Spirit Communication through a Clock Radio…

Last night I had another dream. It was the first night of being back in my own bed after several days in a cabin on vacation. Since it is summer and I’m sleeping more, I guess I’m going to wake up remembering them more frequently. 

Here we go… 

First of all, I was younger and single, and I was playing the role of myself in some other reality, I suppose. I was staying at a friend’s house. I don’t believe this friend exists in real life, but I do know the house resembled something you’d see on Hoarders, so apparently OCD wasn’t a concern of mine in this alternate reality. I was also doing my laundry there, but I’m not sure why. Doesn’t matter. Anyway… 

So we were all just hanging out in this friend’s (very messy) bedroom, and he was showing us how a spirit very often spoke to him through his clock radio. As if he was Marcello Bacci (a notable ITC researcher most famous for contacting spirit through a radio), he stood next to his device on his night stand, twisting dials. I don’t remember there being much static or other noise, but after a while there was suddenly a clear voice that communicated with us all in the room. The part about the dream that blew my mind was that the voice mentioned me by name and knew of me, saying he was aware of my attempts to communicate with spirit. I couldn’t wait to get a clock radio of my own to try it out at home, especially since the spirit world was apparently aware of me and was trying so hard to contact me from their side.  

I don’t remember much else, but I woke up incredibly disappointed when I realized I didn’t have a clock radio like my friend had in the dream. I can remember what it looked like though.

This is pretty close to the clock radio from my dream, except there was a speaker on the right of the face.

This is a pretty close representation of what was in my dream. We had one just like this growing up, only in my dream I clearly remember there being a plastic grill for a speaker on the right side of the face. 

Was this me being just as big of a dork in my dream as I am in real life? Or… should I be ordering one of these off of eBay? 

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19 responses to “Spirit Communication through a Clock Radio…

  • Maria Laing

    I occurs to me that maybe this was spirit acknowledging you and your attempts to communicate…..some type of validation. You might take it as as an encouragement that you may ultimately receive communication from spirit in the future, through not necessarily through a clock radio! Here’s hoping…

    • Patrick

      Oh I hope so, Maria. The communication in my dream was just as clear as someone speaking in the same room… maybe even with a microphone! It was so exciting!

  • Marilyn Painter

    It’s not the type of radio that is important, it’s the message of the significance of frequency. The “clutter” in the room may also be significant. What do you think of when you see this clutter? If it means “imperfection” to you, you saw that despite this friends imperfection, he received communications. Maybe the message is you can receive communications easily, if you don’t let “perfection” clutter your frequency. Anywho…welcome back!!

    • Patrick

      Wow, Marilyn! I was hoping someone would give me some deep dream analysis. That is definitely something to think about… the perfection stuff, anyway. I spend so much time on details lately. By the way… it’s good to be back!

  • Diana

    I recorded an EVP on my iPhone video for real. A clock radio might work too. Be sure to have a seperate recording device running.

  • Ash

    I wish I could “Like” some of the comments on here! I want to say stuff but it’s already been said 🙂

  • Paranormalogistically

    I agree with Marilyn on the dream analysis…I thought I was the only one who had dreams about paranormal activity, lol. I don’t feel so alone in my geekdom now! 😉

    • Patrick

      Diane, I thought we established this a long time ago. 🙂 Maybe we are neighbors in another reality. Ooh ooh… or maybe you are my friend from the dream?!?!

      • Paranormalogistically

        It wasn’t me, I can’t stand a mess and have OCD tendencies too. :D. :/ …whoa, maybe I’m a slob in another reality. Just remember too, that dream symbolism if often different for everyone based on how each percieves their reality.

  • Andrea Elliott

    You soo have to get one now! 😀

  • Jacee Meadows

    I would def b buying a clock radio similar to what was in your dream. Sounds to me like a message that says the spirits are aware in reality that you communicate w them and possibly means some are awaiting for u to get this radio and may to really communicate w u in that way. I would try it! Good luck to you

  • LeeAllenHoward

    You had a dream about a device that wakes you from dreams. And in this dream you have a friend (symbolic of a medium) who assists you in achieving contact with the spirit world. The clutter of life’s mundanities does not ultimately prevent you from trying and achieving success.

    A clock is a dual transmitter — of time and of communication frequencies. After a while (time) of attempting to tune in (finding the right frequency), you attain clear communication.

    There are those in the spirit world who know you and are aware of your attempts to communicate, Patrick. I believe this is a true Spirit message to you. The clock is an older model, and you were young in the dream; this speaks of an early call to this type of work. It is why you’ve always been interested in such matters. Now is the time for manifestation.

    The means of communication was on the nightstand, which facilitates sleep activities. Of course, the possibility of getting such a radio is intriguing. Yet I think a primary message here is to pay attention to your dreams because, by the evidence of this dream, Spirit IS contacting you. The later you sleep, the more memorable will be your dreams.

    Before you go to sleep, meditate on that imaginary clock radio and by your firm yet calm intention, set it to the frequency where the clear voice came through. And tell yourself you will receive from this channel while you sleep, and that you will remember your dreams upon waking. Make sure you have something to record them with the moment you awake. (This practice is metaphorically tuning your own psychic channel to receive from Spirit.)

    I believe the following is not just symbolic but actual: You are part of a team of people, friends (on both sides), who are attempting communication, and this project has been planned and practiced for many years. After persistent trial, you will achieve clear communication (whether it’s by means of ITC or pure mental mediumship). The messages that come through — like the communication of this dream — are meant not only for you, but to be shared with others.

  • Patrick

    Here’s an update! If you’re on Facebook you may have seen this already, but my parents have found the clock radio in the attic and it is identical to the one in the picture. 🙂 They’re saving it for me… just in case. 🙂

  • Randall keller

    Wow! Your dreams are weird, but I wouldn’t say you qualify for dorkdom. ITC interests me immensely, so I would love to hear if u get results that are conclusive! But I doubt the style radio matters much. Why not try something you could hook directly to a computer. No?

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