I am a Zombie… and other updates…

I… am a walking Zombie… 

I will go ahead and apologize now to the people who found this post after typing “zombie” into a search engine. Stay for a while though… you might find a topic you like. 🙂 

You may have noticed it has been a while since I’ve blogged. I went back to school on August 1st and the kids came back this last week. It has been a shock to my 3:30am bedtime summer mode body. 

Plus, I’ve had two overnight investigations in the span of one week. After the last investigation on Friday night, I was really feeling it. It might be that I’m just officially old, but I’ve been a worthless zombie blob now for two days. I don’t know when to sleep and when to be awake. It’s the “Chinese Standard Time” that I often joke about… even though I honestly have no clue what time it is in China at this moment.

It is also in the last two days that I have realized how dangerously out of shape I am. Should a 34-year-old get seriously winded going up a flight of stairs?

So I’m pretty sure I have no spirits attached to me. I’m pretty sure no one is sucking energy from me like a vampire. It’s just the combination of everything above. That and maybe… just maybe… I’ve been attacked by a zombie… (Is that how it works? I don’t even get into that stuff. It’s a HUGE fad now. Have you noticed?)


Other Random Updates…

More about Friday night’s investigation

Friday night’s investigation at a private residence was so very interesting. It was a huge learning experience. As an investigator, I was by myself… but for the first time I had the pleasure of working with a medium who is also a good friend. The family was present and it was just a really neat evening.


Astrology and recent technology issues

Anyone else having an unusual amount of technology issues recently? I sure did this week. It made me think back to a few weeks ago when I listened to a podcast that was interviewing an astrologer. She was talking about a period of time when people tend to have lots of technology issues. I wondered if I was in that window. I asked a fellow blogger, Andrea Elliot at HolisticWords.com, and here was her response:

“Yes, it is happening to a lot of people, attributed to the moon cycles and the fact we have 2 full moons this month plus the meteor shower.

A great deal of magnetic and electrical forces at work at the moment which is causing angst and upset (both mechanically and mentally) but also a unyielding need for action and inspiration – which can come out as frustration.

So don’t worry you are not alone.”

Good to know! (By the way… it took me about 5 minutes to get the above quote to be that color because it wouldn’t format. Hmmm…)

Till next time, everyone… Peace!

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6 responses to “I am a Zombie… and other updates…

  • Randallkeller

    Yeah, I can relate to the techno-difficulties. I lost signal 5 times trying to leave this message. What I was gonna say before that happened is that I have found periods throughout the years that caused me to think I needed to replace everything tech-related with new, only to change my mind a week later. I dunno what causes it, but it’s frustrating, but I think it’s a very real thing. I feel a little stupid thinking it, but I’m buying it completely.

    • Patrick

      Yeah… my whole “what if my computer crashes” paranoia has been worse than usual this week. And… I absolutely canNOT get my computer to recognize one of my audio recorders. Kind of a big deal. Tried to download new drivers, but can’t download them by themselves without the Digital Voice Editor 3 download… and when I try to open it it crashes… even after uninstalling it and downloading it again. Frustrating. I need to figure out when this whole Mercury retrograde thing ends. 🙂

  • Ash

    Mercury is retrograde 🙂 And yes, everyone is definitely feeling it in some form or fashion.

  • LeeAllenHoward

    I’ve spent the last day and a half recovering from computer problems. There may be something to it.

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