Edgar Cayce and Spirit Communication…

Edgar Cayce

Probably about a year ago I ordered two books on the psychic, Edgar Cayce. I must admit that even though I think he was a fascinating man, I only read one of them, and it was rough for me. His channeled knowledge is a little like reading out of the King James Bible. The second book (that I may never read from front to back) is a bit like a textbook, but is easily referenced by topic. 

Edgar Cayce was born in Kentucky in 1877. He is sometimes known as the “sleeping prophet”. This is because he often appeared to be sleeping when he was in trance. In fact, his first clairvoyant experience came after a nap while doing school work. He was also known as the “father of holistic medicine” because from the very beginning he was able to use his clairvoyance to help with medical advice and healing. Since then, most of his readings involved health and healing. Where did all of this knowledge and information come from? Cayce claims it almost never came from an outside source, but from his super conscious (sometimes known as higher consciousness, G0d consciousness, or sometimes just “source”).  Fortunately for us, almost every Cayce reading is documented and cataloged. 

This evening I decided to see what Mr. Cayce specifically had to say about spirit communication. As I said, sometimes this stuff is over my head, so I’d love to hear your thoughts or interpretation. 

Excerpts from Channeled Readings Regarding Spirit Communication

If there is a desire on the part of those in the spirit or fourth dimensional plane to be communicated with, and the same element of desire is attuned from another plane, stratum, sphere or condition, then such may be done; hence, it truly may be said that all factors have their influence, desire the ruling one; and the desire must be attuned to the same vibration of the one in another plane, as the radio.

Q-Does communication further or retard, or not affect, the spiritual progression of those in spirit life?
A-It does all!


 A union of force makes for strength and power. Thus, the communion of saints means that all who have one purpose, whose thoughts and motivative forces are one, may communicate; whether those in the material plane, in the borderland, or those that may be upon the shores of the other side of life. 


Q-Does he (deceased) know of my prayers?
A-Do you wish him to? Do you wish to call him back to those disturbing forces, or do you wish the self to be poured out for him that he may be happy? Which is it you disire, –to satisfy self that you are communicating, or that you are holding him in such a way as to retard?


Q-What physical thing may an individual do to be able to communicate with those that have passed into the spirit plane?
A-Lay aside the carnal or sensuous mind and desire that those who would use that mentality, that soul, for its vehicle of expression, do so in the manner chosen by that soul; for some communicate in act, in sight, in movement, in voice, in writing, in drawing, in speaking, and in the various forces as are manifest–for force is one force.


Q-What form do spirits have?
A-That within the mental capacities of the medium obtaining such vibration from an aura to create; or to give, such manifestations a form: it assuming then that form…
Not that we would belittle such manifestations, but let them be rather the silent voice from within communicating with the individuals themselves, rather than manifesting through other individuals who give them shape, form, and words of their individual development and of their individual environment.



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B. Ernest Frejer, “The Edgar Cayce Companion: A Comprehensive Treatise of the Edgar Cayce Readings.” A.R.E. Press, 12/01/1995


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13 responses to “Edgar Cayce and Spirit Communication…

  • LeeAllenHoward

    Cayce’s channeling is hard to read. I like the first segment (5756-8) about desire or intention being the ruling factor in communicating with spirits on higher planes. Interesting point about tuning in to the same vibration, like a radio! I just posted something similar at http://buildingthebridge.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/the-waterfall-of-light-and-revelation-part-3/

  • Sarah E. Raber

    Hmmmm, he says you may need to choose in what way a spirit prefers to “channel” wonder how, other than trial and error, do you find their preferred way of communicating?

