A New EVP… and a Big Update on an old one!

A New EVP…

I’ve been trying hard (but probably failing) to not get too excited about the small burst of very cool EVP I’ve been getting lately. I suppose hard work and patience really pays off. I’m hoping that’s the case, anyway. Check out this EVP recorded just two days ago. Once again, even though I don’t aim for noises to be the main form of communication, it ended up going in that direction, with some really fascinating noises that usually followed questions, and some of them even got Meril’s attention. I was having a light-hearted conversation about the noises when I decided to ask “Are you the same person who is often tapping, popping, and making noises?”. I believe I have captured a response with the message “Yes it is.”

“Yes it is.”

Unedited audio

Cleaned up, noise removal, amplification, etc.

A Big Update on an Old EVP…

I forwarded my initial blog post on this EVP to author and new online friend/mentor, Randall Keller. He’s an absolute pro! He was gracious enough to listen to it and clean it up a bit. I want you to know that before Randy cleaned it up, I had no idea or guess as to what the message was. I just knew it was a voice. It took me about 5 times of listening for the words Randy heard in the newly manipulated file… but once I heard it, it hit me like a brick wall! The loud noise in the middle of the voice is the amplified sound of my mouse hitting the desk. Take a listen and tell me if you hear “Is it really death?” or perhaps “Is this really death?”

“Is this really death?”

Unedited audio

Randy’s cleaned up version 

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7 responses to “A New EVP… and a Big Update on an old one!

  • LeeAllenHoward

    I can hear the first clip, but the second doesn’t sound like anything recognizable to me, although I haven’t listened to much actual EVP. Yet, from these short recordings, I can imagine how time-consuming and tedious reviewing recordings can probably be!

    I’m an avid reader, Patrick, and as I read, I often get inspired to order other books that are mentioned or footnoted (as if I need inspiration to buy more books…). The week that Locher and Harsch-Fischbach’s “Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communications” arrived in the mail, my doorbell started ringing “spontaneously.” And not just making the single “dong” when you press the button — it plays music. (My doorbell has this capability through the setting of dipswitches, but it’s set to produce only a single chime.) However, after receiving the book, the doorbell has played several tunes, one of which is “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” The week of my birthday last year, it played “Happy Birthday” twice. I run to the door, and no one is ever there. If I press the button, it chimes just once. And it only happens during the day.

    Thought you might be interested in this little tidbit. Call me a ding-dong (haha!), but when it plays a song, I always say, “Hello!”

  • Sarah E. Raber

    I also thought the first one really did sound like “yes it is” but the second just sounded metallic to me.

  • Patrick

    That amazes me. You all probably weren’t listening with headphones, were you?

    • LeeAllenHoward

      I was listening with my laptop speakers. I just tried headphones, and I still can’t discern anything recognizable, probably due to an untrained ear more than anything.

  • Randall Keller

    I think these are common reactions and so this is the main reason one shouldn’t enhance EVP very much if at all, and even then, not heavily. I only did this to confirm what I thought I heard originality anyway. You truly do develop a skill when it comes to hearing them, and so the need to her them completely correct becomes sort of the next threshold. Regardless, its a good EVP and it represents a complete thought – something that is not the usual. It has a feel about it that suggests the spirit (or whatever) has decided to converse with you rather than just comment. Couple this with the “yes it is” voice and it feels s though this guy is investing in you the way you are investing in him. And he is doing so intelligently and coherently. True, these are not Class-A voices, but I think they prove the point that we need to listen and persevere to continue this communication. Your job is to hear them as best as you can – whether or not they fit into “the word’s” view of what’s spooky, or creepy, or whatever, is irrelevant. So, well done!!!

    • Patrick

      Thank you, Randy! I know you’re not a fan of making enhanced (not sure why I keep using the term “manipulated”… that’s kind of a violating word) EVP public, so I hope you’re not offended that I attached your name to the post. I didn’t think about that… but I wanted to make sure I didn’t take credit for the great work you did. I’m just so very excited about it. 🙂

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