Evidence Review and Whispered Conversations Debunked!!

Kitchen and corner pantry


For over a month now I’ve been reviewing evidence and writing up the report for MOSS’s abandoned farmhouse investigation. I used two stationary audio recorders that ran throughout the investigation, in addition to all of our other video and audio, so it’s a lot to review. Since I’m very detailed, documenting almost every sound and action, finishing up an investigation takes a very long time… especially with a “real job” during the day. 


The way I review evidence is by starting with all of the audio. I keep a detailed log of unexplained noises, what investigators say and do, and the time stamps as they happen. For this particular investigation I easily ended up with a 15-page Word document by the time I had made it through the audio. When I hear possible EVP or suspicious noises, I listen to them and document, but I don’t get too detailed until I have gone through everything else, video, etc. Then I return to those time stamps to really dig deep into the audio.

Opposite corner of the kitchen


Yesterday, I was returning to what I was referring to as a “possible whispered conversation” that was captured at 10:55pm in the stationary audio recorder that was placed in the kitchen, which is in the very back of the house. After matching up all of the other audio and video I knew that no one was near that recorder. Three investigators were in the very front of the house.


I was absolutely fascinated by the whispers in the kitchen. I couldn’t figure out what they were saying, but there was no doubt in my mind that this was a conversation that was being picked up. You could hear all the “S”s that appear so pronounced when someone is whispering quietly. While matching up other audio and video I discovered that no investigators were speaking at that exact moment. I began texting and calling my team excitedly to let them know what I had caught. 

Front entrance/hallway where investigators were located at the time of the whispers


Ten minutes later, after playing the audio and video of that moment over and over, I began to notice a pattern of sounds, both in the whispers from the kitchen, and in the video from the investigators on the other side of the house. My heart sank… but not for long.


The pattern you’ll want to listen for happens as soon as you hear me clear my throat. And it goes until you hear me start talking again. The cord to my headsets hit either my equipment or other items in the room, creating about five quick sounds. Then pay attention to my footsteps. There is a rhythm to the whole thing. Who said being a music teacher couldn’t help with paranormal investigations? Then go back to the original audio from the kitchen and listen for that rhythmic pattern.


Whispered Conversations from the kitchen…

Original, unenhanced audio

Enhanced audio 


Video of the same moment from the front of the house…


I was so proud of myself for getting to the bottom of those whispers. It would have been truly very cool to present that as evidence… but it wasn’t. But, it was like a difficult puzzle that I solved when I was so certain that what I was listening to was real. I almost did a cart-wheel when I figured it all out. It just goes to show how very easy it is for groups and investigators to walk in with one recorder and then tell you you’ve got a ghost. Are we really working hard to “debunk” things we think are real? Are we paying attention to the details? Or just the fun stuff?



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9 responses to “Evidence Review and Whispered Conversations Debunked!!

  • Paranormalogistically

    Clearly not all paranormal groups and investigators are paying enough attention to evidence review and “debunking”. There is so much “evidence for the afterlfe” posted on the internet everyday, that would have had a better home in the recycle bin. It is refreshing to know you are one of the serious investigators out there willing to do the work it takes to get to the bottom of questionable anomolies instead of letting it slide. You did a magnificent job on this, covered all your bases and have every right to be proud of yourself. Keep up the excellent, high quality work, Patrick!

    • Patrick

      Thanks, Diane! There aren’t a ton of exciting paranormal things going on in this place… and I’ve worked my butt off going through it all… but the good news is, I’ve learned more lessons during this case than probably any other. 🙂

  • Brandie Sellers

    How do you find these places to investigate? Also, you must have amazing ears…I couldn’t hear anything!

    • Patrick

      A few of our locations we landed by having some lucky connections, but the rest of them are from clients that contact me. I get a lot of concerned people contacting me, actually. Very few of them turn into investigations.

      • Brandie Sellers

        oh, why is that? Do they just say “never mind”? I’m glad that there are shows out there now, showing people it’s okay to admit you exprience these things, but we have a long way to go…

      • Patrick

        Well… sometimes I think people want someone to listen to and to know they’re not crazy. But they’re not yet comfortable in letting someone into their house. To them I guess I’m the weirdo. 🙂 Sometimes the e-mails I get are from people who can’t talk about it to anyone else for whatever reason, and after I talk it through with them they’re good to go. 🙂 And sometimes… I think people just want someone to be impressed or to sound shocked that they hear footsteps or “saw something” and they want me to jump in the car and come right over and call the news station so they can be stars. 🙂 There’s a whole process of interviewing and questioning, and sometimes they’re just not interested in that. 🙂

      • Patrick

        Oh… and I almost forgot. In EVP it is a common practice to wear headphones. Maybe that is why you didn’t hear? Sometimes without them you don’t hear voices or details. Sometimes I amplify the audio files, but it’s usually best to let them stand on their own.

      • Brandie Sellers

        oooooh….good tip! Didn’t know!

  • Randall Keller

    Interesting. I can definitely see why you thought you had whispers. Commend your dedication to finding the truth and not just leaping into the abyss.

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