The Paranormal Podcast… To Ouija or not to Ouija?

Jim Harold and The Paranormal Podcast

I’ve mentioned Jim Harold and the Paranormal Podcast several times here at The Big Séance. It has played a big part in my paranormal “education” in the last several years. I love to listen to his podcasts driving to and from work. And… maybe I’m a nerd, but the opening theme music pumps me up and prepares me for the day. 🙂 I can proudly say I’ve listened to almost every episode! If you haven’t checked The Paranormal Podcast out, you totally should! 

Jim Harold

Some of my favorite guests or authors on the program have been Annie Wilder, Maria DeSimone, Michelle Belanger, Lesley Pratt Bannatyne, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who was recently interviewed by Jim about her latest book. I’m ordering it as soon as I “publish” this post. 

Ouija Gone Wild by Rosemary Ellen Guiley with Rick Fisher

From Guiley’s site:

For more than a century, simple divination devices called “talking boards” have captivated millions of people curious about contacting the spirit world. The most famous is the Ouija, whose trademarked name has become synonymous with all boards. Ouija messages have inspired writers, artists, and musicians, and have played a part in murder, suicide, possession, treasure hunting, marriage, divorce and bizarre behavior.Authors Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Rick Fisher provide a detailed examination of the Ouija. They debunk myths and discuss how horror films have influenced popular opinion.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley

I have to tell you (without going into a giant Ouija board post) that even though in the past I have resisted the urge to run out and get a Ouija board, I’ve always taken a strong NO OUIJA BOARD stance. After listening to her discuss the book, I wonder if this opinion is silly… especially having never used one. I like to consider myself a person who takes spirit communication and the study of it seriously. If this is the case, is it truly any different from experimenting with the spirit box or my clock radio… or even basic EVP research? 

I’ve read quite a bit about the topic, but never an entire book devoted to it. While looking up sites to link in this post, I also realized that there are more books than I realized devoted solely on the topic of the Ouija. My “To Read” shelf may have just grown quite a bit. 


Thoughts? Does anyone have any interesting Ouija board experiences? 



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17 responses to “The Paranormal Podcast… To Ouija or not to Ouija?

  • Randallkeller

    Well… I’m one of those Ouija Board avoiders. Logically, that’s a dumb stance to take, but I also believe in the power of intent and how ritual plays a serious role just because it does. I see it differently, and I don’t fault those who disagree. I don’t step in front of moving busses either and for my money, the Ouija is a kind of moving bus. Also, it may not make a lick of sense to modern man to avoid certain established forms of indiscriminate contact – it seems like I am suggesting not to turn over every stone in pursuit of truth. Lately, I’ve been avoiding these sorts of discussions because I get tired of being told my studies are incomplete for one reason or another. But I do know from study, easily accessible literature and religious writings, that demons need to be invited. And sometimes, we do that without realizing it. Best of luck with your studies – cant wait to read about them! And I promise never a discouraging word except to suggest you be careful. Sounds so silly. It’s sold by a toy company for gods sake, but…

  • aradiasilvermoon

    I have played with a Ouija board before, my sister did too lol, but it wasn’t serious. It was a bunch on underage giggling girls trying to figure out who they were meant for. Half the time we were trying to direct the board to spell out a crushes name! I don’t think a Ouija board works because your subconscious can make you do things without you being consciously aware of it. I believe in all sorts of paranormal activities but I doubt the veracity of the Ouija board. I think it’s hokum that is used by fake mediums in back alley rooms between the crystal ball and the palm reader.

    • Patrick

      Ohhhh how I would love to see all this giggling on video. 😉 I have no doubt that the subconscious plays a role in the Ouija. I also have no doubt that spirits really can use it. I don’t know that I believe all the dark and demon-filled stories of Ouija boards, though… but as I said, I’ve not used one so I can’t say too much. I plan on starting this book soon.

      • aradiasilvermoon

        Perhaps it’s all in how you use the board? I mean what spirit is going to inhabit the body of a silly 12 year old who only wants to know if she’s going to marry her crush? Maybe if I played it now it would be different because I am different in that I know things like spirits, ghosts, and paranormal things exist. You have to believe (IMO) in them in order for them to use you.

