The Hand That Rocks Your Dreams…

I suppose I need to add the category of “Dreams” to the right, since I’ve posted several times recently about them. One of my first posts ever was regarding a dream that may have actually been a spirit visit from one of my Great Grandmothers. Then there was the incredibly random apocalypse dream with the massive amount of fire that was strangely pleasant, rather than burning. I’ve been seeing signs, sketches, names, and reading in my dreams… just more vivid in general I suppose.


And then… there are those nightmare-like dreams that I don’t usually have. To tell you the truth (crazy or not), I’m not even entirely sure that the experience I am getting ready to tell you about was really a dream. Let me back up…


Around three weeks ago in my paranerdal update post I told you that something had definitely visited me around 3am a few nights before. To my knowledge I was not dreaming, or at least don’t recall one. I simply woke up with a racing heartbeat and a very uncomfortable feeling from a “charge” in the air. I don’t really know how else to explain how I just knew something was with me. I also heard a few soft popping sounds. Not wanting to wake anyone else up, I stared wide-eyed for a while before turning on the audio recorder on my phone while still in bed. I never saw anything. There were no shadows or slamming doors. And, my recording came up empty other than a few of those popping noises. It took me a while to get back to sleep that night. 


That was three weeks ago. Now, cut to about six nights ago. Part of this new dream may or may not have been in a dreamlike state. If it was a dream, then I was sleeping in bed during it. Confusing, right? In my dream (or not) I had been awakened by that same crazy “charged” feeling with heart racing. I knew immediately what it meant. Something was incredibly close. In fact, from off the side of my bed, I was shoved by a hand that came out of nowhere. How can I be sure it was a hand? Being the investigator that I am, I instinctively grabbed for whatever was there… and yup, it was a hand. Cue the same wide-eyed stare with heart racing. I didn’t look at the clock this time. And we had visitors in our guest bedroom, so I didn’t say anything or get up to investigate. Once again, it took a while to get back to sleep that night.


So… my feeling is that whether or not I was dreaming about the presence of a hand shoving me, something was definitely with me and messing with me. It was the exact same feeling both times. I immediately recognized it. Either that or being fat and incredibly out of shape is causing me to have heart attack symptoms in the middle of the night. I often sleep on my left side. Isn’t that supposed to be bad? Is there a doctor in the house? 


Now, before I hear from several of you about how I need to cleanse the house or meditate and visualize all the light and love, etc… I’m sitting with this one for a while. It’s not that I’m excited or want to encourage it. I’m just going to watch and investigate this one a bit. I can’t say much, but I may have an idea about where this one came from. Don’t judge me. 


Anyone have similar experiences? 


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13 responses to “The Hand That Rocks Your Dreams…

  • Randall Keller

    Interesting. There’s so much to say, I won’t say anything, BUT… I’m with you – go with this one a bit, as long as you’re comfortable. Besides, sage stinks! I think this whole dream saga is fascinating and there’s got to be more going on. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Maria Laing

    Were both incidents at 3 AM? I have read that is the hour of many spirit visits….density being lighter or some such thing???
    I’m going to step into the “twilight zone” for a minute and ask you if you have ever thought you might have been “contacted” by an angel or an alien visitor?
    Don’t judge me.

    • Patrick

      Maria, the first one was around 3am… but I never looked at the clock for the second experience. I’m going to put my skeptical hat on and say I don’t think there’s been anything that proves the 3am “thinner veil” thing… but there’s also nothing that has 100% proven ghosts or the afterlife either, for that matter… but I’ve always heard that. If spirits can contact or affect us while we’re in deep sleep, then obviously more people are going to experience these things in the middle of the night. There may be something to it, though. Who knows.

    • Patrick

      Oh… and I don’t recall feeling like I’ve had a visit from something as magnificent as an angel… and if I’ve ever been visited by an alien they must have erased my memory of the experience. 🙂

  • Ash

    Yeah 3-5 am is big time spirit time. Don’t be afraid of anything – it’s probably just your guides or some disincarnate friends. Maybe Erik. You never know 🙂 He’s been hanging around with me lately…I was actually talking with Jason yesterday and asking him about all sorts of the random paranormal activities that he’s experienced and what I’ve experienced and as it turns out, looks like most of it was our guides.

    I’ve been having major wicked personal-life related dreams lately too.

    • Patrick

      Hmmm… this was definitely a negative feeling. I would hope my guide didn’t have that energy… but I won’t say it’s not possible. If it’s Erik, you tell him to chill out… I only want fluffy feel good contact. 🙂

  • LeeAllenHoward

    Yes, I’ve woken many times (don’t know the hours) and felt a presence in the room. It has usually startled me, and that’s what leads to the heart racing. Doesn’t necessarily mean that the presence is negative.

    • Patrick

      It’s good to know someone else has had similar experiences. Like I said in response to Ash… this definitely felt negative. And by the way… no updates to this story as of yet.

  • August Goforth

    Sounds like an ectoplasmic event – I had one recently where an arm and hand of a friend materialized in my bed and we were able to briefly clasp hands. Maybe you’re developing as a physical medium!
    August Goforth

  • Danielle

    I have never been a firm believer of spirits or entaties, until lately. I have been visited in my dreams by past relatives since I was a child and thought nothing of it, until the last two years. the experiences have gotten more intense and more frequent. After the last week, I can’t stop researching about what has been happening to me. I feel like im going crazy, which led me to this post. i still can’t explain what I’m seeing, hearing, feeling and getting woken up by. I’m not afraid, just don’t understand. If you have found any info, it would be helpful.

  • Adele

    I’ve had these most of my life and they happen,I want to say a handful times a year? Normally I’m just a bit spooked by it and I’ll turn on a light. I’ve always felt like a presence woke me up and I will feel like I can tell where about it is and if it’s male or female. It doesn’t last long. One time I had what felt like a few and they felt very tall and dark. They were causing me pain to the point that the next few days I was still sore.. I didn’t believe is any of this stuff back then. It really helps to be open minded to things or you wont really know how to handle them and you’ll just feel along and crazy.

  • Mark A

    Every night. Smoke monster from Lost would not be a bad analog. In my experience electricity = demon.

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