Ouija Gone Wild…

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

I purchased this book after hearing the author, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, interviewed on The Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold. For a while now I’ve wanted to find a great book solely on the topic of the Ouija board, or talking boards in general. I’ve heard her interviewed a few times and I just love her. Plus, I’ve read and enjoyed another book by her as well, so I knew it was the book for me.  

Rosemary (along with Rick Fisher) mention in the introduction of the book that they’ve had no negative experiences with the Ouija. They are convinced it is a “neutral tool” for spirit communication. After reading this introduction I was convinced I was ready to give it a try. After all, as a paranormal investigator and the writer of a blog called The Big Séance, it is probably something I should have some experience with. Then I read on and changed my mind over and over as I read the rest of the book. You see, much of the book is a collection of recounted experiences and true stories of different talking boards going back to 1886. Much of the earlier experiences with the Ouija board are pretty benign, since it was intended for lighthearted entertainment purposes. But most of the more modern stories are overly dramatic and filled with evil activity. The authors attribute this to Hollywood.


I really really really wanted to come away with full signed permission from the author to give the Ouija a try, but most of the stories made me wonder why I ever wanted to. At the same time, I understand that in this day and age a book about nice and fluffy, positive experiences with a Ouija board is going to go nowhere. So, after finishing the book I came away with several things.

  • Hollywood has turned talking boards into something very different from what they originally were.  
  • People who have negative experiences with the Ouija were most likely “playing around” or perhaps using the board for the wrong reasons.
  • A person with negative energy, or a board being used in a negative atmosphere will have a higher possibility of contacting lower energy entities.
  • If you’re looking to try a Ouija board, buy a new board, rather than a used board with an unknown history.  
  • Since I haven’t had a proper Ouija experience, I was thankful that Rosemary included some basic instructions for those willing to try. 

Keeping in mind that I haven’t had that Ouija experience yet, I still tend to believe that using a Ouija board (or any other talking board) shouldn’t be any different from any other form of spirit communication, which is a topic that I’ve studied quite a bit in the last few years. As a paranormal investigator and researcher (I hope I’m allowed to refer to myself as this), I’ve experimented with several forms of spirit communication, many times successfully. I’ve always experimented in an atmosphere of respect and seriousness. At no time have I felt that I was in harm’s way or felt that I was in danger of being possessed or influenced in any way. I do believe that the Ouija board is a tool that I’ll try soon. For a few different reasons, I think I need to try this on my own. I just think it has to be the right time and place. And when that happens, you know you’ll be the first to know! 


From the back cover of the book as well as Guiley’s website

For more than a century, simple divination devices called “talking boards” have captivated millions of people curious about contacting the spirit world. The most famous is the Ouija, whose trademarked name has become synonymous with all boards. Ouija messages have inspired writers, artists, and musicians, and have played a part in murder, suicide, possession, treasure hunting, marriage, divorce and bizarre behavior.Authors Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Rick Fisher provide a detailed examination of the Ouija. They debunk myths and discuss how horror films have influenced popular opinion.

Ouija Gone Wild features dozens of true stories collected over decades, many told in print for the first time., including tales of unexpected terror:

“She realized she had a problem when an aggressive entity turned the planchette into a sex toy and sent it slithering up her thigh…”

“I glanced over at the heat vent and what I saw scared me so much I dove off of the chair and refused to touch this ‘so called game’ again. I saw two red eyes staring back at me through the grates…”

“Suddenly I was sucker punched in my stomach. The force of the blow made me slam face-forward onto the table. Clutching my stomach, I took my hand off the planchette…”


About Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller is an educator, blogger, and the host of the Big Séance Podcast, which is a place for paranerds to have an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts and hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics and mediums, and life after death. He’s the founder of the now inactive Missouri Spirit Seekers and has spent a lot of time experimenting with spirit communication tools and techniques, such as EVP. Patrick also has a passion for spending hours at a time in cemeteries and loves cemetery photography. Visit BigSeance.com! View all posts by Patrick Keller

11 responses to “Ouija Gone Wild…

  • Maria Laing

    I will look forward to hearing of your experience when it happens!!

    On another topic…I awakened the other morning with an “image” in BOLD letters: COTTON MATHER, in my “mind’s eye”. Later, I googled cotton mather, since I had no conscious memory of it’s meaning…and was astounded to learn there actually was a PERSON by that name! Now, I do not know how or why this happened, and am baffled since nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Any ideas oor suggestions about this? The experience felt paranormal. Then when I read who Cotton Mather was and the role he played in the Salem wifch trials, I became even more curiouss and perplexed!

    Any ideas or suggestions about this???
    Thank you!

