Séance… My Next Journey?

First of all, I’ve gained quite a few readers and a few new followers this week. Thank you for checking out my blog and joining in The Big Séance!

The Next Journey

I’ve really enjoyed all of my EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) research and chronicling it through the blog. I hope you don’t get the impression that I’m closing up shop on EVP. My journey of reaching out and listening for spirit voices will definitely continue. I mean come on, I’ve got hours and hours of investigation audio from last weekend to go through still. I’ve also got ONE sleep recording that I’ve gradually been listening to for several weeks now and who knows how long it’ll take to finish that one. And, lately I’ve continued to conduct a general EVP session here at home every couple of days. It is one of these sessions where I captured my latest EVP that I shared with you a few days ago. Once you capture spirit voices communicating, you’re hooked for good. Plus, with all of the knocking during recordings lately, I’m still trying to figure out if I’m supposed to be a knock whisperer or something. 

But… I’ve always been very interested in a form of spirit communication known as the “séance”, which means “to sit” in French (I happen to be a fan of sitting). And since it is in the name of this blog I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise to you. But aside from other forms of spirit communication which are actually very similar, such as EVP research and paranormal investigation, I’ve actually never participated in one.  I’ve brought it up a few times recently, and a few readers have expressed interest in starting a regular séance or “spirit circle” group also. I’m seriously considering getting something started soon and documenting the experience through the blog. 

I’ve read a ton on the topic of spirit communication, séance, channeling, etc., and recently I described to you the atmosphere of a séance and how I see it in my brain. I think I would get more out of it if my séance looked and felt like it would have in the early days of spiritualism. It just seems more fun to me. But really, I want this to be about learning and experiencing.

I know that I have readers from many backgrounds as well as some incredibly spiritual people with many talents checking out the blog, so here’s what I’d like to know from you…

  • What does a séance look like to you?
  • Tell me about the atmosphere…
  • Is having a medium a requirement? (I love my medium friends)
  • What should its purpose be?
  • How often should a group meet?
  • Where should it be held?
  • Some traditional views of the séance involve only a particular kind of “sitter” being present. Who should the participants be?
  • What should the rules and routines of our séance be?
  • How should it be documented?
  • Some other questions: Table or no table? Is holding hands or touching fingers necessary? Is it bad to light 50 candles (because you know I want to)?


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21 responses to “Séance… My Next Journey?

  • Ash

    Not knowing jack diddly about Seances… I would say yes, you’ll want an experienced medium present… Just in case. I’ve heard too many stories about people accidentally tapping into negative entities and there not being anyone else there who could sense what was happening. Especially if you are going to have a group of people (and even more risk involved having people you don’t really know) with varying levels of energy and intentions – not saying that someone in the group would purposely have bad intentions, but you know – people have a bad day at work and then carry it around with them, etc., they become vulnerable. Whoever is participating needs to be in the right state of mind, and there needs to be someone who is experienced with feeling/seeing/sensing energies to be sure of that. If the theory of seances opening portals is true, then you can’t control what comes out of it.

    • Patrick

      So are you game, Ash? I’m going to talk this through with Marilyn. I might twist her arm to get my atmosphere. 🙂 I was only kidding when I asked her about the costumes though… kind of. 😉

  • Ash

    Oh, and about the holding hands part – I don’t think it’s “necessary” but could be helpful. I see the hand holding as linking energy – like a big circuit. When you hold hands, it amplifies the energy. I think… anyway 🙂

  • Marilyn Painter

    Try a variety of styles of seances and compare them. I have lead several seances and would love to host one. Just say when. I learned a beautiful technique at Delphi University. I agree with Ash, that you would want an experienced medium. The seances that I lead are ALWAYS set with the intent of bringing forth more love, light, and healing for the spirit and loved one (if present in the group). We have a goal to contact a specific spirit (we don’t leave it open to any entity) and I invoke the assistance of my guides and gatekeeper to ensure the utmost pure environment. All present in the group actively participate in the communication exchange with the spirit. The group is lead step by step in this process creating a beautiful space of light for the spirit to come forward. I have witnessed beautiful healing in this medium between the spirit and loved one. So are you game?????

    Marilyn Painter -Psychic Medium

  • Sarah E. Raber

    Two thoughts came to mind. First, how many others of you counted the hands in the second picture to be sure there were only one pair per person? I did 🙂

    Secondly, in Sarasota, on the beach, during the summer, there are the most interesting people who gather about an hour before sunset at the red beach hut. They have a drumming circle that beats a simple rhythm all the way, until the sun sets! Some, who don’t drum, do dances. One lady who is a physician, does a belly dance…slowly, with silk scarves or fans, another man of Indian decent, feathers, shirtless vest, and really muscle bound, danced with feathers….big skirts, hoops, balloons,etc. and by the time the sun was setting, we all turned to the sun, in silence, and just absorbed the last rays…hoping to see the green flash!

