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My EVP Experiment page has been updated, including the “what I learned” portion that I promised was coming. I would sincerely like to thank those people who followed the experiment and helped with moral support. A summarized version of this page just might be published in a journal this summer. I’ll keep you posted.

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Patrick Keller is an educator, blogger, and the host of the Big Séance Podcast, which is a place for paranerds to have an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts and hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics and mediums, and life after death. He’s the founder of the now inactive Missouri Spirit Seekers and has spent a lot of time experimenting with spirit communication tools and techniques, such as EVP. Patrick also has a passion for spending hours at a time in cemeteries and loves cemetery photography. Visit BigSeance.com! View all posts by Patrick Keller

2 responses to “Updates to the EVP Experiment Page…

  • Maria Laing

    I can see that at lot of work has gone into this report and all your experiments! I am impressed. Congratulations! I hope your report gets published!!

  • Paranormalogistically

    I couldn’t have stopped myself from following this experiment! It so puts me in mind of some of the recorder/mic experiments I did in 2008. My boyfriend (at the time) was a dj so I had access to a variety of sound equipment. He’s history but to this day I still use a variety of recorders and mics in my work. This was a great study, Patrick and I think you gained some trust in the spirit world. I hope you get this report published. You deserve it!

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