Being Able To Read In Your Dreams…

I don’t remember my dreams often. When I do it is usually either on the weekends when I’m able to sleep longer, or those rough nights where you only get in a few hours of sleep before having to be up again. But recently I’ve noticed a change in these dreams. It seems that I’m remembering more details, specifically reading things, signs, words, phrases, names of people, etc. One of the first times I noticed this (and in my dream I was very excited about it) I was walking down a street and noticed a storefront awning that was the deepest and prettiest shade of blue. The awning stood out to me and it was clear that I was meant to see it. It displayed the word “VELVET” in large print. I think I instantly woke myself up I was so excited. I have absolutely no idea what “velvet” is supposed to mean for me right now.


In the last week I’ve had two “reading in my dreams” experiences that stand out. The specific details of the first dream are really irrelevant and random, but I observed three or four names (signatures, really) of old classmates from high school. One of these names is not a name that I would have any reason to dream about, and I haven’t thought about this person since my time in those halls.  I didn’t even know him well. The other few names were acquaintances whom I knew well in those days. I woke up remembering the names and specifically what their signatures looked like. 


And perhaps one of my cooler dream experiences was just a few nights ago and involved a friend and co-worker’s husband who passed several years ago. In my dream I was at the friend’s house working on some kind of project for work. After working on it late into the night I ended up crashing there. When I woke up I found that my friend’s husband (who appeared to be alive in this part of the dream) had left me sketches and notes in the margins of a packet of information that we were working on. He was apparently trying to help us out. It is unclear what the sketches were for and why, but I was able to draw the sketches from memory for my friend yesterday. What makes the details of this dream more important is the fact that before I woke up, he was right in front of me with the warmest light all around him. At this moment it was clear to me that his spirit was right in front of me and I realized that this was not a part of the earlier dream. He smiled at me without saying a word. I told him that he was loved and asked if there were any messages I should pass along. Once again, I really do think that at that point I was so moved and impressed with what was happening that I woke myself up. I never got any messages after asking. 


Is it normal to read things and be able to sketch things from memory in dreams? And why have I noticed such a change in details lately? Several months ago I read and posted about the “Hue” technique for remembering your dreams, but I only tried it a few times and haven’t thought much about it since then. What does this all mean? 


Feel free to share your own expertise or experiences. 


About Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller is an educator, blogger, and the host of the Big Séance Podcast, which is a place for paranerds to have an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts and hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics and mediums, and life after death. He’s the founder of the now inactive Missouri Spirit Seekers and has spent a lot of time experimenting with spirit communication tools and techniques, such as EVP. Patrick also has a passion for spending hours at a time in cemeteries and loves cemetery photography. Visit! View all posts by Patrick Keller

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  • Brandie Sellers

    My Dear Patrick, you are being awakened and tuning in to higher vibrations, for sure! I believe that really was him you saw in spirit form. A lot of the times when we dream, we’re able to go to the other dimension where our spirits live and interact with them…or they come to us! Pretty cool!

    • Patrick

      Yeah, I think I’ve had visits (that I remember) maybe three times ever… all cool though.

      • Adelida Raymer

        Hi, I know this is really old, but I wanted to add my own story here. I have always been able to read in my dreams, so much so that I actually didn’t believe that others couldn’t until I read some scientific articles. I know my maternal grandma and aunt could/can read in their dreams too. I was thinking about that this morning because I remembered reading a note about someone’s daughter, who had the same name as my sister, in my dream last night. I have read chalkboards; signs; notes; newspapers; from books, etc. many times throughout my 43 years. I do have a “genius level” intelligence, and my strongest “intelligence” (based on a college course) is musical/linguist intelligence, so that is a possible reason why I can. My grandma and aunt were/are also quite fond of writing poetry and stories. Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents to this interesting topic.

  • Ash

    I’ve been able to read in my dreams too. I remember two times, specifically, though it’s been a while and I’ve forgotten what the messages were… once was a newspaper and once, which was just a month or two ago… was a dry erase board message (from Patrick Swayze of all people lol it was totally and Erik thing – I dreamt 2 nights in a row about blog interviewees, the next night was Kurt Cobain).