    Tom was there getting daily cancer treatments, and I was on IV Antibiotics and daily Hyperbaric tx. He has had no further prostate ca (just kidney!) and I have been free of osteonecrotic jaw! Did it help to attend the drumming circle? Sure didn’t hurt!!

  • LeeAllenHoward

    To me, a seance is simply a gathering of people who want to communicate with Spirit. It helps to have a lighthearted atmosphere; the higher the vibrations of the sitters, the more likely they’ll connect to Spirit. In early Spiritualist seances, they sang hymns or songs to induce the right atmosphere in themselves. (Some of the old photos make seances look creepy, but that’s definitely not the atmosphere you want.) Everyone is mediumistic to some extent, but some people are especially desirable to sit in circle because their energy acts as a battery or a booster for the group’s connection. With the Fox sisters, phenomena happened wherever they were present.

    The purpose of the group, I would think, would be to connect with those in Spirit who want to communicate. If you’re just looking for cheap thrills, you’re bound to be disappointed, because often you must sit regularly for some time before connection is made. It’s helpful for a group to meet regularly, on the same night, at the same time (and be on time for each meeting). This lets interested parties in Spirit know that you are available and can be depended on. (They must organize on their side, too.) A circle can be held anywhere, but a quiet place where sitters won’t be disturbed is best.

    A circle works well with those who believe in Spirit communication yet are unattached to any particular outcome. If you use recording devices, you need to let everyone know and secure their permission. Sometimes when messages come through, they are of a personal nature and shouldn’t be shared with the world. So I’m of the opinion that what happens in circle stays in circle (even if it’s not in Vegas…).

    If you’re looking for physical phenomena, you could have a table. But physical manifestations have died down and are rarely pursued because of the possibility of fraud (that’s why everyone kept their hands on top of the table). Most circles nowadays deal with mental mediumship or clairvoyant development and don’t require a table. Candles can be a safety hazard and are unnecessary, but it you want subdued lighting that lends to ambiance, light a few candles. Hope this helps, Patrick.

    • Patrick

      It absolutely does, Lee. Do you mind me asking if there were any good books you’d recommend on the topic? The best book I’ve read about Seance is The Book of Seance by Cowan, but I’m pretty sure it’s out of print. There is a book on its way as soon as it is printed, otherwise there isn’t a lot out there, to my knowledge.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Brandie Sellers

    If it all possible, I believe you should definitely have a medium present or someone who has channeled before. Before starting, surround yourself with positive and protective white light. You can imagine it surrounding you and the others involved and say “I surround myself with love and light”. You do not want to do this unprotected. This would even be a great thing to do when you go ghost hunting so as to not bring back a spirit with you if they’re intelligent enough…unless you don’t mind that sort of thing. 🙂 The atmosphere should be calm and soothing, and maybe even burn some incense or candle, like a patchouli essential oil/incense/candle (my favorite!). At least that’s my personal preference. That’s just to set the mood. I would say one smelly candle to set mood/tone and then the rest of you 49 candles be sentless b/c you don’t want to overwhelm people. 🙂 You may even want to cleanse the space before and definitely after the session/group meeting with a sage stick. Let me know if you need info on doing this. I might be writing a post on it soon, too. I would say the participants should be any and all who are interested in this subject or those looking to contact a loved one. Documentation would be best by recording it with your tape recorder or video. I personally would say a table and touching hands wouldn’t be necessary. Just sitting in the same room should be enough. Unless you’d like to go for the more traditional form, that is.
    Much love and good luck!

    • Brandie Sellers

      OH! I will say, with the spiritual group I go to, we have an end of year channeling where everyone “holds space” for the channel in a meditative state or as best as you can. I get a.d.d. and open my eyes and watch the channel and start thinking a million different things…Just another little tip 🙂

    • Patrick

      Depending on what the investigation is, we do typically ground and center ourselves and cleanse afterword. Marilyn Painter helped us with that. We don’t always do it, though. The more I read and learn about the paranormal and spiritual I truly believe less and less in the power of negative entities… and I’m not sure I believe in the existence of demonic entities at all. But I’ve read a lot about channeling and I’ve taken some classes through Marilyn. She’s wonderful. I understand the power of the light and meditation, etc. Randall Keller (author and EVP researcher) has noticed that he gets ZERO EVP and voices after he prays, when he would normally get like 50 EVPs… and these aren’t negative entities in any way. He says it is as if they run for the exits. In my recent EVP research I’ve meditated before most sessions. In general I’ve been disappointed in my progress… until recently when I’ve picked up a few more EVPs (you just listened to one). I don’t believe I meditated those times. I don’t know. It’s not very scientific and it’ll never be proven. I try to balance my “spiritual” and “praranormal” self as best I can. Am I still talking? I don’t even remember where I was going with this.

  • Brandie Sellers

    lol! I have to agree with you regarding demonic spirits. It makes me laugh/roll my eyes in annoyance when people are afraid of possession or thinking a spirit will take over their body in any way. It’s not even possible! It’s just a good tool to have if you’d rather deal with higher vibrational spirits. And I think “holding space” kinda means holding the intention.

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