    • Patrick

      Well… Kind of like Randy mentioned in his response, I think living individuals use their strengths and interests to reach out… and in turn they’re going to get communication from spirits or entities that respond to those strengths or have the same energy, ability, vibration, etc. There are certain techniques in the field that I’ll just never understand how to do because of either my technological lack of knowledge, for example… or channeling is something I enjoy learning about and trying, but I’m not so good at it… Therefore, I’m going to do it the way I do best, and hopefully I have some non-techie/channeling flunky spirits out there that need an earthly buddy! 🙂 Did that sound smart? Good… because I have no idea what I’m talking about. 🙂

  • Maria Laing

    Very interesting. I agree Cayce is difficult to read. “Coincidently”, I have been reading him the past few weeks. I spent a couple weeks in Denver recently and while there I saw a psychic I saw on a link through the Channeling Erik site. She brought up Cayce,whom I have read since the sixties. The issue of prayer came up as well. You may remember that I spent several years at the convent in O’Fallon, and did quite a lot of praying during that time. I am recentlly curious about how and what to pray in light of communication with departed loved ones: what it is we wish for, what motivates us, what our intentions are, can we “help” those who have passed on, and the effect they have on us, etc. are valid questions. My reading with that psychic left me feeling very uneasy and sad in terms of her references to my son who passed away in Aug. 2009 and his spirit as he is now. I have been more motivated since to further explore my own ability to channel and understand more about communication with guides and helpful entities. It is my hope to put my antenna out there.Last night I was reading “The Ra Material” and “The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues” and came upon Cayce again.There must be a message for me in all this!! If you have any recommendations I would appreciate knowing of them.Thanks andbless you for your work!

    • Patrick

      Isn’t it amazing how things like this work out? Maria… will you please keep me posted as your questions get answered on this journey? And, any of the channeling books on my recommended reading page might be good for you, but you might be beyond those skills… I’ve not been able to master channeling myself.

  • Randall Keller

    Cayce is one of those rare individuals who defies description and pigeonholing. Personally, I always think of people like this as some kind of genius that I should pay serious attention to. They never really tell you how to live or anything, but they open your mind to other considerations all the time. I have never read or heard anything from Cayce that I disagree with. There is a great deal that I would express differently, or in different, more personal ways, but the bottom line is that I find him quite reasonable and easy to comprehend (sorry, I just do). There are times when his language is a bit verbose, but he’s a seer (if you will) – not a literary genius.

    I think one should approach anything paranormal (fill in your own meaning for this) with a common sense, even-tempered, respectful, dignified, and most of all, honest attitude. I think we should be happy with what we are able to find out, and never be tempted to over-exceed our welcome. Greed doesn’t work on the other side, I suspect.

    I believe, as Cayce does (unless I am wrong LOL), that if the zoo wants you, the zoo will come and get you. Not his words, of course, but you catch my drift. If they want to be on film, your camera will reveal them. If they want to speak to you, you’ll get EVP or some other form of ITC. There are any number of outlets, and I believe they determine the ground riles. And I always suggest we be ready when it comes, because eventually, in some way, it will come.

    Of course, I am condensing my thoughts – there’s a BOOK in this subject, as you already know having purchased them. No point in asking you to read another one. 🙂

    Always interesting, Patrick. Always.

    • Patrick

      When he mentioned “vibrations” and “radio” I totally thought of you and your theory on how they imprint their voices on a recording.

  • Paranormalogistically

    I really never had any problem understanding Cayce once I got into the groove of his language. I have several of his books and some by his son, Hugh Lynn Cayce as well. I remember being very young, maybe 5 or 6, and my mom had Edgar Cayce books in the house along with other metaphysical books. Great post as usual, Patrick!

    • Patrick

      There weren’t a lot of cool books like that lying around the house when I was growing up… but I’m not so sure I would have been interested then, either. I was a different kind of nerd back then. 🙂

  • Yamyah

    i love Cayce, thank you for this post


  • Brandie Sellers

    Caycee is a favorite of people who study spiritual stuff, for sure. I haven’t delved into his stuff yet, but I do have one book about him explaining how to be psychic and one on Atlantis (can’t wait to break that one open!). I have to agree that it’s kind of hard to focus on what he’s saying due to the wording. Definitely channeled stuff right there.

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