    I remember the first time I did read something in my dreams though – because I remember watching an episode of the Batman cartoon when I was a kid, and Batman was drugged by the Scarecrow and he was in a dream world. The only way he figured it out was because he couldn’t read anything – the newspaper letters looked jumbled, and they purported that you could not read in dreams. So, naturally, my steel trap of a memory hung on to THAT episode of Batman, but not the actual information written in the dreams that I had myself lol

    I’ve also had visits from the other side like you describe and funny enough, same thing – I asked him a question and he didn’t give me an answer or say anything at all. Just smiled. I also woke up immediately.

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  • Dee

    I read in my dreams all the time. I read signs, papers, books, etc. however I’m not talkin to dead people or people I know. I have no idea who these people are in my drams…I’ve been dreaming like this since I was a kid. It was really scary at first, I’m kinda use to it now.

    • Patrick

      Wow. So do you recall your dreams often then? I don’t, but I wish I did. This particular dream was the most pronounced reading dream, and it was just the one word. 🙂

      • Aunt SRah

        Patrick, the first thing i thought of about the awning is the old song Blue Velvet! It was popular back when Patty was going to her Prom. I was married by that time, and bought deep blue velvet material, and made her dress for the prom.

  • jmount43

    I was able to read in my dreams once. I was reading what I thought to be a vampire novel. But then the word ‘Bella’ followed by the word ‘Edward’ appeared and I woke up screaming.:D

  • spiritchild1972

    Patrick, would you allow me to Interpret your dream? It’s free and I’ve been doing it since a child as you know, its part of my culture. It’s a very interesting dream but I won’t post it if you dont want. It’s personal but not private however its your predictions for your future so if you prefer I sent it privately i would be happy to do so.

  • darqdawg

    It’s a myth that people can’t read in their dreams. Only difficulty I’ve ever had reading in a dream is the same difficulty I have with dreams in general.They change in mid step. I’ll be home one minute. I’ll walk through the bathroom door and I’m in a big city somewhere. Same with text. I’ll be reading an Ann Rice book and turn a page and its a math textbook all of a sudden or I’m on one sentence and the next sentence or rest of the sentence is something completely unrelated to the first part. I once hit a hundred bucks on the lottery by playing a number I read in a dream. So yeah, you can read in your dreams.

  • Melissa

    I have read in my dreams and handful of times, each time they lead to scary situations. The one I had last night freaked me out. In my dream I was visiting a plastic surgeon to have a procedure done, an expensive one, so the surgeon offered me a group study, which Read, something along the lines of, travel to these beautiful 6 indian cities, which where blured, and I did not know how to prounounce, a few started with the Letter m, and one with p. Its said enjoy the relaxation of driving, and the sceneory. I was instantly confused, and then I fell into a forest as I was telling the surgeon that the only thing that bothered me about India where that they had to many poiseness snacks. I was trapped in a dark wooded forest, trying to get out, the path was lead to fog, i was frightened in my dream, when i finally reached the end of the path, I looked up, the sky was black and full of stars, it was a full moon, and right in front of me was a huge pyramid mountain, with a trail that lead up. It had symbols all over it that glowed, I screamed MOM, and behind me two tall naked dark men, very primitive in nature with sticks grabbed me..And I woke up screaming.

  • Morguie

    I know nothing of the HU technique but now you have me curious! I plan to investigate it. I used to be quite interested in dream interpretation. I am a vivid dreamer, when I do manage to sleep, lol! Am a hard-core insomniac and have been for most of my life…even used to be a somnambulist as a teenager. Allegedly, according to my mother, I get the wild dreaming from her side of the family, Grandpa’s wild Irish side to be exact, lol. I have never tried to leave a pencil and paper by bedside as that’s always seemed ridiculous…dreams evaporate pretty fast for jotting down. My recent dreams become clearer as I become more awake, strangely. Anyway, I do plan to check out that method as you spoke of to see what that’s about. Hope you can find your answer in the meantime.

    • Patrick Keller

      Well now you’ve given me something to look up. What is “somnambulist”? Also, with your dreaming, you might want to check out some of Michelle Belanger’s stuff about dreaming. In an interview she talked about how if you just set your alarm in 90 minute cycles, that’s the perfect time to recall dreams, because that’s when we’re drifting in and out of REM all night long… the hypnogogic (sp?) state or something. Maybe that’s why you’re remembering dreams more? I usually only remember dreams if I’ve gotten a really short night of sleep or on a weekend when I’ve gotten way TOO MUCH sleep. 🙂 As far as writing dreams down, I haven’t done it a lot, but lately I’ve just pulled up a note on my smart phone and typed right into it in bed.

