The History Books: Is nothing happening? Or is it time for an update?

Bill O’Neil and Spiricom

In many of the books I read, authors discuss the major breakthroughs in paranormal research, specifically EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication). There is usually a rather large section devoted to crediting Friedrich Juergenson for discovering EVP, even though some would credit individuals from a decade or so before. They then move onto praising Konstantin Raudive for his work with the subject. I always get disappointed when there isn’t as much focus or credit given to Sarah Estep, but there’s almost always at least a statement about her founding the AA-EVP, which is now ATransC (Association TransCommunication). Often there are complete chapters devoted to developments in ITC and EVP from the 1970s and 80s. There was a lot going on. Since I was young, and since this topic wasn’t even on my radar during that time period, I can only imagine how exciting it was to be involved with groundbreaking developments like spiricom or communication with the Timestream group. 


Maybe I’m reading the wrong books, or maybe they’re just all outdated, but with the possible exception of the Scole group’s work in the 1990s, the history books seem to mostly end the timeline at the end of the 1980s. Maybe they just ran out of room on the page? I’ve highlighted so many examples of spirit communication from spirit teams on the other side with prophesies of how great progress would be happening in the future, or about how communication with the other side would continue to improve. In some of these older books you almost get the picture that the author fully expected us to have access to an elevator that just takes us right to the other side for face to face communication by now. Surely with our iPhones and tablets we should have been able to just stop on the side of the road in the car, pull out the bag phone from under the seat, pull up the antenna, and place a call to our ancestors in 1995. What has really improved besides us walking around for a decade with spirit boxes and digital recorders? Where is Timestream now?

Obviously we’ve been experiencing a decade or more of the current great paranormal craze. There are amazing researchers and experimenters out there. There have been many improvements in technology since Juergenson. More and more people are becoming enlightened to spiritual and paranormal topics. So… where does all of this fit in the history books? Where is the chapter for 2000 and beyond… and who is in it? Will paranormal reality TV stars be the next names to go down in history?  (Am I still talking?)

Just a thought… 



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3 responses to “The History Books: Is nothing happening? Or is it time for an update?

  • Ash

    Hurry up and wait… You can’t write about immediate history, because right after it happens, you don’t know enough about it. If you did write about it, you’d likely find out 5 years later that you were wrong in your assumptions or there was more to the story. The history of the year 2,000 should just now be becoming fully understood. Think about it – how much more have you learned about 9/11 since the incident itself? And how much more do you not even know yet? History, too, is fluid. 🙂

    As far as the predictions… just hold out a little bit longer. Every day I get a stronger feeling that it’s coming. It’s just right around the corner.

    PS – have you been following my guest posts on C.E.?!

    • Patrick

      You make good points. Although, 1990 was 22 years ago. 🙂 And NO, I had NO IDEA of your guest posts. I haven’t checked CE out in a long time but I will have to. That’s awesome! Thanks for telling me.

  • LeeAllenHoward

    The “communications breakthrough is just around the corner” has been proclaimed from the spirit side of life for nearly 100 years (see Clarissa Sprague’s LETTERS FROM HEAVEN, published in the early 1930s). This could be because time is measured differently on the astral plane. Or it could be that selfless cooperation among groups of researchers on the earth side is lacking, preventing the environment necessary for progress in communication. Readiness to accept that there is a spirit world and that we can communicate with it through electronic means, I think, has not increased dramatically in recent years.

    Sometimes I ponder what clear, consistent contact would mean to the world. It would definitely cause a stir, shattering the paradigm of materialism. Would such a breakthrough raise the consciousness of the human race? Or would it cause panic, like Orson Welles’ 1938 WAR OF THE WORLDS radio broadcast? Which is more important: that we prove contact through electronic means, or that we raise the consciousness of the human race toward a spiritual understanding? This is a chicken-or-egg question.

    I also have noticed the glitch in progress from the 80s/90s to now and wonder, from the spirit world’s perspective, is the push is still on to establish reliable contact? Because this proclamation of “something wonderful is about to happen” holds true for things Spirit has said to me concerning my life — yet decades pass with nothing transpiring — it tends to disappoint and make me skeptical.

    However, clarity of ITC communication waxes and wanes during individual sessions as well as over the course of months during specific projects. I think it oscillates in greater cycles over the decades, like a radio signal fading in and out of reception. ^v^v^v So long as there are those interested in ITC who keep trying to make contact, there’s hope for progress. Continue seeking, and keep the faith.

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