  • Lilla

    The question is: can they (the so-called dark entities) use you or is it just made up for the sake of sensation.
    What I believe – and was taught – is that there is an amazing divine order on the so-called Other Side which implies that only a certain amount of darkness is allowed to enter this world. If it weren’t so, we would really be in utter danger and in an inexplicable chaos. I don’t even think that human life would be possible.
    What I was taught – by angels – is that there are angels or gods (names or labels do not matter) that control darkness, that is, they govern darkness, but they themselves are made of light.
    I do believe in the so-called spirit world – though, I have a different name for it, because I know that they are always around us, so to say that they ‘appear’ is a bit funny from their slant.
    Your every deceased loved one is around you, and can sense you all the time, it is only you that cannot see them.
    Then, there are the sensitive – the mediums – that can perceive them.
    So, from this viewpoint there is no mystery at all.
    I know that it would have been more interesting if I tell you that there are veeeeery dangerous daaaark creatures that are just waiting for the chance to jump into your body. 😀

    • Patrick

      First off, I somehow missed this comment so I’m sorry I’m just now approving it. But also, I know using a Ouija board would be probably unnecessary for you, but for the rest of us, you wouldn’t be incredibly concerned? I’m trying to keep track of pros and cons. 🙂

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  • Thomas

    I had a negative experience with the Ouija bard. I swore I’d never use one again. We each (there were 4 of us) accused each other of moving the pointer, so we agreed to ask a question no one else would know. I could see the blood drain from my uncles’ face as his question was answered correctly, as was mine. The candle flame jumped six inches and stayed that way throughout our session. The pointer at one point moved of its own accord, at which point we all screamed and ran down the stairs from the attic bedroom my aunt and uncle occupied. That night I was plagued by a feeling of oppressive weight, like there had been an argument in the room and things were uneasy. I turned on a Disney cartoon on the television as I slept on a pallet downstairs, in order to lighten the feeling. The television went off and so did the lamp I was using. I lay there eyes clenched shut in terror until I finally fell asleep. Later on at home, I saw a dark shadow in my room which was accompanied by the sound of pigs and dogs growling. I was petrified. It even followed me to school. We were having field day, so most of school was empty and lights turned out in bathroom. I went in to bathroom, and turned on the lights, or maybe they were on a sensor I don’t remember. As I sat in the stall, the door jiggled. I hadn’t heard anyone come in, so I looked under the door to see any feet. There were none. I opened the stall, no one was in the bathroom. I closed an re locked to door and went to finish my “business” The door shook again, and harder. I began to frantically pray and it went away. A few nights later, I saw the shadow again and heard the noises. This time I smelled rotten meat and dust in the air. I felt my mattress compress as if someone were on the bed. I finally prayed out loud and the thing vanished. I promised myself and God I’d never touch another board again, and that is a promise I intend to keep. Playing with the board is like a child playing with a loaded gun. You might have been given some safety precautions (in this case praying before, or Imagining a white light of protection etc) but eventually there will be an accident. Something negative will get through. Thinking we can control these forces is the worst kind of arrogance. Be careful ya’ll.

    • Patrick Keller

      Fascinating experience, Thomas. I think with any spirit communication, the energy or fear or silliness that you bring to the table is what you could get back out of it. Like sleepovers, parties, etc. I don’t fear spirit communication. I’ve never been anything but respectful, serious, and loving with all of my sessions and experiments. With that being said, I’ve had quite a few Ouija sessions in a year and a half now and I’ve had zero experiences at all. 🙂

  • gramlyn

    I would agree with Randall here. Intent is everything! The Ouija Board has gotten a lot of negative rep – who doesn’t know at least one scary ouija board story? If you are going into a seance with a dark mindset, you WILL attract harmful spirits! I wouldn’t say that the ouija board is not a helpful tool in the right hands. A psychic medium who is trained to handle energies of the afterworld won’t have to fear for he is well equiped to handle difficult situations.

    What a scary experience! Would you ever try it again?

    • Patrick Keller

      I would have to agree with you, gramlyn. I’ve had several requests and multiple opportunities to get the board out for one reason or another, and I almost always say no. It’s just not the right moment.

  • teodora

    yep i have 2 and use them both – no problem. In fact , there is a problem and that’s don’t ask what you don’t want to know. I think this is where most people have difficulties. But it’s the human, not the tool….

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