      • darqdawg

        A somnambulist is someone who sleepwalks.

      • Patrick Keller

        I learn something every day. How often do you sleepwalk? Or would you know?

      • darqdawg

        I think it’s different for everybody. In my experience it happens to children more often and then they grow out of it. I used to sleepwalk from the age of 5-9 and then I grew out of it. The last incident I recall I was 9 years old and I got up out of bed at 1 am on a school night, walked into the living room and sat down. My mother woke me up questioning me why I was up so late before she realized I was sleep walking. My eyes were open and everything. In my dream I was at a racetrack my parents used to take us to before it closed. I used to love to watch the horses and my older brother would take me to the window to place a bet. It was a good dream and that’s why I remember it.

      • Morguie

        Sleep walker…lol. Very interesting, what you’ve passed along. I shall look into that. 🙂


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  • Elizabeth

    Hello! Wow this is really interesting. I’ve been able to read in my dreams since I was little and thought it was weird when I heard that it should be impossible to read in your dreams. I’m am avid reader so I always equated it to that, but now that I read your post I’m not so sure. I’ve also heard that you should be unable to see your reflection in dreams, which I’ve seen before as well. This is kind of odd for me though because I avoid looking in mirrors when I’m awake. Most of the time when I look in a mirror in a dream it’s when I’m playing a character, someone that’s not me, and when I look into the mirror I see myself. I never think anything of it and the dream goes on without interruption. The reason I’m here is because of another reading dream last night. Generally every time I remember a dream, I remember everything about it, faces, places, feelings, everything, and they’re always very vivid. I was a little boy of about 8 with brown hair and big blue eyes in a decrepit, sort of post apocalypse society where no one remembers anything before being there. I was told I was found in a shopping mall a few days before on a scavenger mission, but I don’t remember. I talk to alot of people, though my character is very shy and remember talking to this tall, willowy girl of around 20 (older than me in real life) with creamy red hair and blue eyes with a soft face, and her friend with short blond hair and brown eyes with a slender face and big nose, who both worked in the nursery, which I liked. The part I remember most was when the two women and i were walking in the cafeteria when I saw that they had Mac and cheese. I had something in my hand, a piece of coarse paper that I was planning to write on, when I started to climb onto the tray counter and over that glass protector, staring at the Mac and cheese. I stopped when I noticed the man in the other side gaping at me and the two women telling me to get down before I hurt my self. I dropped what I was holding, my plate, my paper, and ran. Next thing I know I’m the commander of the society with a rough, leathery face, brown hair that’s turning gray, wide shoulders and very short for his position. He was an army man to the tee. He was called into the cafeteria by the chief cook, inturrupting his lunch. I asked the man that had gaped at the boy on his way out what could be soo important. And then he lifted in one hand the piece of paper I had dropped, and scratched on it with a thumb nail in a child’s writing was a single word. Joy. I had remembered something, my mother making me Mac and cheese while we sat down at the table and told eachother about our day. And when the commander saw it, he remembered too. The last thing I remember is the sudden anger of the commander toward the boy, almost like he wanted to kill him. Then I woke up.
    This is not unusual in its vividness and the way the story progresses, but I don’t usually get just one word, and nobody had any names, which is unusual. Anyway, thanks for letting me share 🙂

    • Patrick Keller

      I apologize for taking so long to respond! Wow. That is one dramatic dream. You could present that for a movie script. Most of what I remember from my dreams tends to be basic details. And I don’t remember them often. Do you journal or document dreams regularly? I’m wondering if that’s why they’re so spectacular for you! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by 3 months ago. Ha.

      • Elizabeth

        Thanks for replying! Yes, I love to journal, but I can never get through even a fraction of the dream because of how much information and details I end up trying to write down, it becomes very taxing. Ha. I think dreaming this way must be because of the WAY I read, imagining every detail, hearing each sound, seeing every sight, and feeling each sensation, from the character’s own head. It takes a little longer to read this way, but it’s akin to say, a holodeck in startrek, even better than watching a movie or playing a roleplaying videogame. It would be really interesting to know if anyone else does this or if anyone is going to try to read this way. I didn’t even know I read differently than anyone else until I talked to a friend about a book I was reading. Interesting the way each persons brain works so differently! 😀

  • sina

    Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find
    out more details.

