Have you ever received a phone call from the dead?

The video below is an episode of 30 Odd Minutes with Jeff Belanger. In this episode Jeff interviews Cal Cooper, a parapsychologist from the UK. He is the author of the brand new book Telephone Calls From the Dead, which I just started this week. I really like this guy. He has some interesting things to say and I thought it was a great interview. He seems young and hip, and I can’t help but wonder what he’ll bring to the future of parapsychology. 

I wanted to note that in the interview, along with phone calls from the dead, they mention several items that we’ve  discussed here recently at The Big Séance. Some of these items include EVP, Friedrich Jurgenson, séance, Spiricom and George Meek’s phone call from Konstantin Raudive from the other side, Thomas Edison, and talking boards.





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  • Randall Keller

    You may or may not remember (from the podcast) that I frequently have strange, breathy, half-whispered voices on cell phone calls. Upon occasion, I have heard my name repeated while the other party is still talking. On at least three occasions, an actual sentence was spoken dealing directly with a personal issue, the weirder one saying exactly, “randy, what will you do now?” That’s pretty strange considering it was a mans voice on a call with my wife. Unfortunately, I’m never recording, of course. Interesting piece of video!

  • notsofancynancy

    Interesting thanks for sharing! Love Jeff and glad to find this.

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