Séance Sneak Peek!

Last night was the first of two or three séances, brought to you by yours truly with BigSéance.com and Missouri Spirit Seekers (MOSS), and friend and medium Marilyn Painter of Ahtah Sanctuary Holistic Center. In the near future I hope to have a detailed blog post, complete with video highlights. In these highlights Marilyn will give an explanation of our intentions for the evening and details about how she works.  



I’m excited to share details from our first séance, but I’m afraid my readers will have to be patient for specifics due to all of the audio and video evidence I would like to go through first. But for now, I wanted to leave you with a few photos, some details about the preparation, our plans, and how we set up for the evening.



My Goals for Séance #1

  • Invite and connect with several specific spirits who were pioneers in the paranormal/spirit communication field.
  • Find out if these spirits have wisdom to share or advice to give that can make spirit communication more successful. 
  • Work together with these spirits to achieve physical phenomena.



I selected 9 spirits who were pioneers in the paranormal/spirit communication field. I hoped to have time to connect with at least 5 of them. The selected pioneers were not revealed to Marilyn or any of the other sitters until the séance began. For each invited spirit I printed out a large photo or portrait of them on a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 paper. I also prepared at least one question for each spirit for the purpose of validation – to prove that we were indeed speaking with that spirit. Then I came up with 1-3 questions for each spirit regarding spirit communication. I printed out facts and bios and kept them with me during the séance. In case there was extra time, I also had a few general questions suggested by other researchers in the field. We did not get these extra questions. 

Our sitters for the evening were myself, two other members of MOSS, and of course Marilyn, our medium. There were a total of 4 of us. 



  • Furniture arranged in a square with a table in the center. 
  • Candles (just because Marilyn and I love them!)
  • Two digital audio recorders. 
  • The following meters were displayed on the center table along with one of the audio recorders: Tri-Field Natural Meter (measures natural or DC magnetic field, also includes an alarm to hear if there are any significant readings), Mel Meter (measures temperature and electromagnetic field), and a K-II meter (also measures the electromagnetic field, with lights for a visual). 
  • Wind Chimes hung from the ceiling over the center table.
  • Camcorders, including one focused on the 3 meters on the center table. 


Meet Marilyn, our medium.

Stay tuned!



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Patrick Keller is an educator, blogger, and the host of the Big Séance Podcast, which is a place for paranerds to have an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts and hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics and mediums, and life after death. He’s the founder of the now inactive Missouri Spirit Seekers and has spent a lot of time experimenting with spirit communication tools and techniques, such as EVP. Patrick also has a passion for spending hours at a time in cemeteries and loves cemetery photography. Visit BigSeance.com! View all posts by Patrick Keller

4 responses to “Séance Sneak Peek!

  • Diana

    Patrick how do you know the spirits who will come through are who they say they are? As per Randy’s latest podcast in which both Randy and the medium warned against summoning spirits? Demonic entities can seem to be whoever you want to summon.

  • Marilyn Painter

    A demonic trixster energy does not vibrate at a high frequency. Mediums perceive frequency. If you maintain a high frequency within your body and aura through your heart, you can easily perceive the presence of low frequency entities because it is so different than yours. The more you work with spiritual energy, the more skilled you become at determining high and low frequencies. As Randy, I too warn against summoning spirits for those who are not skilled in perceiving frequency, maintaining a high frequency, and clearing lower entities. After all, would you attempt to put in a bathtub in your home if you don’t have the skill or knowledge in plumbing? Mostly likely not because it is a disaster waiting to happen. Well, the same with summoning spirit communication.

    I was the medium during the seance. Out of the five spirits contacted, only one of them carried a mildly low frequency. The situation was under control and overall the seance was a very positive experience.

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