    • Patrick Keller

      Sina… I need to somehow pull together a podcast episode on this topic since this post has been so popular. I’m not sure I’m the expert though. I think some of these comments are fascinating though. Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that.

  • John

    Until last night, I had never been able to read, coherently, in my dreams. I found myself in a sort of priest tunic, resembling those donned by Catholic clergyman – maybe because I went to Cat holic masses as a kid – walking into a small church. On one of the walls, there was a banner with writings on it. I came closer and I identified that it was written in two different languages. The first one, on the top-half, was either Latin or Italian, written in a bold font and semi-cursive way. I could make out the letters, but not ithe words’ meaning although they did seem familiar. On the bottom-half, written in Spanish (this I know because it’s my mother tongue), was what seemed to be the translation. I could read and understand the words in my dream, but now, as I am awake, i can’t recall what those were.

    • Patrick Keller

      Wow. Did you feel you resonated with the information from this dream? Perhaps some kind of past life memory? I love that people are waking from their amazing dreams, googling something about reading in dreams, and then sharing their dream on this post. I definitely see a podcast episode forming now. 🙂

  • Misty

    I recently visited Louisiana ….New Orleans..
    Purchased various items of protection.
    I treat my dolls precious as they carry spritual energy

    Lucid dreams come do other things but never words ……
    this night was clear words in the dream ….on a strangers cell phone….with a light purple back colour and i testify it read ….

    “No cold hands in heaven made me feel as warm as you did when you touched me ”

    I woke up.immediatly.
    The only time i can clearly recall the depth and detail of the writing.

    I was in New Orleans.

    • Patrick Keller

      That is amazing! There is crazy energy in New Orleans, as I just went for the first time. I believe it. Very interesting.

      I sometimes wonder with all of the modern technology of texting, chatting, internet surfing, social media, etc…. if we’re going to start seeing more messages like yours in dreams. As more of us get reclusive and communicate using technology instead of face to face. 🙂

  • memoryjogger

    Ex-sleepwalker I remember a lot of my dreams. Usually very colourful and vivid, I know I can read in them too. Once I had such a vivid dream, movie credits rolled up over us! Not sure if I experience visitations, however I am one of those people who regularly wake up from a light sleep and see people next to my bed or objects hovering over me. Used to freak me out. Not sure if that is anything other than some sleep induced illusion, but tippy nonetheless.

    • Patrick Keller

      Very interesting. Are some of these vivid dreams from while you were sleepwalking? That’s something I’ve never really thought about, I don’t think. Your movie credits story reminds me of a dream I had about a dinosaur figure skating on the ocean. 🙂

  • hkr

    i can also read in my dreams
    few days i had a dream and in dream i was drinking whisky and i read the whisky name on its bottle its old age whiksy and on bottle its written locale antique xxiv and after that i drink my first peg some people come in room and start attacking on me and after that sleep paralysis :p
    and is it normal to read in dreams

  • Sparkle

    I recently had a dream that I was having a party at this hall that i rented. It was weird, i wanted to invite some extra friends over so i went out to find the address. After i spotted it at the top of the building i began to text it to my friends number by number, word by word. Creepy.

  • Sumit

    i recently had a dream in which oe of my friends asked me to remove my specs…then i did so….he asked me to read something ….and amazingly i was able to read full a – z written on that board

  • Christin

    Today i was thinking about many friends of mine who passed suddenly. When i got home that night my boyfriend and I fell asleep. In my dream I was being pulled out of bed i woke my boyfriend up he didn’t believe me at first when it happened a second time he moved over to the other side of the bed he was holding my hand tight i asked him to let go because it started to hurt he said no i am keeping you from being pulled out of the bed he didn’t look like him any more and was saying strange things i coulndt understand because i was scared in my dream i was scared praying forboyfriend lt to stop i broke free and ran down the stairs he followed but again didnt look like him i was yelling for his mom lynn lynn it repeated when i got to his mom he now looked like a girl i was saying thats not him as it sat on the couch it seemed like it was talking but couldn’t make sound i loomed acrssed the room and laying with his head on the table was my boyfriend i did a double take lookking at him and what i thought was him i started to yell to wake him up when his mom and the girl both said no not yet i said i had to i was scared i need to the girl then i was able to hear said i have to talk to you i said i cant handle it i am to scared please next time go to lynn to talk to for some reason i said i need to.wake him up i love him the girl said he lovws you to shook her head when i woke my boyfriend up she was gone and i woke up

  • Moses Frost

    I am very capable of reading in my dreams even though there are hundreds of articles telling me I cant. Just last night I dreamed that I took an entire multiple choice test on driving a car and I could read every word of it. I have a friend that told me he read a two paragraph email about a wrestling championship. So my friend and I along with all of the people commenting on this blog pretty much defy the laws of dreaming.

