Haunting Trip Through an Abandoned Farmhouse…


I’ve been trying out some new video editing software. Technology takes me longer than most people normally, but it took me a LONG time to work out the kinks in this video. Believe it or not, adding text or a title is the roughest part in this program, so I’ve kept it basic. Not exactly how I wanted it, but I’m declaring it done for now. 🙂

This is a haunting trip through the abandoned farmhouse that MOSS investigated earlier this year. I’ve blogged about some of our experiences there. More than anything, it has been a really cool and interesting place to visit. If you’re interested in the final investigation report you can click HERE.

Oh and by the way… one of the interesting things about this video is the short musical clips throughout. They are from 1901, the year the home was built, and we used them as triggers for an experiment during our investigation. 




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12 responses to “Haunting Trip Through an Abandoned Farmhouse…

  • Maria Laing

    Well done! Loved the music…..

  • LeeAllenHoward

    Excellent job. Love the effects, and the music really sets the mood.

  • Patrick

    You don’t think it’s too scary? My mom thinks the music is too scary, but I went out of my way this time to make a video that was NOT. Plus… if there WAS any scariness, I tried to lighten the mood as soon as the door opened. 🙂

  • Paranormalogistically

    Great video work! I loved the effects, transitions and especially the haunting music…more please 🙂

    • Patrick

      Thanks! It took me a whole weekend, but I think with some more practice I’ll get better. There aren’t a lot investigations going on now that I could make a video out of. But… Now that life (school) has started back up again I’m two investigations behind on analysis and there is so little time. So frustrating, because I just want to sit down and finish it all.

  • Roberta Kellogg

    Nice job, felt almost like I was behind some of you enjoying the tour with you! Glad I found this page totally by accident. I have liked, and am now following. Will this make it so that I can post comments after other comments? So far, I haven’t been given that option….but this is a really good site! Gonna pass it on through my page for my other paranormal pals! Thanks again! Bobbi Jo in FL

    • Patrick Keller

      Thank you very much for stopping by, for following, and for sharing, Roberta! I appreciate it.

      When you comment, there should be the option to click in the box next to “Notify me of follow-up via email.” If I don’t hear from you, then I guess I’ll know you didn’t check that box. 🙂 But that should allow you to see any future comments made on this specific post.

      Reply if you got this. 🙂

      • ricolaroberta

        Thanks so much, Patrick! I have a feeling that this is going to be a site well visited by me in the future. I practically eat, sleep, do everything that has to do with the paranormal. I still haven’t been able to get together a group for a few small excursions yet, however to test out my ghost hunters kit! LOL I have however been using the app Ghost Radar Legacy (Not sure if that is really the name : 0 ) and getting some really relavent words coming through that nobody could know but us! Intriguing…..Again, thanks for your help and stay well my friend! Bobbi in FL

      • Patrick Keller

        Well stop on by as much as you want! I’m honored to have you visit. Sorry for the late reply.

  • Danielle

    Hiya,I too stumbled upon your wonderful site and really enjoyed your video, you really set the mood well and kept me watching ! I also loved the music and have told my friends about you,I live over in England but we are coming over next year so I will be watching eagerly to see what comes next ! Kind regards Danielle xx

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