Speak with the Dead: Seven Methods for Spirit Communication by Konstantinos…

I’d considered getting this book for a few years. It seemed to pop up every time I searched for new books on the topic of spirit communication. I think maybe it was the cover art that kept me from committing to it, but I’m not really sure. But then Lee Allen Howard, a wise new friend from Building the Bridge recommended it to me. That’s all I needed. It was added to my summer reading list, which I have been making my way through quite nicely.

The Seven Methods…

Konstantinos, who is featured in a séance video from a previous post, discusses and gives how-to advice in his book Speak with the Dead: Seven Methods for Spirit Communication. These methods include (in his own words) Microphone Recording, Broadcast Static Recording, White Noise Recording, Video of the Dead, Scrying, Direct Mind Contact, and Séance Made Simple. Basically, in possibly more recognizable and current terms, these are instructions for the different ways of going about recording EVP, using radio sweep (such as a spirit box), recording Video ITC (Instrumental Trans-communication), communicating clairaudiently and clairvoyantly, and of course, séance, which you’ve heard enough about from me. If you’re not aware of what scrying is, Wikipedia tells usScrying (also called seeing or peeping) is a magic practice that involves seeing things psychically in a medium, usually for purposes of obtaining spiritual visions and less often for purposes of divination or fortune-telling. The most common media used are reflective, translucent, or luminescent substances such as crystals, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire, or smoke.” In this book, Konstantinos focuses on scrying using water.  

Is it for you?

Now as usual, I have to be honest here. Written in 2001, many of the technological information or instructions are already very outdated. Not many EVP researchers stock up on cassette tapes anymore. Also, I’m not sure if many of the feedback loop instructions for video ITC would work in the new HD and digital TV world. But, if you’re not someone who is already very experienced in these topics, there is still much to learn. It is very easy to understand. If, like me, you’ve read a trillion books on EVP and have spent quite a bit of time researching and practicing it, you won’t gain much from it (unless you’re looking to learn about old school techniques). But, video ITC and scrying are two things I haven’t tried, and reading this book may have just given me the inspiration and confidence to give it a try sometime. And trust me, when I do you’ll hear about it here. 

My Favorite Part!

Want to know my favorite part? The author shows you how to perform a ritual he calls the “Ancient Rite” to prepare your mind for spirit communication and “summoning” specific spirits. I know from previous comments that summoning is somewhat controversial among my readers. I tend to think it can be done respectfully, and frankly, in this field it seems like it would be very necessary at times. Anyway, if I continue to be honest, like most practices that even mention the word “candle”, this ritual had me at hello and just seems cool and fun. But more importantly, may end up helping to prepare for some of the séances that I’ll be participating in and documenting this fall.

“But you don’t have to take my word for it!” (Ha! Cue the Reading Rainbow theme)



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14 responses to “Speak with the Dead: Seven Methods for Spirit Communication by Konstantinos…

  • Maria Laing

    Wonderful! Another open gate!! I would be interested in knowing more about the “Ancient Rite” . I bought 5 volumes of “The Law of One by Ra, the humble messenger of The Law of One” concerning the Ra material. I have read I, II, and III and then skipped IV (for the moment) and am 3/4ths the way through V, which includes what is called “Personal Material”. There is a great deal of emphasis on preparing the mind for spirit communication in their communications, which in this case involves a medium in trance, different than your focus. The Ra accounts refer to positive and negative polarity and entities of each which may influence us. I think mental predisposition is important. All that you have done so far is in the realm of positive polarity and will continue to be, I am sure. Blessings!!!

  • Brandie Sellers

    LOL! AH! Reading Rainbow! There it is again 🙂 I had the theme song in my head very briefly today, and I was sitting at work like “why the HECK did that just pop into my head. Again.” Maybe I was tapping into what you were writing here? Very cool. Let me know how the Ancient Rite works for you! Brave soul…

  • aunt Sarah

    I just have trouble thinking a spirit would be able to understand communicating through anything digitally! I mean, microphone/vibration/tape….even candles are more natural. Smoke, light, refraction, water are all substances. I don’t get digital, microwave…all that stuff. Especially my iPad/iPod doohickey!

    Have fun!

    • Patrick

      Well… especially as times change, there are more and more spirits with knowledge of all things techie. That’s why many of the famous scientists help researchers from the other side. I can’t wait till spirit starts calling us directly onto our iPhones. 🙂 (Actually… that’s already been reported several times)

  • Diana

    Fascinating! Scrying is an ancient form of fortune-telling, sometimes using the intestines of sacrificed animals as the medium to be read. I prefer tea leaves! Summoning can be thought of as summoning the appropriate mood in oneself which is in tune with the spirit world, a way of dissolving the self-other difference.

  • Yamyah

    Dear Patrick, just be careful if you go ahead with any opening portal bridges such as scyring, etc. Protect yourself before and as the spirits who will make contact are earthbound 9 times out of 10 and most wont have good intentions. Some will be low astral entities pretending to be ghosts. My sister has recently opened a door to two negative entities who disguised themselves as two people she used to know (one of the two beeing my deceased father), she is now possessed by these two and there isnt much we can do to help her as she allowed them in. This is coming from someone (me) who didnt believe in possession in the first place. we need to be very aware of what is going on at the moment as we take a huge leap in consciousness collectively (Light), the dark ones are panicking and using all trickery they can to lower our frequency. In any case, protect yourself with Love, Light, guides etc before you go dwell in these practises.



    • Patrick

      Lovely Yamyah, in my opinion, I don’t practice anything that would put me in too much danger. I believe for the purpose of serious research and understanding, a risk is sometimes necessary. My beliefs about negative or harmful spirits is a little different, I suppose… although I’m the first to admit that the reason for this might just be that I haven’t run into anything concerning yet. My opinions change as I learn and grow. However, I don’t have your abilities and I do appreciate the reminder of the risks and protecting myself, etc. Sometimes lately I just jump right in and get to work. Good reminders, especially since I have been asked to attempt to help two different families in the next next several days that are going through some concerning activity. You’re a wise friend and I’m glad to have you checking up on me. 🙂

  • Yamyah

    you’re welcome, dear. Such as you, i had a completely different view on the “negative” ones (didnt really believe in them) until 2 weeks ago…if you ever encounter any that you sense could be putting you in danger or you feel something is affecting you remember they cannot harm you unless you allow them to. You call always call on your guides, etc and you will be fine 🙂
    good luck with helping the family xx

  • Paranormalogistically

    Nice review, Patrick. Another method you might consider is dowsing. I’ve used a crystal pendulum and modern copper and brass rods but it doesn’t have to be fancy to work for you. This method relies mostly on yes and no answers and “they” will mess with you and give conflicting info so be aware of that. But it is also an incredible experience! As with all of these methods respect is essential and if you get uncomfortabe at any time, stop. I look forward to reading about your continuing research! 🙂

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