    • Patrick

      Wow, Maria! This is so similar to my dream where I saw the sign that said “VELVET” in bold letters. I still haven’t figured that one out. That is fascinating that you tracked it down to someone from the witch trials. I’ll think about this one but I really have no idea. Maybe some readers could help you out? Sounds exciting to me, though! Were there any feelings positive or negative going on when this was happening or when you woke up? If you find out more, I’d love to hear more details. No update to my recent dreams as of yet.

  • Kris & Del

    Have a read of the sessions my partner and I have had with the Ouija board (scrabble tiles and a shot glass!) over the past year. Consciousnesstravels.wordpress.com We have had such positive experiences and contact not only with family members, but also with our guides who have given us amazing support and guidance through some very difficult times. I have no problem recommending the Ouija as a resource for spiritual and personal development if used with the right intention and respect.

    • Patrick

      Kris & Del, I am so excited to hear this! I will check it out as soon as I get home. I’m glad to hear people are having pleasant experiences! Thanks for reading and posting.

      • Kris & Del

        Thanks for the comment and support, Lilla. I’ve been amazed at how closed off people are even when I tell them how useful it’s been for us as a resource for growth and development. Our ‘Seth’ has even helped others gain a greater understanding of their problems and concerns. It isn’t the best form of communication with our guides simply because it’s slow and messages can occasionally be distored, but it’s the best way I’ve found to be able to have conversations with them!
        Patrick, please let us know how you get/got on with your Ouija experiments. If you check out our early sessions you’ll see that they were often cryptic, random and occasionally bizarre, but we know now that that was more because of our inexperience than anything dark and sinister. I wouldn’t be without our regular check-ins with family and guides, and our understanding of what’s taking place is constantly changing and developing.

    • Lilla

      It is amazing and a relief that you tell this, for people love to hear frightful stories with the Ouija. However, our Divine Source says quite the opposite: they say that fear can be present, and can make up a lot of things that otherwise would have not been there. That is, you can create a certain sinister atmosphere with your fear. Also, many times human brain plays tricks – mostly out of fear again.
      If you check out my blog – thedawnoffire.wordpress.com – the material you find there is based on channelings. Nothing frightening has ever happened to us during the sessions, not even when we talked to the dark side. There is a dark side of everything – even angels have it. For instance, imagine Archangel Gabriel – who turns and can show you his/her dark side. We were made to the image of God – that is, every entity has a dark side, but this trait does not make the being itself dark: it only means that they are to perform dark tasks as well.

  • August Goforth

    From our book, “The Risen”:
    Most people identify with their personality to the extent that it crystallizes. It retains some semi-substantial but still earthly materiality, so the crystallized form can be quite problematic to dissolve, even on the astral planes. Although it is not intelligent, the free-floating, discarnate personality can display a kind of clever mimicry of the memories with which it still resonates. The resultant form will linger on in a kind of quasi-existence on the lowest astral levels that are closest to the earth plane. Recall that the ego-mind eventually ceases to exist when we discard the body, an inevitable ending or death which it fears and does all it can to avoid, while allowed to run out of control with that fear. The disembodied, crystallized form of the simulate self no longer has an earthly ego-mind to regulate it by what we call a “conscience,” or inner critic or judge. Because the Primal Source Spark does not animate them, these forms do not have access to the still, small voice of Creator Source that spiritually guides our inner lives, which are led by Authentic Self.
    These forms present themselves as apparent semi-intelligences, and are often responsible for the nonsensical, crude, and even cruel communications to sensitives during a mediumistic reading. They are driven and sustained by strong negative emotions that were developed by the simulate selves of people who were once on earth, and which are now the disembodied forms attracted to these readings. They are attracted to and mimic lower vibrational aspects of humanity around them. They are most successful at making their presences known through an Ouija board, and sometimes through automatic handwriting, table tipping, and rappings. People with traumatized psyches, whose brains are disabled by organic disease, by various substances, or by conditions labeled as mental illness may also be susceptible to the invasive efforts of these discarded constructs, for short- and long-term periods.

    —August Goforth

  • Kris & Del

    That certainly makes sense when I look back over our Ouija experiences. We have to focus our intention quite strongly in order to ensure we connect with the highest possible energy. Still, we’ve not come to any harm over the past year: if anything the odd time we feel we may have a frivolous entity communicating with us, they’ve been more of a nuisance than a threat.

    • Patrick

      Kris & Del, I am so annoyed with myself that I have forgotten to check out your site. I really want to. The problem is every time I get these messages I’m at work and forget to do it when I get home. 🙂 I haven’t made an attempt at the Ouija yet because I’m finishing up some analysis of two seances. But it is my next journey. I’ll keep you posted.

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