A New EVP… Instructions About the Clock Radio?

Have you wondered why I haven’t posted many new EVP on here recently? Oh, that would be because I haven’t had much luck lately. True, I have slowed down a bit with my sessions at home, but I’ve also completed analysis of a few investigations as well as two cemetery recordings. Not much as far as EVP goes. At least nothing that I can confidently say is spirit communication. My excuse for slacking on my EVP sessions is due mainly to being backed up with footage and audio to analyze from investigations, and things like vacation, life happening, etc. Could it be true that being consistent is a big factor in spirit communication? I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t disappointed. When I ran into an EVP drought months ago during my two-week EVP experiment, I got inspiration from Sarah Estep. I wish she or one of the other pioneer greats would show up with some wisdom for me right about now. 🙂  


A New EVP… 

But the good news is this. Two nights ago I decided to record a short session while I relaxed on the bed in the bedroom while alone in the house. It was late at night and so it was pretty quiet. I usually conduct sessions at my desk in the loft. I also usually use two recorders. This time I did not. It is important to note that around six minutes into this session I twice asked for a knock in the room to validate that a presence was with me. I got a knock each time. It had been a while since I’d received such knocking communication and I wondered if it was the return of my rapper. With that being said, after the two single knocks I asked for further validation and got nothing. 

Just before this possible EVP was captured (about eight minutes into the session), I was asking about the dream that I mentioned in an earlier post. The dream seemed to be spirit letting me know they were aware of my research. This dream also involved clear communication with a clock radio like the one I remember having in the house when I was younger. After the discussion in the comments from that post, I’ve been left wondering whether the clock radio was just symbolism or if I’m really supposed to try it. (By the way, my parents found it in the attic of their house. It is exactly like the one pictured in the dream post. I’ll be picking it up when I visit this weekend.) In the session, I had just asked “Is that something I’m supposed to try?” (I was referring to the clock radio.) As usual, I have no clue what may be communicated here. Your feedback is welcome. 


Is that something I’m supposed to try?

Original, Unenhanced Audio

Enhanced Audio

More Enhancing and Slowed Down


*Full Disclosure (I wish WordPress had a teeny tiny font size)

I’m probably not supposed to tell you this because skeptics will take it and run. And… (sigh)… I know I’m sometimes too openly skeptic with my own work, therefore I probably end up missing true examples of spirit communication. However, I just can’t NOT be honest. Though it was very quiet in the room, and though I have gotten pretty good at calling out or “tagging” strange noises from the environment during sessions, I have to tell you that Meril (our 4 legged son… name pronounced like “Meryl” Streep, thank you very much) was relaxing in his kennel just a few feet away from the recorder on the night stand. I didn’t tag anything in the audio and I don’t recall hearing strange noises coming from him. 



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10 responses to “A New EVP… Instructions About the Clock Radio?

  • Randall keller

    It’s unfortunate but I can’t make sense of the words, but I’m sure it’s a voice and unless your four-legged child speaks, it ain’t him. It’s still a good specimen. It’s a response even if it’s hard to decipher. But I think you should try the clock regardless. Plan it out, run the tests – you may have been set-up for this, and you never know how great your results could be. I think he responded to that question for a reason. That’s an assumption, of course, but it’s got some common sense behind it. I hope you’ll let us know.

    • Patrick

      Thank you, Randy! It means a lot to hear your feedback. What I initially thought I was hearing was something like “Check which one” or “Check which _____” but that is a huge guess. And I’m definitely bringing the clock radio home to try it. Dad has been keeping an eye and ear on it… just in case. 😉

  • LeeAllenHoward

    The symbolic/literal interpretations aren’t mutually exclusive. You can take the symbolism as a message, but why not try with the clock-radio? Although I can’t tell what it’s saying, that’s definitely a voice. I’m interested in hearing more!

    • Patrick

      Thank you, Lee. As I’ve said before, I love having such smart readers that help validate things when I’m not so confident. 🙂 Do you ever get or feel anything intuitively from EVP?

  • Diana

    I think your dream was prophetic! Dreams work on a lot of levels at once. I’m reading Rupert Sheldrake who says the mind exceeds the brain — it’s part of a field that it feeds information into and from which it receives information.

  • Mom & Dad

    The enhanced audio is better for us to hear. I think it says “I see your point” or “I hear your voice”.

  • Maria Laing

    For what it is worth, I think it is a voice and that the first part of the response might be “Yes…”, or “Yep…”. The rest I can’t discern, but it does seem like a sentence structure to me. My impulse is to say Congratulations! I think you have something there.
    Also, I want to share something I came across, and perhaps you already are familiar with. Michael Tymn, author of several books, has written “The Afterlife Exploreers, Vol. I and II. He also has a blog: White Crow Books.com/blogs. There may be some material there that might interest you.
    I appreciate your level of honesty and candor!
    Best wishes!!

    • Patrick

      Maria, I am not familiar with the author or the site so thank you! I’ve added it to my favorites. And I thank you for always encouraging me and showing up to share your wisdom and experiences.

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