 

I thought I would share a few audio clips from one of our more memorable investigations. This will give you an idea of just how quickly things can start moving and shaking all at once. You have to be prepared, you have to be on your toes, and you have to avoid that “Dude. Run!” moment. This investigation remains undisclosed, but I can tell you that it is a large facility that was built in the 1940s. Most of the paranormal claims and reports from this location are believed to be connected with the documented suicide of a young man in the 1970s.

After a rather long setup, our investigation started at 10:07pm. Our evening was starting out pretty quiet with no excitement, other than some general nervousness about visiting the tucked away and rarely visited dark and uncomfortable location of the suicide. Well that experience (at least the first visit for the evening) came and went with nothing too eventful happening. Then after reorganizing teams and splitting up again, the building suddenly exploded with noises and activity at around 11:30pm. 

Unfortunately, because of the undisclosed status, I cannot include video or photos from this experience. For this same reason, in the audio clips below I’ve inserted a tone to indicate where I had to edit or remove portions of the clip for whatever reason.

Here are segments from the final investigation report. 

Right before we began this part of our investigation, it is like the building exploded with noises from the furnace and pipes. Each location of the building had its own unique sounds and bangs. The loudest of the bangs seemed to be coming from the basement.

[Norman, Cassie, Bailey, and a guest investigator were on their way to the basement for this portion of the investigation]

Making their way down the stairs to the ____ there are incredibly loud bangs coming from the boiler room area & pipes that are heard all over the building. Walking around the corner, Norman sees movement of the boiler room door. He also sees the padlock that was attached to the door swinging slightly. Norman slams the boiler room door and thinks that it is one of the sounds they are hearing. Even though it is a heavy door, it swings smoothly once you get it moving. No one saw it move on its own again. It is not a door that latches. It is a metal door that has to be padlocked shut. It is not clear if there was some kind of draft or suction coming from the boiler room with all of the other banging noises. There was no draft that could be felt, but there was an extreme temperature difference on both sides of the door. It was very hot and muggy in the boiler room. [It is the entrance to this boiler room where during another visit Cassie experienced being touched.]

Investigators later realize that some of the loudest bangs seem to be coming from up in the ceiling outside of the boiler room and ____.

[Only one of the bangs in the below clip is caused by investigators as they experiment with shutting the boiler room door.]

Audio Clip 1

At the same time this is going on, Amy (a guest investigator for the evening) and I are on the main floor talking to Bailey and handing off some equipment before she heads downstairs. We then head down the main floor hallway for the ____. You can hear the noises from the main level and see just how very on edge the noises made everyone. [This was all in complete darkness, by the way.]

Audio Clip 2

As you heard at the end of the above audio clip, Amy decided she couldn’t go on with this part of the investigation. Both of us were a little on edge. There was just so much going on all of a sudden… and we didn’t quite know exactly what it all was yet. We ended up grabbing an additional investigator and entered the location successfully. 


Paranormal or not, I wish every investigation had some of these moments. 



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