  • Alec

    I have been having dreams like u lately except mine are more darker. I have been dreaming of men with signs saying thing like God is near, or just dreaming of the world burning sometimes. In those dreams I’m always there watching and always live just to wake up. This really bothers me I hate it and lose sleep.

  • Josta

    first I would like to say I just woke up from this dream and its emotionally confusing me and I don’t know why. but my dream started as I was on the lake watching the beautiful view. and the it all turned dark then I just appear in this room like I had just woke up, and I’m looking around bc I’m so confused on where I’m at and then this bright light appears and I walk toward it and suddenly I’m with my dad and I look over and say hey and this look on his face just was weird. he looked like he saw a ghost. I asked him what’s wrong and he just started crying and hugged me. I had no clue what was going on so I asked to go to my grandmas where I’m currently staying. I recent just moved out of my boyfriends house bc his sister and I are having problems and she packed some of my stuff up without asking if I needed help. but anyways I asked to go to my grandmas and he said sure. so we go there and my room is covered in all of my stuff. & I questioned him on what happened to my room what’s going on and he looked at me and said I was dead for 1 year but it felt like 3 weeks and he was confused on why I was awake from the dead. i also just saw black the whole time I was ‘dead’. I was in shock and said no way and ran and looked in the mirror and I looked like me no marks or anything on my face or body. you could tell I lost a lot of weight. and you could tell something was just different. I asked my dad how I died and he said that my boy friend had strangled me while we are supposedly sleeping. he had a nightmare and was sweating and rolled over and strangled me. but he wasn’t charged with anything bc he was having a dream about something. (BTW my boyfriend is not abusive in any types of ways.) after he told me that I felt my neck and could feel the pain in it and where it snapped I could feel my eyes and they just aches and the left side of my head was worst. I had texted my boyfriend before I found out what happened to me saying ‘I missed you’ and I got a text back saying ‘I miss you too):’ then I texted him a couple hours later after I found out what happened to me ‘how could you of done this to me?’ and use waiting for a reply I went onto snapchat and saw he was on vacation. I went to the house he was stayed at the whole house looked different. all different decorations and stuff. I looked in the room across the masters and see these pictures of me and my funeral stuff and pictures of my brother sister on balloons. I could’ve believe what I saw.. I went back to my grandmas and noticed my dog wasn’t around me and I called for him and he appeared right next to my side. it’s like he died with me or something he would go where ever I went but he was still only 7 months old and a year has past since I past away in the dream. he should’ve been bigger and almost 2 but he was still tinier than what he souldve been. a couple days had went by and only a few people knew I was back from the dead and people freaked out when they found out. I went back to school for some reason and stood up during lunch bc no one realized I was there. I said aloud, ‘ I’m back guys…’ everyone turned, looked and gasped, and then i said ‘well…from the dead..’ and everyone just started clapping. I finally got a reply back from my boyfriend saying he didn’t mean to hurt me like that and he regrets it and will always regret it. he didn’t know I was alive again though. he thought someone was just messaging him to harass him about what happened to me. he found out that I came back alive and was so scared to see me but we finally saw each other and I didn’t wanna see him long bc I was so upset with what happened and I also told him I didn’t have to see him. so I had him take me to a friends house and his house stayed on a nice lake and I totally forgot that he lived on a lake I wanted to tell my friend about all that I heard about me and stuff and he has a friend there, I asked if he could see me bc I didn’t know if I had like a magic trick for people to see me or not. I also found out in my dream I wasn’t actually alive, it was just my souls being able to travel back and fourth though this door that my coworker had opened for me a day before I came back. someone told me in my dream that he has read about stuff to see if my loved ones could talk to me. and he found this thing he could out on the wall and all he had to say was ‘j____ come to me.’ and the lights went out. the next day I was there. I finished my dream off by going out onto the dock of my friends house with the lake and just viewing a big beautiful multicolor sunset and then I woke up. but I felt like I was actually in the dream bc I started crying at all of the stuff that happened in the dream when I was looking at the sun set. I was just wondering what all of this meant it’s really upsetting to me.

