EVP: “See Dorothy”

It has been way too long since I’ve shared an EVP with everyone. Tonight I wanted to share one from a recent private investigation. I usually like to share more of the audio before and after the EVP because it helps the listener adjust to what they’re hearing, but to protect the privacy of the family I’ve had to isolate just the EVP itself. 

First, let me set up the scene for you. This EVP was captured on a digital audio recorder that I had placed on the dining room table during pre-investigation and setup. Earlier in the evening during our tour of the home with the family, Marilyn (friend and medium) mentioned the possibility of an older female spirit residing in the basement. Different comments about this spirit were made off and on during setup. Right before the EVP was captured I was getting ready to take two cameras down to the basement. I was asking one of the family members about the availability of power outlets to plug them in. In my opinion the male-sounding EVP communicates the message “See Dorothy” very clearly. Is this voice referring to a spirit in the basement? As of now, no one knows of a “Dorothy” connection with the home.  

“See Dorothy”

(Original audio with no enhancements other than a “bleep” to protect homeowner privacy)

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8 responses to “EVP: “See Dorothy”

  • Brandie Sellers

    Holy shit balls…I don’t ever really say that but it seems appropriate. That’s a good EVP!!! Before I listened to it or read the full post, I was picking up on an older woman as well, short white hair, curled…beady eyes, kind of medium/tall height…I see she’s just sort of wandering around almost as if she lived there. Maybe for a short period of time. Maybe as a guest or someone took care of her while she was dying. Her husband I think died before she did. I’m not sure if she’s waiting for him and not realizing she can cross over to be with him.

  • Brandie Sellers

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    FANTASTIC EVP!!!! If you’re intuitive, what do you sense from it? Tell Patrick!

  • Maria Laing

    Patrick, I am so far behind in reading your posts, but I have kept each one in my in-box! This is a wonderful recording!! I listened twice…and I had the sense that the voice is female….???? too bad the rest is not “available”…it sounds very interesting. Great success on your part!!!

  • Marilyn Painter

    Patrick, that was a fun investigation 😉 Brandie, your description is pretty accurate to what I saw in the basement. The lady was wearing an old long housecoat and slippers. She was doing laundry and ironing. It felt as if this is what she did for hours on end when in physical body. It felt to me that she was “looping” (repeating an event in time over and over… kind of like in the movie “Groundhog Day”.

    • Patrick Keller

      That really was fun. I learned a lot just from that evening’s experiences. I actually may end up making a house call this weekend. First request I’ve had in a long time. A little nervous. A little out of practice.

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