Fort Chaffee Prison Video…

Patrick inside the max security building at Fort Chaffee Prison.


As you know, a few months ago I participated in a joint investigation of the Fort Chaffee Prison in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The investigation was headed up by Dar and the Joplin Paranormal Research Society (JPRS) out of Joplin, Missouri. Also investigating was J.H.P.S out of Fort Smith, and, of course, I represented Missouri Spirit Seekers (MOSS). Not only was it a blast, but I met some new friends and colleagues in the field.

Analysis is ongoing, but Dar has made a really cool video highlighting the investigation. I told her she should move to Hollywood. As you’ll see, much of the prison facility is currently set up as a working haunted house. It made investigating very interesting. Most of the video is from our walk through of the facility. We’re using night vision cameras and flashlights and are completely in the dark, but what you see and hear at the very end is our guide surprising us by turning on the sound and mechanics of the whole production. Such a weird experience. I can’t make fun of Dar for screaming at the end because we have documented evidence of me screaming at a different moment during the walk through. 🙂

Soon I may post a really funny clip from part of the investigation that I captured on my camcorder. But, I’m sure Dar will doctor it up soon, so I won’t ruin the unveiling. 🙂  More to come, I’m sure…  For now, enjoy!


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2 responses to “Fort Chaffee Prison Video…

  • Brandie Sellers

    I’m guessing you thought this place was awesome, but I just don’t like the negativity there…

    • Patrick

      I’ve been slacking at my responding to people apparently. Although sometimes I wonder if my responses just don’t go through and then I forget.

      I get what you’re saying. That’s a side effect of being interested in this kind of thing… and with my personal conflict of balancing paranormal with spiritual. I always try to be as respectful as possible when investigating. I know that spirits were human too. And if I felt like I was being contacted for help, I’d do the best I could.

      If it makes you feel any better, honestly, I didn’t feel any negativity from the place. That doesn’t mean anything though, because my feelers are probably just not as good as yours. It has a violent and sad history though.

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