  • Patrick Keller

    For those interested and still getting notified of comments on this post, I just recorded a podcast on this topic, and I read many of the comments above. You can find that episode here.

    Feel free to continue the discussion here or in the Big Seance Parlor Facebook group!
    Continue reading in your dreams!

  • Maddi

    I searched if it was normal to be able to read in dreams. However my situation is much different from this. In my dreams I’m able to read and go about my daily life with my friends. I can go through comments on pictures on any social media. And since your questions are similar to mine, I would like to know if other people have the same questions as me?

  • Trevor

    Well I have dreams as well and I remember some settings when I re-enter, but most of settings are not places I have ever been nor may be places on this planet in creation.

  • Dhruv Singh

    Even i was able to read in my dreams i read the heart monitor the namea the reason a man died in my dreams in my dream he was mt teacher but i dont even know who he is in real life but all i know i saw him dying in my dream

  • Bryan King

    I know this is an old post but for some reason this reminded me of myself because today when I woke up in the morning I laid back down after taking my morning dose of adderall (20mg) and laid back down for it to kick in before getting up (usually about 45 min after) a few min after lying down I felt so comfortable with my face against the pillow (you know that feeling when you wake up and are still tired so you lay back down and it feels so good) a few minutes went by and I was awake but my mind was wondering and as the adderall was kicking in I started to feel this warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach that slowly began to take a euphoric feeling in my head so I was really enjoying the next 30 minutes before I had to get up for good for work

    That’s when the visual aspect started to kick in and as my mind was wondering around I was thinking about random things and at one point I sort of “googled” something although I knew I was awake and NOT dreaming it must of been the early stages where your body transitions to dreaming because I was literally pulling up articles about the curiosities in my head and reading stuff like it was being read for the first time and it was all coherent at that point it sort of hit me like “how the hell am I reading” and I snapped out of it (definitely was NOT a dream as I was 100% alert to my surroundings and actively in control of the direction of thinking it wasn’t random like my dreams usually are) as soon as I snapped out of it I could not get back to reading since I made myself conscious of the situation

    On another note I think I may have some form of sleep paralysis but I can control it 100% and it happens to me almost once a month but sometimes won’t happen for 3 months what’s interesting in my case is the fact that as I’m laying down I’ll slowly start to feel my body tingle and as the body starts to tingle I will hear a loud humming sound that vibrates so loud that I takes over any other sensation I have I usually stop it at this point because I would think I’m not breathing because at this stage breathing becomes “automatic” and I lose the ability or sensation of doing it myself

    So that’s the part that always scared me and I’d stop (I was always able to stop these strange sensation when ever I wanted almost instantly) what’s really cool is the fact that these sensations will slowly creep back and start all over again and will keep doing that UNLESS I actually get out of bed walk to my bedroom door and walk back to my bed and lay down (this would be the only way to get the sensations to stop because turning over in bed etc would never work)
    I actually learned to love the fact that these sensations would repeatedly start over and over again the vibrating feeling and loud buzzing would turn into a fully body high which I can only describe as the feeling of what the drug ecstasy feels like when it’s kicking in or what opiates feel like it was amazing

    I kept pushing myself further and further and reassuring myself that I was NOT going to stop breathing and that my body was probably doing it anyway even if I was conscious mentally and could not control it (unless I stopped the whole process and snapped out of it all) eventually with practice one day I pushed it the furthest ever and I literally pushed myself out of my body and was able to see what looked like my surroundings of where I was sleeping

    The feeling when the vibrations get real loud feels great and is one of the best parts about it although it gets so loud I can not hear anything else and there’s also a “tugging” sensation and I’m not a superstitious person or a religious person who is compelled to believe in this stuff with a bias but the sensation honestly feels like something tugging on your soul and it’s a scary feeling because I felt like if I let go I would die so combined with not being able to feel myself breathing I was always scared to go along with these sensations

    Does anyone have any idea what the hell this stuff is called has anyone else ever had this happen to them is this some sort of sleep paralysis that does not work on me because I snap out of it at will almost instantaneously (depending on how deep into it I am it may or may not take 3 seconds or so)

    I can’t seem to find anything about what I described and I’d love to know more about it

    • Joshua

      Hey, I know this is rather late, but I saw your post and felt compelled to reply. I believe what you experienced is a phenomenon called ‘Astral Projection’. It is a technique used to travel and transcend temporarily outside of the physical body. It is, however, completely harmless, as far as I know. I’m not exactly an expert on the matter, however, I have limited experience with it myself; I have managed to reach the vibration stage, but never was able to get past it. I find it interesting that you were able to break through without knowing what it was. Did you have some sort of mental process or visualization, or did it just happen on its own?

  • Bryan king

    Is there approval needed for comments

  • Josey Irwin

    I don’t recall reading in my dreams until very recently. I’ve had three dreams on separate occasions in the past month or two. I usually only read small phrases or words. I’ve read: Piper, loves/lover/<3, (my name and partial phone number; I was writing these things out) in one dream, Lawful neutral/evil and Chaotic neutral/good in another, and Sarafi (it was engraved on a picture frame as the name of someone's pet bird; NOT safari; It's not a name I'd subconsciously recognize as I don't know anyone with it or with a pet bird lol) in another. I'm fairly certain I've read more but these are what I recall very clearly. I'd always heard that it was a fact you cannot read in dreams so I was a little shocked.
    I do believe that spirits can visit you in dreams and you can have enlightened and intelligent conversations with them. I've had many, many dreams featuring my departed ones over the course of many years. I know when it's really them and I know when it's not. It's very strange but can be a very nice visit.
    One kind of unique thing I do very often in dreams is create/compose music. It's completely original– sometimes just lyrics, sometimes just instrumentals, and sometimes fully formed songs. I'm aware of creating them in the dream and knowing that they are completely my own. I even have repetitive thoughts like "don't forget this, don't forget this, don't forget this" yet I can never recall them once I'm awake. So that kinda stinks haha.

    This article and its comments are fascinating! Thank you for giving your experiences and creating a place where we can share our own experiences and thoughts! 🙂

  • Brittney

    I’ve been told it’s not possible to read in dreams yet I keep doing it and it freaks me out. Like last night I dreampt I was going to a doctors office and I could read the entire form and I filled it out and everything. Why I have no idea but its good to know I’m not alone.

  • Izak Azitre

    I have read about 14 times in my dreams, 12 of which almost in a row or a few days apart.

    However before this I could never really read in my dreams, it all started when I began to stay up later (3-4 am) and most of the time it’s me reading text on my phone ( I use my phone a lot before I sleep), however it’s sometimes me reading street signs, word on paper, even Arabic on a mosque wall once when I was really young.

    At first I assumed that this was me simply reading in my dreams, however after a week of these, now be coming kind of ‘daily occurrences’ I speculated and formed a theory, perhaps I couldn’t read in my dreams, what if I simply saw the text, remembered the way the text looked, and as soon as I woke up, my brain added that existing knowledge from my reading left hemisphere, and altered my dream memory to give it such the illusion as if I was reading, it wouldn’t be the first time our brain would do such a thing.

  • Mercy Mang

    three times i have show in my dreams new word that i never knew first i saw the word percieve and after so many days i show instict and another i forgot and recently the word mentor. i saw dream with story and atlast i saw word

  • CS Umesh Vyas

    Yes, I too, can read very clearly in y dreams and it is not in awaken sleep but in deep sleep. I am observing this since last 4-5 years. I not only read but very clearly understand sentence many times.

  • Melanie Milberger

    A few years ago when I kept my chemistry book under my pillow, I was able to read ahead to the next chapter and not remember it until the lecture. This was when I was taking very hard classes and didnt have any time to read my chemistry book, I somehow forced my mind to read the text at night while sleeping. In the past, I’ve had similar dreams as well about reading books in my dreams and retaining the knowledge from them without knowing the subject.

  • Crystal

    I had a dream where I was in the backseat of my car and had a page fully written about I have no clue and I didn’t try to read it because in my dreams I don’t feel like I’m in control whatever happens happens and so I didn’t read it I just knew that I had wrote it all but the title was what stuck out and I can’t even remember if I actually read it or just remembered that’s what the title was supposed to be or something but I remember it exactly to be “Looks like flames” weird I know but I knew for sure when I woke up that’s what it was and I have no idea what that could mean or if it even has any significance or importance but for some reason it just has been stuck in my head all day and I felt the need to share thank you to whoever is seeing this and actually read this

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